Dream interpretation

The meaning of a dream involving a lizard - how to decipher


The lizard has long been considered a symbol of cunning and agility. The appearance of this image in dreams is rather ambiguous. Why dream of a lizard? To answer this survey it is worth remembering the whole vision in the smallest details, and only then seek help from the dream books.

Dream Interpretation: lizard threw tail

It is known that a lizard throws its tail only when its life is in danger. The dream marks the fact that the dreamer will get into a dangerous and difficult situation, but he will be able to get out of it thanks to his wisdom and resourcefulness.

Reptile hid

To see a lizard in a dream that hid, for example, from the scorching day sun. This image suggests that you, too, will have to lie down for a while on the bottom and hide to avoid trouble. You can also easily avoid trouble if you listen to your intuition and act with a cool head.

Lizard sizes

The size of this reptile is very important for the interpretation of a dream.

  • The big lizard is an unfavorable symbol. He marks the dreamer treachery and deceit. Perhaps one of your close friends began to plot snares behind your back. You can also meet on your life journey a serious competitor, with whom you will have to fight for a long time for your place under the sun;
  • The tiny reptile warns of petty troubles in household chores that you can handle with little effort.

Lizard bitten

Even if the lizard did not bite you, but was just very aggressive, then you should prepare for the appearance of enemies and enemies in the path of life. Also in life there will be a strong competitor that can destroy your personal life.

Lizard color

  • The green lizard warns you about getting into a difficult life situation. From this position it will be very difficult to get out. Perhaps one of the relatives is seriously ill;
  • The brown or gray reptile symbolizes that you cannot find a common language with your own "I." Dream books often recommend to listen to your intuition and find an occupation that will bring inner peace;
  • The lizard of unusual color is a favorable image. This symbol marks the dreamer that he can save and increase his money.

Dreamed a monitor lizard

  • For lonely people, the appearance of a monitor in dreams is a favorable image. Varan symbolizes changes in personal life. Perhaps soon you will meet a person with whom you can spend the rest of your life. This union will be long and very strong;
  • And for couples, this image carries negative changes in personal life. You can seriously quarrel with your loved one or even break up;
  • Dreamed a monitor lizard in a zoo. This may not be a zoo, but a place where a large number of people look at it. The dreamer should wait for an invitation to a major celebration or a noisy party. Participation in this event will bring a lot of positive emotions and useful acquaintances. Also, you will again communicate with old friends.

Kill the lizard

Many interpreters of lizards symbolize the emergence of serious enemies and competitors on the path of life. If in a dream you kill these reptiles, then in reality you can easily cope with all the tricks of your enemies.

Dream interpretation with the participation of the lizard according to Freud's dream book

  • Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud is sure that a runaway lizard in a girl’s dream symbolizes what your soul mate is cheating on you. If this relationship is dear to you or they are bound by marriage, then you should not arrange interrogation with addiction. First you need to find out the reason. Perhaps you have long ceased to care for yourself, engage in self-development and keep yourself in good shape. It may be worth experimenting in the love box with your loved one;
  • The lizard that throws off its tail symbolizes that the dreamer has intimate problems. These problems are small and will not do much harm. So do not dwell on it;
  • Catching a lizard - in reality You will know the disappointment in a love relationship. Perhaps you will use for their dirty purposes.

Wangi Natholator - decoding image

  • To see a lizard in a dream - fate will provide you with opportunities to translate your goals into reality, but you cannot use them. Perhaps you will be prevented from doing this by enemies and enemies. But do not be upset. Next time you will surely catch luck by the tail;
  • Catch the lizard. This image symbolizes that you can solve all the accumulated cases in a short period of time. But since you have delayed the fulfillment of your duties, you can not wait for a big reward from fate;
  • If you see that the lizard has thrown off its tail, then you will need to make the necessary sacrifice to put your plans into practice. May have to sacrifice rest. But it will not be in vain, at the end of the way you will get what you want.

What dreams of a lizard - the interpretation of the image of the dream Miller

  • If you saw a lizard in a dream, then you should prepare for a long war with your enemies and enemies;
  • Kill the lizard. You can maintain a reputation and avoid trouble in any life situation;
  • If the lizard bit and shed its skin, then it is necessary to prepare for a long series of failures and disappointments.