Dream interpretation

Why the kindergarten has dreamed: features of interpretation on dream books


This institution is familiar to almost everyone - someone personally visited him as a child, someone now leads his children to kindergarten, and someone is standing in a long line hoping to take up the vacant seat. Kindergarten has firmly entered our lives, and therefore it is not surprising that it does not give rest to many parents, day or night. But the kindergarten dreams not because every morning we deliver our children there, the reasons often lie in ourselves, in our experiences, dreams and lifestyle.

Kindergarten in a dream and reality

The most frequent cause of such a dream, dream books call the rapid birth of a child. But kindergartens we dream different - our own, alien, new, destroyed, with good teachers and fun children or strict guards and little captives of circumstances.

If you see yourself as a child playing in kindergarten, it means that you have not yet realized yourself as an adult self-sufficient person. You are still manipulated by relatives, colleagues and even casual acquaintances. You are still worried about problems from childhood, for example, indecision, insecurity, hyper-care of your beloved mother. The latter is true, as a rule, for men.

They saw a kindergarten teacher in a dream. Expect a well-deserved condemnation of your family or a reprimand from the chief. Do not count on forgiveness or help, you will have to correct the errors yourself.

Dream Dream Thelomena treats this dream differently. You will have problems with children, no matter with yours or with strangers. The conflict of generations will manifest itself in full.

An empty kindergarten is usually a dream for calm, even melancholic people. Perhaps you do not consider yourself in this category, but in the near future you will have for some reason to part with emotions and lead a very quiet way of life that is unusual for you. The reasons may be different - indisposition or an attempt to hide from someone and escape responsibility.

Crowded kindergarten in a dream promises many surprises in reality. Just remember, not all surprises will be pleasant. A woman after such a dream can count on a long-awaited pregnancy. Often, large groups of babies dream of people trying to cope with a dozen cases at the same time. They say that Caesar knew how to do it, and you should shift part of your duties onto some other shoulders.

"Vova, Klava, Misha - this is not your cherries!"

The behavior of children is an important component of your sleep. Try to remember what the children were busy with and how they behaved.

Children play quietly - a guarantee of a quiet life without stress and surprises. The same can be said if kindergarten workers help adults. But if kids are naughty, do not expect a quiet life. Small troubles at work and unexpected obstacles in everyday affairs will make you forget about carelessness for a long time.

But worse, if you dreamed of a crying child. In this case, you do not get away with minor troubles. We will have to solve serious problems in order to keep the business afloat or to keep material wealth.

A lonely child who dreamed of, with which children do not play, it’s you yourself in life. Even if people are curling around you, there is no one among whom you would like to fully open up.

You dreamed of eating baby. The better his appetite, the better your business will be. Well, if a whole group of kindergarteners are rattling together with spoons, a white stripe has come in life. Make deals, make large purchases, make new acquaintances. Any of your undertakings during this period will be fruitful.

This is not your home!

Dreamed a holiday in kindergarten. If you participate in a festive concert, expect pleasant surprises, but if you take part in a festive feast together with kindergarteners, force majeure will happen at work, and you risk losing space.

You dreamed that you drank a glass of cocoa in kindergarten, the dream book warns that someone from the closest circle is abusing your trust. But if instead of cocoa milk - in front of the coveted business trips and successful deals.

There are things scattered in kindergarten. This is a very good dream. You will have some kind of a grandiose idea that will bring huge profits. The main thing is not to discard it as unnecessary, since at first glance it is a pure gamble.

The brightly decorated walls of the kindergarten see creative personalities in their dreams. And if you have not written a single book or picture, perhaps you are ruining your talent. Try to create something. It is possible that it will turn out something masterpiece.

Flush cots are friends hurrying to help. Whatever happens in the near future, you will not be left alone with the problem.

You work in kindergarten. Dream Dream Thelomena predicts a meeting with an asocial personality soon. Be sensible and try to get away from the conflict.

If you are in a dream leading your child to kindergarten, it means that you do not quite cope with parental responsibilities. Subconsciously, even in a dream, you want to shift the care of the baby to other people. Dream interpretation is sure that by sending a child to kindergarten in a dream, a woman in reality will have the opportunity to pay more attention to herself. Not really, really, clearly, due to which, perhaps, your baby just grew up.

Often the dream kindergarten symbolizes your attempt to escape from reality. The fact that for some reason it is impossible in reality is easily solved in a dream.

Many of the interpretations directly indicate fatigue and a desire to escape from everyday life. Family dream interpretation insists that you go on vacation. You are sucked gray days, and not to lose faith in a brighter future, listen to this advice. Good luck and be always cheerful and active!