Dream interpretation

What can mean a quarrel with a husband in a dream - interpretation of the dream?


A quarrel with her husband naturally signals serious problems and disagreements in family life. You are clearly unhappy and almost certainly subjective in your judgments.

In most cases, to solve family problems, the intervention of a psychologist is effective, which mitigates the clash of two points of view and helps clarify the position of the parties. In some cases, people's demands for each other are fantastic and do not take into account the opinions of the other. Without a reasonable mediator, the conflict cannot be repaid.

The basic meanings of a quarrel with a husband in a dream

A quarrel with a husband in a dream means a quarrel, a conflict of interests and a possible divorce in reality. In fact, to dream in a quarrel with her husband is a good sign. You are ready for discussion, open statement of your position, you know what exactly you need. Sleep shows willingness to negotiate and fear of failure. These are the most natural emotions before a responsible conversation.

A quarrel with a former husband in a dream is a great dream with excellent value. It means that you have managed to almost completely break the emotional bonds and you will soon be ready for a new relationship. Never start a new serious novels without completing the past completely.

If you quarrel with a new wife of your ex-husband in a dream - this means that it’s time for you to run out of obsessive relationships and completely break off any contacts. In addition, of course, situations and issues related to the education of common children.

A quarrel with a husband’s sister in a dream means protracted hidden conflicts. A quarrel with distant relatives of her husband in a dream is of little significance. Perhaps in reality you will meet at the same table at the family gathering, and even have a word.

It is important where a quarrel with a husband occurs in a dream:

  • Quarrel or a fight in the hallway - you are close to divorce, the mood in the family is close to irreconcilable.
  • In the kitchen - possible material difficulties.
  • In the bedroom - you abuse sexuality to solve conflicts.
  • In the bathroom, in the toilet - perhaps it makes sense to go to the doctor and do tests.
  • In the courtyard - we all know that you are a scandalous couple.
  • In the country - you like to quarrel, and you manage to get real benefit from the disputes. You have a great strong marriage.
  • In a cafe, in a restaurant, you have serious problems in terms of controlling family finances and investment.

Quarrels with the husband are inevitable both in a dream, and in a real life. If you do not quarrel, perhaps one of you simply does not exist or is absent as an individual, performing utilitarian functions, like furniture or household appliances.

It is foolish to quarrel with furniture, kitchen appliances, it will be kept clean and in order. But it is unlikely to seriously sort things out, argue, negotiate. If the technique ceases to arrange, it can be replaced with a new model. Families without quarrels usually have a clear hierarchical structure.

It is not for nothing that in the most diplomatic and polite of England the tradition of a family detective story is extremely developed, having a very real basis. In quiet and conflict-free families, where the tone of voice does not increase, the consumption of arsenic and cyanide may increase.

Quarrels, heated debate - this is good. If a quarrel in a dream ended in sex - your relationship can only envy.

Authoritative interpretations of dream books

  • Dream Miller believes that seeing a quarrel with her husband from the side means trust and fear of a possible threat from an unexpected source.
  • Female dream book foreshadows problems at work.
  • Chinese dream book promises quick great joy.

What if you dream in a quarrel with a husband

Once there is disagreement, a quarrel in reality, alas, is inevitable. The most ridiculous thing you can do is to meet your beloved with a rolling pin and cry - "I dreamed that you changed." You can remain silent, wait, and possibly aggravate the problem.

The most reasonable thing is to go and discuss with a professional psychologist. To begin, write down your suspicions on a separate piece of paper, claims - on the second, wishes - on the third. For a constructive conversation need a third. The first and second will be required if the spouse begins to inflate the scandal.

Competently build a conversation, think over concessions and threats, the proportionality of the contribution is possible only in a foreign territory and if there is an intermediary. If the husband is fine - a good wife, a house cleaned up, delicious food, clean clothes, charming and caring children, perhaps a couple of mistresses - everything suits him. He does not want to change anything due to the fact that you are bad and do not have enough attention, money, help, hands in the economy. The quarrel will be ignored and smoothed out.


Is it possible to avoid a quarrel with her husband, if you saw her in a dream - the most frequent question. It depends on your goals and objectives. Wives and mistresses of billionaires are able to pay off any quarrel, fail to notice the betrayal and meet her husband with an unchanging charming smile, even if he returned from his own brothel. You too can do that if you see fit.

The question is what you get as severance and content. If the husband is willing to pay the housewife, nanny, maid, cooks and laborers, his wife travels to the best resorts, any purchases and at the same time appears at home not so often, you can not quarrel. A good psychologist will teach some tricks that will help not to experience irritation due to adultery and rudeness.

But in most cases, becoming an uncomplaining charming nymph for the sake of family preservation is not necessary. To avoid quarrels in the family is impossible, but you can choose the right moment of quarrel, put forward the right requirements and get what you want. Quarrels should be carried out so as to remain in the win. Otherwise, do not waste your time.