Dream interpretation

What foreshadows the darkness in a dream to the dreamer - features of interpretation


Such a dream symbolizes the secret desires of the dreamer. It is very difficult for you to remain calm in this life situation and you try to abstract from everything that brings you back to the usual way of life that has become boring. So, what is the dream of darkness?

You have to tune in the right way and understand that much depends on your efforts. Once you can understand this, the interpretation of sleep is not difficult. Usually, darkness in a dream symbolizes the dreamer's fears and affections, which he is very afraid to show and leaves himself blind for life in most cases.

Interpretation of sleep on certain subjects

Try to synchronize with your own subconscious. If you can not immediately make a picture, then do not worry. But if you deliberately think out the details in order to make your “sleepy” life more saturated, then this is fraught with a completely wrong interpretation.

As soon as you can compose the correct narration of your own dream, you will be able to see unexpected details. Together we can correctly interpret the dream with this plot and find out what your subconscious mind warned about. So, our site provides all the necessary information for interpretation at home, you should only use:

  • If the light was turned off in a room in which in the mornings you have a very vigorous work in full swing. Such a dream symbolizes your own fears and phobias. it is very difficult for you to part with past prejudices and stereotypes. But in and of itself in the near future it only brings you promotions and promotions, nothing else;
  • Sneaking through the impenetrable darkness, could not see everything. Such a dream foretells you complete blindness in love affairs, you will not be able to choose the right life partner for yourself, as a result of a problem on a personal front, every dream dreamer who has seen such a dream is provided;
  • If you wade through a very dark place, besides without heating. Cold darkness symbolizes your own cool attitude to the environment, you often try to play the hypocrite in a conversation with them and do not like to repeat several times. Thus, after such a dream, it can be concluded about both good and bad qualities;
  • All this darkness spread all over the planet. If you find out that there is a great anomaly all over the planet - a sudden blackout, then you are incredibly lucky - your influence will overshadow everything else, in the near future everyone will talk only about you, in a good way. There will be no end to gossip, but what good effects will appear;
  • The darkness was caused by your own incompetence, for example, you incorrectly replaced the wiring. Such a dream symbolizes in the near future a complete rejection of your services by some employer, because of your some irresponsibility, a huge number of people will suffer and their reputation will be threatened;
  • All this dark surface was illuminated only by a small ray of light. This ray of light is your hope for a better life. Most likely, you too often rely on your own dreams and hopes when solving problems, you are always inclined to fantasize more than to take drastic actions, it bothers you;
  • Darkness has come because of the sinister actions of a man. A dream with a similar plot symbolizes an offensive in your life of a more desperate period; a rather dangerous foe may appear, with whom you will not be able to get along and translate all conflicts into a comic channel;
  • All this darkness has come because of the very unfavorable actions of your friend. In this case, you should expect non-standard assistance in rendering affairs from your acquaintance in real life, or you should just simply forget about a quiet life, since you will only begin to make sure that you do not fall into the trap of the individual;
  • The dark kingdom descended to the earth as a result of the sinister actions of your colleague, comrade, friend or colleague. Such an act on the part of someone close to you symbolizes that you cannot fully trust them. However, in the near future, this dream will not follow anything;
  • If in all this darkness you have managed to make out a little. Such behavior in a dream indicates that your life experience helps throughout life, you always rely on it in your affairs. But you should not rely only on him, you should self-develop every day;
  • You were able to see absolutely everything, although an impenetrable mist descended on the world. This state of your soul can be called unstable, on the one hand you know what you want, but there are much more ways to achieve a goal in this situation than one, which forces you to take the place of an ass before two dishes;
  • You were able to see absolutely the entire area covered by this mist after you took out special tools. like a flashlight. You often resort to the help of your surroundings and cannot imagine your life without this constant help, you always need their support, otherwise emotional stability will be immediately disturbed;
  • Your cat, or other animal, capable of orienting itself well in the dark, guided you and tried to bring you to the exit. You need to appreciate your loved ones and friends, they are always trying to save the best for you and make life better, but you often just brush them aside with the words “My life, it's up to me”;
  • What was supposed to illuminate the whole district with light suddenly gave off darkness. A similar event in a dream means a rearrangement of priorities in your life, you are rapidly beginning to realize that you are wrong, or, on the contrary, absolute rightness in many life situations that you encountered earlier;
  • Go in the dark with your soulmate. A dream with a similar plot either symbolizes a quick reunion with the second half, or you can meet someone. You can also be sure that a walk in the dark in a dream with your beloved predicts loyalty and a long relationship

How to interpret the dream of famous people and dream books

  1. Wang. The Bulgarian seer is suspicious of a dream with a similar plot; it is a symbol of the dreamer's hostility and phobias; in the near future, it foreshadows the reader to exit these long-hidden emotions into ordinary activities;
  2. Sigmund Freud. According to Freud, you need to unwind and use your accumulated energy to the maximum;
  3. Miller. But according to Henry Miller, you do not need to do anything - everything will come by itself.