Dream interpretation

2012 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope


Read about 2012 and about the fact, under the auspices of what animal live people born on this day. You will learn all about the nature of men and women, their professional potential and attitude towards love.

general characteristics

2012 corresponds to the Water Dragon. People born in the period of domination of this sign are truly unique personalities. They combine the best qualities - ambition, patience, ability to communicate and negotiate, attractiveness and beauty.

They are sociable, kind, natural leaders and organizers. All life is trying to embrace the immense, set high goals for themselves and reach them to the envy of others.

The man

If a man is born in the year of the Water Dragon, then in his character there will definitely be certain qualities that distinguish him among other people.

Here are its features:

  1. He is a good-natured and sympathetic person, so he always has many friends who are drawn to the heat and light, which he radiates with one of his views. He almost never has a lack of communication with people.
  2. Achieving a high position in society and social status, he does not lose this lightness and kindness, does not acquire pride, but remains the same. Therefore, his friends are, most often, people with whom he has known since his youth.
  3. He is respected at work for restraint. In the manifestation of emotions, he is always calm. Even if a conflict is brewing, it will not become involved in it, but will try to solve the matter by peace. A rare person saw him angry or angry - these feelings he prefers to live alone with himself.
  4. The leader becomes very wise. He does not need a whip to make subordinates work. He simply inspires them, motivates by his own example, encourages for a good result. To everyone will find an approach and show humanity.
  5. But with lazy ceremony will not. If the subordinate does not cope with duties, he will have to say goodbye and hire a more organized person.
  6. Women like it very much. Gallant, courteous and attractive gentleman who is able to turn the head. He is generous, never stint on gifts and compliments. Able to arrange a romantic date, which his darling will remember for the rest of his life, even if their relationship ends.
  7. In marriage, he becomes very demanding and more restrained. He will insist that his wife maintain an ideal order in the house, always look great and constantly develop - he needs a clever companion who will share his interests and hobbies. It will be the leader and will never give up this place to the woman.
  8. The father also becomes authoritative, he will demand complete obedience from the children. His opinion in the family should be indisputable. In return, he gives his wife and children material well-being and the solution of all problems.


This girl has a lot of ambitions from birth. She seeks to be better, more beautiful, smarter and stronger than all. Ambition is the brightest quality of her nature.

What else is characteristic of it:

  1. Never begin to languish for many years at work, which does not provide prospects and decent remuneration. Without regret, part with a boring place and go to build a career in a more solid company.
  2. Pretty frivolous, it is difficult to rely on it in solving important issues. But she fully recognizes this flaw and tries to correct it, realizing that without discipline and responsibility it cannot be successful.
  3. She loves to be the center of attention and communicate with people. Loneliness and sitting in the four walls oppresses her, so she chooses activities for herself in a large team.
  4. She has all the necessary skills that are required to become a leader. Subordinates usually love her, respect her opinion and try not to fail. She is kind and meets the staff when they find themselves in a difficult situation.
  5. She has a well-developed intuition. If she relies on her inner voice, she will more often make the right decisions. But common sense and reason fail.
  6. She is able to see his personality and uniqueness in any person, find and help develop talent. Therefore, it can be a very good coach, a psychologist, a personnel specialist, a teacher.
  7. Able to build relationships with people and keep them regardless of the circumstances. It is impossible to quarrel with her, because she is able to listen to her opponent, offer him to agree in such a way that it is impossible to refuse.
  8. In relationships with men, she manifests herself as a very cheerful and cheerful girl, although she also seems somewhat frivolous. It is important for her to experience emotions to her chosen one, therefore she will never agree to a marriage of convenience.
  9. Loves to communicate with new people and travel, so it is important that her life partner be easy to lift and share these interests. Then they will be able to work together to create an extremely happy and harmonious couple.
  10. She does not care how much a man earns, she will be satisfied with a walk in the park, and dinner at an expensive restaurant. She believes that together you can achieve everything, and at the start of a relationship, money is not so obligatory.
  11. Strives for a strong family and wants a few children. The only thing that will not tolerate - it is treason. Having learned about her husband's infidelity, he will part with him without any regret and under any circumstances.