Dream interpretation

Dreamed a son - dream interpretation by various dream books


Very often, people see their relatives in dreams. Sometimes, the dreamer sees them quite in frightening images. And why the son dreams - the dream book will tell.

Dream Interpretation: son - analysis of dreams in various ways

To see the birth of a son in a dream

  • If in your nightly dreams you have managed to see the birth of your son, then in reality you will be in for a great happiness, which no enemy can destroy;
  • If the child is cheerful and healthy, then in real life, luck will always go with you. You will be able to live a long happy life, as well as realize all your plans;
  • For a young girl in a position such a dream can be interpreted literally. That is, she will actually become the mother of her son;
  • A man in a dream find out that his lover has given birth to a boy. This image symbolizes your subconscious fear for your reputation;
  • A rather strange image for a man is to give birth to a son himself. This dream marks the fact that you will face your fears face to face and be able to win. After that, a bright streak in life will begin;
  • Find out what your daughter gave birth to you grandson. To achieve your goals you will need the help of loved ones. Only in this way can you achieve great accomplishments;
  • If a girl is not pregnant while awake, but in a dream she gave birth to a baby, then she should be wary of rumors and gossip. Enemies and enemies will want to destroy your reputation in such an insidious way.

Breastfeed heir

Such a dream marks the dreamer a good investment of money in a promising project. You can also get a promotion at work or a salary increase.

To see the death of a son in a dream

  • This is an unpleasant sight, even in a dream. But if you have seen such a dream, then in reality you are waiting for a change for the better. Also, this symbol marks a long and happy life, both for the dreamer and the main character of the dream. Serious illnesses will never disturb your family. The same interpretation has a dream where you bury your little son;
  • But if the dead son dreamed of living and healthy, then in reality you will face troubles and disappointments. It should remember the conversation, if any. Perhaps he wants to warn about the impending danger. Never did the dead come alive in a dream just like that. Perhaps the victim should be remembered;
  • If in a dream you killed your heir, then in real life you will destroy your own happiness. This will happen because of your negligence and negligence to the matter.

Dreamed of a child

An adult waking a child dreamed of a baby. Dream books recommend letting go of fears and start trying new things. Interpreters are sure that you will succeed. Also, do not forget that at any time you can ask for help from your loved ones.

Another interpretation - something keeps you in the past. This makes it difficult to live for today and think about prospects. Perhaps you have any unfinished business that holds memories of past times. Release them and start moving forward.

If the kid is trying to talk to you, then try to remember the conversation. Dream books do not exclude that these words may be prophetic.

Lose son

In a dream, you have lost a son - you are taking too close to the heart even the slightest mistake. From this you are afraid to do something new. But everything in this world is comprehended by trial and error. If you do not make mistakes, then you will never become a professional in your field of activity. The same interpretation has a dream when your little son was stolen from you.

Attend a son's wedding

  • This image shows your pride in your successor. You are also proud of yourself that you were able to raise a decent member of society;
  • If at the wedding the son does not look happy, then in reality you often climb into his life with your advice. Sometimes you do it very obsessively.

Got sick

To see a sick heir in night dreams is an unfavorable symbol. It marks the receipt of bad news and the serious loss of financial resources. It is necessary to prepare for the beginning of the black stripe in life.

Perhaps your child needs help and support, and only parental advice will help to cope with a difficult situation.

But if your son fell ill because of your fault in a dream, then in reality he would begin a difficult relationship with his comrades and problems in his career.

Dreamed wife or girl son

This image will help to understand your true relationship. If your son's lover hugs you and smiles, then in reality you approve of the choice of your heir, and the second half of your son truly loves him and respects you.

But if the dream has caused negative emotions because of the behavior of this lady, then the love affair will not last long. This relationship will bring very big disappointments to your son.

The treatment of the image of the famous dream books

Dream Miller

  • Cheerful and healthy little boy. You are proud of your heir. You are also very worried about the future of your son. But Miller is sure that there are no reasons for experiencing. Your son will be very happy and successful;
  • But if you see a sad or sick child, then something disturbing happens with his life in reality. Perhaps you can help him.

Dream Vanga

To see a son in a dream. Vanga warns that with your careless words and actions you can alienate close people. Lost confidence will be very difficult to recover.

Freund's Dream

A son in a dream is a sign that you cannot accept the fact that your heir is already an adult. You are trying in every way to help him, but sometimes you make it worse. It should give him the will to make their own decisions.