Dream interpretation

Why dreamed matches - a detailed interpretation of the image


Thanks to the signs that we see in our nightly dreams, we have a real chance to change our lives for the better, as well as to accept all the gifts prepared by fate. Such an ordinary object as a match has a very strong symbolic meaning in a dream. What dreams of matches? Dream Interpretation will help find the answer to this question and tell you what a similar image portends for the dreamer.

Dream Interpretation: matches - a general interpretation of the image

  • Burning matches in a dream warn of the appearance on the horizon of serious enemies. Perhaps they will be able to team up with your old enemies. Fighting them will be very long and will bring a lot of losses;
  • Burn the match yourself - you will have to answer for all the sins and offenses of your past. They will also become known to the public, they will have to pay deserved punishment;
  • See matches that have gone out before your eyes. You will manage to cope with all difficulties, and enemies and detractors will be forced to admit defeat;
  • Matches personify the inner state of the dreamer himself. This means that if in a dream you managed to see a filled matchbox, then in real life you are full of vital energy. All diseases bypass you, and the soul is filled with positive. That is why all the difficulties and obstacles can not knock you off the intended course. One has only to maintain this state. Also you are trying to diversify your life with all sorts of hobbies and hobbies. The fewer matches were seen in the box, the more boring the life and inner world of a person;
  • Fully burned matches say that you need to do sports and self-development. This dream warns that you can become seriously ill if you do not change your lifestyle;
  • If the match burns with a bright flame, it means that you have a hectic sex life. To light and throw out matches. This image symbolizes the fact that you often change sexual partners. In the future, it will play a bad joke with you;
  • Accidentally find a match. Nayawa You are waiting for new useful dating. The time you spend with new friends will forever remain in your memory;
  • Break a match - to a quarrel. In real life, you will face a serious conflict, both with your family and with your friends. Conflict will happen through your fault. Hyperclavors recommend to forget about their pride and take the first step to a truce;
  • Dream books believe that if you burned a match in your nightly dreams, then in real life you will fall in love very much. But it will only bring great disappointment. Perhaps after these events you will begin a deep depression;
  • Light a cigarette in a dream. You will receive favorable news or a promising job offer;
  • If in a dream you scattered matches, it means you often miss the opportunities that fate presents to you. But to put the scattered matches back into the box is an auspicious symbol. You will be able to make friends with your own "I", find answers to interesting questions, and also you will start to do your favorite business that will bring you good profit and inconceivable pleasure;
  • Buy matches in the store. This image marks the fact that you will soon receive a lucrative job offer that will help bring goals to life. Also now will begin the period when all investments will bring profit.

The interpretation of the image of a dream by Miller's snepolkatel

  • To see a box of matches in a dream - to the difficulties and obstacles in the path of life. Miller thinks that in order to overcome all obstacles, you will need to ask for help from your comrades. But do not forget that in the future this service will have to be paid for this service;
  • Ignite a match. This image marks the dreamer making a large amount of profit. Perhaps the bosses will notice you, and this will give the first step for taking off the career ladder;
  • The match burns with a bright flame. You will meet with your enemies and detractors. Do not count on an easy victory. On the contrary, this war will bring many losses and disappointments;
  • Extinguish matches. To overcome all obstacles in life, you will need to rely on your experience and intuition. Only they will help find a way out of a difficult situation.

Freund's Dream

Matches in a dream symbolize masculine power. If you have seen whole matches in your nightly dreams, it means that you don’t have any intimate health problems. But the burnt or broken matches are a cause for concern. Perhaps you often change partners, and this can lead to serious diseases.

What dreams match - the interpretation of the image of the dream book Miss Hasse

To see a matchbox in a dream is an auspicious symbol. This image marks career success and financial independence. But to light a match - to trouble. Perhaps the cause of your troubles is the dirty tricks of enemies and false comrades. It is worth looking closely at your surroundings, since even the closest friend may turn out to be a “wolf in sheep's clothing.”

Interpretation of a dream according to Tsvetkov's dream book

Esoteric Evgeny Tsvetkov sure matches matches dream of betrayal. You may not be able to realize your plans, because deceitful friends in every way interfere with this. If you had to set fire to a match, then in real life you will have to be at the epicenter of a serious conflict. To smoke a cigarette with a match is a disappointment in love affairs.