Dream interpretation

What dreams and what does the silver chain mean by dream books


It will not be easy to figure out why a silver chain is dreaming, because such an amulet used to be used only by people who are seriously engaged in witchcraft and magic. Silver was not available to ordinary people.

To dream silver objects is a sign of noble birth. Warriors are protected from evil by steel and cold iron, peasants - red thread twisted from sheep's wool. Silver chain defended the sorcerers and high-ranking people who wore chains to protect against dark forces. The chain of silver is needed not only for the impossibility of access to evil from the neck.

With the help of a chain, an experienced sorcerer could chain, bind and force various evil spirits to serve. Silver bracelets were used to repel attacks, daggers and sharp rings were used for attack. If you had a chance to see a silver chain in your sleep, then you will probably have to defend yourself. Dream interpretation treats silver in a dream, as a sign of the moon, purity, protection, soul.

Basic values ​​of a silver chain in a dream

  • If gold always means connection with material wealth, silver is often associated with poverty, ruin, spiritual wealth.
  • Some believe that a silver chain is what a cross is worn on. Not necessarily. The silver chain is an amulet by itself. A cross or a sign of another faith - later additions. Pendant on a silver chain means additional commitment. If the pendant is too big, you have to carry an exorbitant load. Elegant pendant - you like your volunteer, you enjoy them. But do you get any real benefit or spiritual development from them?
  • If the pendant, including the cross, turns out to be so large and heavy that the chain breaks - you sifted with a voluntary burden and sacrifice. By and large, with pride, because the main task was to carry a huge pile of responsibilities with a humble look. Throw all this nonsense and live your life, reduce responsibilities to a minimum. You will be surprised how much easier it will be for you. Oddly enough, people will respect you much more.
  • If gold chains, as a sign of wealth, were usually worn over clothing, protective silver chains were worn close to the body, under clothing. For this reason, to dream someone else's silver chain means either peeping, or excessive curiosity, or intimate connection.
  • A silver chain on the wrist or ankle means stiffness of thoughts and feelings. Maybe. You have a difficult relationship with addictions.
  • Find in a dream a chain of silver - you are lucky with social circle. Or you suddenly meet really congenial people, or establish useful business communication.
  • Torn chain - to trouble, perhaps you set yourself overwhelming tasks and will not be able to cope. Ask and ask for help, invite friends to correct the situation. The warning you received means there are chances.
  • If you yourself tear the chain around your neck - you plan to withdraw from your obligations, make a scandal and do nothing of what you promised. Anything can happen, but in reality the scandal is optional.
  • Breaking and throwing chains - a variant of the teenage rebellion. You will regret your rash actions.
  • If you find a torn chain in a dream - bad signs will not work. You will receive additional protection and support, from where it was not expected.
  • Losing a silver chain means losing protection. Very often this means parting with really close people, ordeals, illnesses, death of loved ones. According to ancient recipes, avoid a misfortune can pearl earrings in the ear, which must be worn for about a week.
  • Get a chain as a gift - to success, recognition and profit.

Interpretation of authoritative sources

  • Female dream book promises marriage for love, happy and spiritually rich. The minus of choice is the constant need to deal with the material difficulties in marriage. But you will never be bored. If in a dream a loved one gives you a silver chain, you strongly doubt that the joint venture will be successful. Most likely, you are right.
  • According to the female dream book, if in a dream you found a casket with jewels, you unravel the chains, try on, in real life you are waiting for several fascinating novels with intersecting plots. This is an interesting adventure.
  • Tibetan dream book warns that if in a dream you see a darkened silver chain - you may have health problems. In another interpretation, the enemies are near you, and from their black thoughts silver darkens and loses its radiance. By the way, it is easy to check in reality. Take the darkened silver veeh and hold it in your fist for about 20-30 minutes. If the object is cleared - your health is in order, problems in others. If the blackness remains or intensifies - it's time to visit the doctor and identify hidden problems.
  • A dream catcher believes that blackened silver means notoriety, a ruined reputation.
  • Dream Miller believes silver chain in a dream a good sign, promising good luck and success. Torn, spoiled decoration - to trouble.


To see a silver chain in a dream is a good sign. Your guardian angel is trying to work to the fullest. Do not let him down, he tries to warn you.

If you do not have a chain of silver - buy it for yourself or ask your loved ones to give you a holiday. The chain, presented with sincere love and real feeling, is stronger than the usual purchase. If the donor feels negative feelings for you - they mean nothing, because silver completely levels the negative.