Dream interpretation

Dreamed beans - dream decoding for various dream books


Beans are an essential ingredient in cooking a large number of dishes. Many housewives often use this bean when cooking. And what is the dream of beans? The dream book will tell about it.

Beans in a dream - the main interpretation of the image

Many dream books claim to see beans in a dream - to a change in financial position. But this change can be both positive for the dreamer and his family, as well as negative. Is it so?

For a more accurate interpretation of dreams, many interpreters recommend to recall the entire dream in great detail, to collect all the details in one image, and only then look for answers about the meaning of the dream.

Eat beans in a dream

If you had to try the beans, then in real life you are waiting for a small disappointment. But problems at work and household chores are not capable of knocking you off the intended course. Also, this symbol marks the diseases that will overtake your family. You can easily cope with them without consequences.

If there is an unripe green beans, then a very serious disease will overtake the dreamer in reality.

Buy bean in the store

If you saw this picture in your dream, then you should not subscribe to questionable events with unfamiliar people. Also, do not invest your money in all sorts of financial projects. It is likely to incur large losses from such "profitable" projects.


  • White beans in the nightly dream foreshadows good luck to the dreamer in all his deeds and undertakings;
  • Immature is a warning that misfortune can happen. Perhaps, the appearance on the horizon of serious competitors, with whom you will have to fight for a long time for your place under the sun;
  • Red beans. The dreamer directs his energy in the wrong direction. It is better to use your strength for business and work than for outside affairs that will not help you achieve your goals. It is also worth preparing for the fact that the implementation of their plans will have to spend much more time and effort than you planned;
  • String beans - to know yourself as a person. Also, you will find the opening of the world with a completely unusual side for you;
  • Large beans. You will receive a very "tasty" offer. It is connected with work and will have great prospects. Interpreters do not recommend abandoning it. For businessmen, this image marks the prosperity of the company and greater profits;
  • Small beans - to unexpected profits in small sizes. But this is enough to solve a small part of their financial problems;
  • Beans unusual color. Such a dream signifies that your debtors will declare and begin to gradually return debts.

Sorting beans

In real life, a lot of hard work will fall on your head. This task must be approached with maximum responsibility, because your future career will depend on it.


Harvesting these legumes is a very auspicious sign. Dreamer expects pleasant surprises from relatives, as well as success in financial affairs.

Cooking beans

Boil the soup of this legume - in the near future you will earn a lot of money, but you will not succeed in achieving success in your career and financial independence. In general, this image will negatively affect the thickness of your wallet. You have only one solution: to start moving in another field of activity. This is the only chance to achieve their goals and gain financial independence.

Sprinkle beans

Accidentally sprinkling beans in a dream - many duties and troubles will fall on your head. Perhaps there will be big losses. But you gain experience and the next time you can solve such difficulties more quickly.

Spoiled Beans

All your plans and projects will fail. It is necessary to analyze your mistakes, draw some conclusions from this and try again after a while.

Plant in my garden

You are a very impulsive person. Often you decide to join the battle when you have not yet had time to carefully think out your plan of action. It will play a bad joke with you.

But you have good financial literacy. You easily manage to save money, and you can see a worthy project and invest your finances in it. It will be a good foundation for your future, as well as for the future of your family.

The interpretation of the image of a dream by a famous dream book

Dream interpretation by Miller's interpreter

Miller believes that beans are an unfavorable symbol. It marks the dreamer of career frustration and serious illnesses of loved ones. Such an interpretation is absolutely suitable for any dream involving this legume: gather from the garden, eat it, and so on. The psychologist recommends taking care of the health of his family so that there are no more serious consequences of such diseases. Errors at work will help to avoid only the utmost attentiveness of the dreamer himself.

What dreams of beans - the interpretation of the image of Freud's interpreter

  • The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud suggests that beans in a dream is a sign of the dreamer being too complex;
  • To see spoiled beans - in the near future, you can show up sexually transmitted diseases. This is the price paid for promiscuous sex;
  • A lot of beans. If you saw this image in your nightly dreams, then you subconsciously fear that your second half can change or drastically break the relationship.