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Runic Mahjong Divination: description of four layouts


Runic Mahjong is a classic divination scheme that has many varieties. Depending on what you want to know, you need to choose the appropriate alignment. We will tell about several ways.

"Who am I?"

Runic divination mahjong "Who am I?" helps to analyze self. You will determine who you are at the moment, which sides of nature you deny and do not accept. Learn your strengths and get advice on what to do next to find your place in life.

Preparing for fortune telling, mix the runes and lay them out in the layout as shown in the figure.

Decoding runes at each position:

  • 1 - who you are now. Characteristics of the person at the current time
  • 2 - the hidden sides of your nature, which you do not know. This "dark" part of the personality that a person subconsciously hides in the depths of his soul does not recognize or accept
  • 3 - things, people of events, superfluous in your life. That which must be abandoned in order not to sacrifice your own happiness. Hindrances on the path to life goals
  • 4 - strong traits of your character that you need to develop in yourself. They will help you succeed in the future.
  • 5 - your purpose and place in life. Activities that will bring you success, make you happy and help you find the meaning of life.
  • 6 - your needs, what you are looking for from life, relationships and work
  • 7 - runes tips on what to do next, how to act in various life situations

Best of all, this alignment is used by people who are in search of their destination.

Divination "The Mirror of the Soul"

With this scenario, you can learn more about their natural potential. Understand what data is given from birth, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Understand the need to develop and get rid of.

Stir the runes and lay them on the table as shown in the figure.

Explanation of the layout:

  • 1 - a description of your natural potential. What abilities are given to you from birth, what makes you an individual and distinguishes you from other people
  • 2 - the strengths of your personality. What qualities prevail. They should pay special attention - it is these traits must be used to succeed
  • 3 - weaknesses of your personality, disadvantages. They also need to know, because this knowledge gives an understanding of what kind of hindrances you create on your own to achieve your goals. You do not need to get rid of the shortcomings, you must accept them in yourself and compensate for the advantages
  • 4 - what strong qualities need to be developed in themselves first of all. These are the "golden" sides of your personality, using which you will succeed in everything
  • 5 - options practices that will help reveal your strengths. Actions that activate life potential. Areas of life in which you are likely to succeed
  • 6 - what are the chances of finding a teacher, mentor, patron who will help you choose the right path and develop your personality. You may not need one.
  • 7 - people, circumstances and other external factors — assistants who help and guide you. This should be used to increase the chances of success.
  • 8 - do you have the potential to become a leader yourself, to educate, train and guide people. Are the features of a mentor, teacher, patron
  • 9 - the magical potential of the individual. The rune will indicate the presence or absence of magical abilities and help you understand whether you need to develop this
  • 10 - the result of development, your prospects for the rest of your life. Is it easy for you to succeed, or will you have to try how grand it will be

This fortune-telling is truly unique, because it gives a forecast for the rest of your life. Acting on the advice of the runes, you can better navigate in external circumstances and direct the energy in the right direction, increasing your efficiency.

Chinese oracle U-sin

This method of divination is based on the interaction of five energies: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In Chinese mythology, they were considered the basis of everything. The alignment is quite unusual, it allows you to determine which of the energies has the strongest impact on the events occurring in your life.

Concentrate, mentally refer to the runes with your question and shuffle the signs. Then place them on the table in the sequence shown in the figure.

Next we turn to decoding:

  • 1 - the energy prevailing in your life. It is important to understand that the key element is given to you from birth, it affects the temperament, determines the sources of recovery. Therefore, the decoding of this rune should be given special attention
  • 2 - the second for the degree of significance of the energy generated by the first. It also has a significant impact on your life. It is important to learn to understand at what point in time which of the energies prevails, and from this to make a start in their actions.
  • 3 - the third energy in the degree of importance generated by the second. Additional, which does not have such a strong effect on life, but can become dominant in rare moments
  • 4 is the fourth most significant in energy. Affects life occasionally
  • 5 - the fifth in terms of importance energy, closing the circle. May manifest itself very rarely, at the turning points of life.

See an overview of the maps for runic divination in the mahjong technique:

Soul balancing

This alignment is for self-knowledge and spiritual growth. Stir the runes and place them on the table as shown in the figure.


  • 1 - how do you present yourself to the world and initiate communication
  • 2 - self-assessment indicator - how you accept yourself
  • 3 - what circumstances and processes help develop the inner world
  • 4 - your appearance, the way people see you
  • 5 - your interaction with the world
  • 6 - what is necessary for you to maintain a harmonious relationship

This is not a complete list of all possible variants of layouts, but we recommend starting with them, and then trying other fortune telling.