Dream interpretation

The value of dreams with the male genital organ - interpretations of popular dream books


Erotic dream dreamed, and it became interesting, why dream member? The image of the male sexual organ in a dream symbolizes the dreamer's attitude towards sex life. Interpretation of a dream is directly dependent on the gender of the dreamer. If a phallic organ dreamed of a man, this indicates internal experiences. If a girl dreamed such a dream, it’s worth preparing for the important moments that will happen in the near future. In order for the dream book to give an exact answer to your pigs, you need to remember all the details of sleep.

General interpretation

If in a dream you touched the penis - such an image warns you about unwanted coition, the dreamer should be careful and avoid unnecessary sexual acts, as unnecessary problems may arise from them. If one of the spouses dreamed of a member of a strange form - this indicates a possible affair on the side.

The most important factor for dream interpretation is the gender of the dreamer. For men, a member in a dream means:

  • To see your penis in night dreams - such an image speaks of the dreamer's confidence, he is self-sufficient and confident in his future.
  • The penis in the dream of a small size - the dreamer is respected for personal achievements, volitional qualities and intelligence.
  • Masculine dignity was enormous - this suggests that the dreamer is trying to demonstrate to others around his strength and significance.
  • There were no testicles in the dream - in reality, the dreamer fails to achieve his chosen one and make full-fledged love.

A man's penis of an unknown person to the dreamer was present in night dreams - such a sign is considered favorable, it promises an excellent start in all undertakings. In the night vision, the sexual organ was covered with a rash or there was another allergic reaction - the health of the dreamer is in danger, it is worth visiting the specialists and undergoing a full examination.

Penis in the dreams of a girl

To see a member in dreams is a symbol that indicates a strong desire for sexual intimacy, but in rare cases such an image indicates the appearance of a male trait in the behavior of a beautiful person. Also, the appearance of manhood in a dream - says about the mother's feelings in the dreamer - she is ready to take responsibility for the small organism and raise the child.

A married girl dreamed of manhood - this indicates that your spouse is unfaithful, it is worth talking to him on frank topics, perhaps he is hiding something serious. In the dream, blood flows from the penis - in reality, the dreamer is experiencing trauma, it is worth enlist the support of friends to quickly heal emotional wounds.

Other interpretations

Also, this image is interpreted, relying on the size of the male sexual organ. If you dreamed of a manhood that was long, but small in scope, such an image warns the dreamer about an early illness. If in a dream the penis is smeared in something - such a dream is of a warning nature, the dreamer should be more attentive to his past partners, perhaps one of them would hold a grudge against you and soon get revenge.

In the nightly dreams, it was possible to see a wounded penis - such an image warns the dreamer about an imminent illness. Also, such a dream can mean a loss of reputation in the circles of communication, malicious people will encroach on the authority of the dreamer and they succeed if they catch him by surprise.

In the dream, they touched the spouse's member - in the near future, the dreamer will have love relationships on the side, but they will not be able to go beyond flirting. If the dreamer did not dare to touch him - it is worth being prepared for the fact that the plans will not work to realize. A scrotum in a dream promises material prosperity to the dreamer, and it is worth noting that the more there are male testicles, the greater will be the financial income.

If a girl has a penis in a dream and she is not surprised by this moment - such an image tells the dreamer that she will have to do rough male work. And if she was confused at the sight of him - in real life someone is trying to manipulate her. If in a dream member is enveloped in female hair - this indicates envy of her friends in reality.

Dream Medea

As this dream book says, a member in a dream for a young man speaks about his insecurity in his own abilities, the dreamer doubts his attractiveness and underestimates himself. And for a girl such an image promises new acquaintances and sexual fun.

If a member is smudged in the dirt - it says about the envy and malice that the former sexual partner harbored. If there is a wound on the penis - such an image promises a disease or a blow to the reputation. If a member in a dream of huge size - this indicates a friendly support and newfound dignity.

Dream Dream

This image personifies the reputation, strength and potential in the imagination and creativity of men. A member of incredible size in a dream promises a dreamer a huge success. Male testicles indicate achievement and financial well-being, the larger the testicle size, the better the success and income. To dream of ejaculation - the dreamer will be able to complete a long-started business with great success. If a member of an unknown person appeared in the dream, then it is worth preparing for deception and destroying hopes.

Esoteric dream book

If the dreamer is a girl, and the image of manhood appeared in the night vision, it warns her about the difficulties associated with sex life, and touching the penis means that there will be an intimate connection that will not bring anything good. If in a dream the member was of a strange form, this indicates the appearance of a human heart. But for a married girl, such a dream speaks of the appearance of a partner on the side.

For a man, a member in a dream speaks of sexual dissatisfaction - perhaps the dreamer is not satisfied with the current sexual partner. In the dream, the penis was long and small in coverage - it is better to treat your health, otherwise the dreamer risks serious illness.