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Wallet as a gift: signs and rules of donation


Wallet is one of the traditional gifts for men, but women are presented with them at least. But not everyone thinks such a gift is good, because believe in the signs that the wallet promises poverty to the donor or waste to the person who receives it as a gift.

My girlfriend will soon have a birthday, and I wanted to give her a stylish wallet, which she chose for herself in the store. To avoid negative consequences, I decided to study the information on whether it is possible to give a wallet, and how to do it correctly. That is what will be discussed in this article.

Omens and superstitions

According to popular superstition, a donated wallet has a negative effect on a person — he becomes wasteful, spends money irrationally, and eventually goes bankrupt. Some people claim that after being presented with a wallet, the money stopped lingering in the house. Financial income seems to be there, but they quickly evaporate.

According to the esotericists, the wallet can, on the contrary, help to get rich and gain success, if you choose it correctly and present it as a gift. In order for this accessory to carry exclusively positive energy and have a beneficial effect on the material situation of a person, the following rules must be observed when choosing it:

  • be sure to purchase a new thing;
  • do not bargain with the seller and do not take change;
  • choose a product of leather or suede;
  • the thing must please the donor himself;
  • You can not buy cheap and low-quality goods;
  • the size of the wallet must match the size of the banknote;
  • It is important to choose the right color.

As for the last point, it should be remembered that you should choose wallets of black, white, red, yellow and brown, because they attract money. The most inappropriate options are products of turquoise, green, blue and blue. According to a sign, such tones block a financial stream.

How to give?

If the hero of the occasion himself wanted to get a wallet as a gift, then it’s better to go to the store with him and pay for the goods he chooses. But if for some reason this is not possible, then you should independently search for a suitable wallet model. In order for the gift to be not only pleasant, but also to carry positive energy, it must be properly presented, and this should be done as follows:

  • Inside the product it is imperative to put a large denomination banknote. According to some superstitions, it is necessary to put coins in the wallet, and they can even be foreign or ancient.
  • Be sure to give the accessory in a closed form, otherwise it will carry the energy of lack of money.
  • It is not advisable to transfer such a gift from hand to hand, it is better to put it on any surface, for example, a table, cabinet, chair, etc.

There is an old sign in which it is said that a wallet can be presented only to those people whose wealth is lower than that of the donor. Thus, an exchange of energy takes place, and the recipient of such a gift will certainly become more prosperous and successful. But it should be remembered that such gifts can not be offered to blood relatives, since he will promise big financial problems.

If you have been presented with an empty wallet, then you should not panic - you can charge it with monetary energy so that it starts attracting wealth. For this, all the large denominations in the house are put in the wallet, they are closed and hidden in a secluded place for 7 days. At the expiration of the allotted time, the presented accessory can be used as intended. This ritual is desirable to do on the growing moon, and share it with no one.


  • A wallet, contrary to all superstitions, can be a wonderful gift to a friend, loved one or colleague.
  • In order for a gift to carry monetary energy, it must be properly selected and presented.
  • Donated empty wallet is not a problem if you know how to charge it to raise money.