Dream interpretation

What should a woman do after she dreamed of a cockroach


You had a rather unpleasant dream in which the main role was to see cockroaches. If such a dream has visited you, then you should correctly interpret it. Let's try to start an interpretation, so why are women cockroaches dreaming?

You need to synchronize with your subconscious and understand the importance of this operation. Usually cockroaches withdraw to good luck and foreshadow an improvement in material well-being. You can safely enter into adventures and not be afraid of failure. But you may not have enough patience and you lose the last one;

The interpretation of the dream for individual subjects and certain circumstances

We suggest the dreamer to make sure that synchronization with the subconscious was successful. If this is not the case, then it is recommended to approach this step more responsibly and simply start again. But you should not overdo it, you also can not think out the details, which can not be recalled at all, then we can complement your dream without it.

So, we can proceed to the immediate interpretation, if you could connect the picture of your dream into a separate puzzle, the correct narration. It was not so easy, but if you did it, then turn your eyes down and find the interpretation for your dream, comparing the options:

  • Cockroaches attacked from all sides, it seemed to you that they were aggressive. Such a dream does not portend anything bad and is a real shifter, you just need to interpret it differently. You will become a party to some adventure that will lead you to real success. But everything is not so simple, success still needs to be earned;
  • If you crushed one by one these reptiles. A dream with a similar plot symbolizes your complete viability as the head of the family, even though you are a woman, but you are in charge of everything in your family. A similar dream predicts the appearance of a new man, this time a powerful one, you will finally feel protected;
  • You've discovered a nasty insect in your bed. If you slept peacefully in a dream and realized that you climb tarakashki. Such a dream is the exact opposite of a positive interpretation, you will be faced with hypocrisy in real life, someone from your environment is clearly plotting something wrong;
  • See this abomination in the refrigerator. It means that you will be indecisive when you need to act as decisively as possible. You should take life more seriously and trust only close friends and best friends;
  • Tarakashki climbed from all the cracks, as if covering the entire space of the location in your dream. Quite a positive dream that testifies to your strength of mind and courage;
  • Catch a cockroach somewhere. Such a dream promises profits to the dreamer, which will begin to ooze out of all walks of life. If you can take advantage of these opportunities correctly, then there will be no limit to your earnings, you can be proud of them, your performance will be set as an example, and the environment will be jealous;
  • Caught this poor creature on your body. Such a dream symbolizes detachment from public opinion, you never rely on it when making decisions. It is really difficult for you to work in a team and listen to the society, you are constantly distinguished by something;
  • If there were a lot of small insects in your home. Such a dream testifies to the trust that you have in relation to the second half. You are even ready to tolerate her acquaintances and friends just so as not to spoil your wonderful relationship. But such a policy will lead you to collapse, sooner or later;
  • Turn on the light and see the cockroaches running away. Such a dream promises genuine delight, which causes you to admire the various environments, or recently you are really zafanateli interesting artist, do not look away from him and follow every movement, constantly updating the Internet in search of his new song;
  • They shouted loudly at the cockroaches. It is not necessary to attribute such a dream to the forerunners of the conflict, but it is necessary to be on the alert, since such a dream should be projected onto real life. In real life, you have to argue with someone and firmly defend your position. But you should not defend it so desperately;
  • You crushed a lot of cockroaches that blocked your path. Such a dream should be attributed to the rank of the worst. You are by nature a really evil person and you should stay at home, because social life does not promise anything for you except huge disappointments. You are constantly striving to separate yourself from all these "ordinary" people;
  • If you had to feed a cockroach. Acting as a cockroach razvodchika means your kindness, you spare all and always forgive everyone and everything. You do not feel guilty and have never been tormented by conscience, simply because there has never been a reason for it. You are a very kind and understanding person, this will help you in the near future;
  • Non-standard cockroaches, the size of which spoke for itself. If you have dreamed of huge insects, then you should take care of yourself and see your surroundings. If there are various parasites or poisoners in it, then you need to quickly eliminate them. They are trying to cash in on your status and material support, they are only interested in this;
  • Show sympathy and literally roll a cockroach on your body. If you acted as a “transport” of a vile insect, then such a dream will have a neutral effect on your life. Especially nothing will change, but you will be able to recognize your weaknesses and overcome the internal barriers that you have always set yourself;
  • If tarakashechki were your food. If you ate these insects as in Asian countries, but such a dream can not leave a pleasant impression. You will need to test your strength and look at the other side at the friends who surround you. Such a vague interpretation is provided by most dream books;

Interpretation of sleep by famous personalities and dream books

  1. Henry Miller interprets a dream. According to Miller, a dream with a similar plot is a projection of your secret desires, you cannot resist in order not to hurt the weak. You really find it difficult to control yourself in your hands and you always forget that you are in a public place, you start to do whatever you want;
  2. According to Vanga. Bulgarian seer is sure that you will have good luck and success in life, you will not be able to resist the temptation and enter into an adventure that will greatly enhance your material well-being;
  3. Eastern dream book. According to this dream book, cockroaches lead to family and traditional life.