Dream interpretation

I dreamed that I ride down the hill - the prediction of famous dream books


Riding from a hill is fun not only for children, but also for many adults. But sometimes it becomes scary for the consequences when you do not have time to slow down on a steep and slippery surface. What dreams to ride down a hill, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

The mountain personifies the bar of the dreamer's capabilities. This is a high place that can be seen everywhere. It makes you raise your head up and is a guide for those who are used to comparing their actions and decisions. The higher a person rises in a dream, the more he overcomes himself, enriching himself with new knowledge, experience, and receiving spiritual and physical development.

For a business person seeking a prestigious position and high salary, such a dream clearly reflects the position of his career. The higher the mountain, the wider you are pushing the limits of your hidden opportunities, opening up a new potential of forces, energy and internal resources.

In Chinese philosophy, the hill symbolizes constancy, strength, immobility, stability, eternity. The peak is a sign of the state of complete consciousness. This predicts the dreamer to reach a new level of development, spiritual renewal, enlightenment, rebirth. Such visions are very symbolic for those who are waiting for cardinal changes and are striving to do this in every way.

In religion, the mountains are closely associated with the sky, they seem to be some kind of stairs to heaven. For a sleeper, this means his cultural enrichment, elevation, craving for self-knowledge and meditation. This is a place of cosmic power and energy for magicians, priests, healers, sages.

For the dreamer it is very important to remember the sensations on the mountain. Joy, excitement and delight on slippery grief are experienced in a dream by those who are brave and courageous people. The nature of such people does not allow them to live in peace; they choose very serious professions where physical training, nerves of steel, endurance and the ability to get out of any unforeseen situation may be required.

In this case, it is not necessary to be a fireman or a policeman, such a plot can also appear to a businessman. After all, sometimes they have to work twenty-four hours a day, experience fatigue, stress, be able to turn away from the seemingly profitable way and change tactics in time.

For a woman to roll down a hill is to give up on love. The steeper the plummet, the more the suffering from the experienced feelings will be. Rush forward, but someone tries to stop you - in reality. Perhaps there is a chance to restore the previous relationship. But if a man has not caught up with you - you are destined to experience loneliness and the pain of separation.

I dreamed of rolling along with my beloved on an icy slope - to make a mutual decision about parting without recriminations, offenses and scandals. Everything has its own term, apparently, this connection has become obsolete and your place is already waiting somewhere with another.

Watching in a dream how fun the children slide down a hill - positively perceive the surrounding reality and be a very receptive person. The period when the dreamer wants to drop the burden of responsibility, stereotypes imposed by society and just fall in love. Such a case is foreseen, the main thing is not to stop on the path to personal happiness.

Mature man to roll down on a sled - in reality tired of the everyday routine and monotony. You need a change and a breath of fresh air. New emotions can be obtained by changing the situation.

Author's dream books

Gustov Miller

The interpreter personifies the mountain with the stages of human development. Rising at it, the dreamer overcomes a number of difficulties and obstacles in order to be at a certain social level. The higher you rose in your sleep, the closer you will be to success and recognition. Descending from a mountain in a dream is an unfavorable sign. This may reflect a series of problems and adversities that will adversely affect relations with others and the internal state of the sleeper.

To roll down a hill at high speed and to experience fear means to be in a position of no control over the situation. You can not control those unpleasant events that fall on your head. Especially it is necessary to beware of envious people and competitors who are waiting for the right occasion to destroy you.

Sigmund Freud

Being at the top of the hill and not knowing how to get down from it is in reality experiencing confusion from the diversity of sexual relationships. You are at the peak of your sexuality, popularity among people of the opposite sex, but you are not at all happy about this. You want to fade in the glory and stop this sexy marathon.

To descend from the mountain is to experience dissatisfaction with intimate relationships with a partner. It seems to you that this relationship has long outlived itself and see no way out other than parting. Sometimes we have to regret having once underestimated. Stop halfway and look around - in reality find new points of contact with a loved one, expressing to each other claims and wishes for the future.


The mountainous landscape in a dream is a sign that you will face difficult trials, be it a long journey or a short road in the future. But this way is worth going to feed on new thoughts, ideas, knowledge. Wisdom comes with experience. And the will is given to come off the familiar place, where it was comfortable and stable, towards new achievements.

Descend from the hill - feel the blaming glances. Someone will obviously try to slander you, discredit or accuse you of lies and dishonesty. Ran down the hill quickly and fun - it means you will be able to safely and quickly restore an honest name and regain its authority in the eyes of others. But if you had to stumble and fall - you will experience a lot of trouble and suffering. You are one of those people who are very receptive, emotional. Be prepared for moral distress and stress.

Going down to a specific goal, seeing at the end of the path a tree or hut - this reflects the inner concentration and concentration of the dreamer. There is a belief in you to overcome all barriers, you clearly understand where to limit and stop yourself, and where to succumb to the temptation and desires. Discover dilapidated housing and rotten stump - hopes do not come true.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

It is fun to roll down from the mountain, having risen to it beforehand - to be real in reality and not be afraid to lose everything. The nature of the dreamer is extremely extreme, reckless and optimistic. You have already gone through a lot and have seen it in your life, therefore at the moment the value for you is not material wealth, but health, love of loved ones, and dedication of friends.