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Why the tornado dreamed - interpretation of a dream on dream books


Tornado is a terrible natural phenomenon. It takes lives and leaves people without a roof over their heads. And what is the dream of such a nightmare? Dream Interpretation will answer this question.

Dream Interpretation: tornado - the main interpretation of the dream

To see a tornado in a dream is a symbol of the inner struggle of a person with his own “I”, and also marks a great family misfortune and a serious conflict. To give a more accurate prediction, it is necessary to analyze the entire dream and select the most important details for interpretation from it.

Tornado - dream interpretation by day for weeks

The day of the week, when you saw this image, is very important for interpretation.

  • A dream on the night from Monday to Tuesday will bring the dreamer difficult life trials;
  • From Tuesday to Wednesday - to the betrayal of the best friend. You may become covered for misconduct, but he will not be able to evaluate this service;
  • To have a dream from Wednesday to Thursday - to quarrels and conflicts from scratch;
  • From Thursday to Friday - to changes in personal life that will bring positive emotions and memories;
  • From Friday to Saturday - to problems that will fall on the heads of your loved ones;
  • To see this image on the night from Saturday to Sunday - to the successful completion of the work initiated;
  • From Sunday to Monday - to the unpleasantness that the dreamer will bring to him.

Watch out for a natural disaster

What dreams of a tornado for which you just watched from the side? Various dream books claim that this is an extremely negative symbol, signifying an incurable disease or death of the dreamer.

Get under the element

If in your nightly fantasies you are at the very epicenter of events, then in reality you will meet with a man of the opposite sex, with whom you will be incredibly happy, and the romantic relationship with him will be long and strong. Also, when a tornado blows you away, in reality you should risk too much for me, since rash actions can lead to very sad consequences.

Destructive tornado

To see a tornado in a dream that sweeps away everything in its path is a symbol of knowing oneself, one’s personality. The inner struggle will finally stop, and you will firmly know what you want from this life.

A natural disaster has bypassed you

This image is a warning that there will soon be people who will have very evil intentions. They can seriously ruin your future or even take your life. Perhaps these are the people whom you have offended you with something in the past. Dream books recommend to be on the alert, and do not let these people realize their evil plans.

The tornado moves on the dreamer, but he does nothing

This image symbolizes your subconscious fear for yourself and loved ones. You worry that something irreparable can happen: be it an accident or a serious illness. Hyperclaviers claim that these fears are in vain.

Hide under cover

A series of life tests will fall on your head. You will also be entrusted with a lot of hard work, which will be very difficult to handle without the help of friends and relatives. But this help will require a return service from you. If your shelter did not help, then fate will require you to take some decisive action to preserve your reputation and your place in the sun.

Tornado destroyed your home

The dreamer, who saw this image, should prepare for the life phase, when I often have a place of residence and sphere of activity. This can happen, either through the fault of the sleeper himself or by the hand of the enemy. This will be a very difficult stage, but, having overcome it, the dreamer will have a pleasant reward.

See tornado destruction

In real life, you will face enemies and enemies who want to lead you astray, but everyone will lose in this battle, and your reward for victory will be incredibly large. Another interpretation of this image is that you often rely on other people and become frustrated after failure. It is worth relying only on their own strength. In another way, you can never succeed in your field of activity.

Why dream tornado - interpretation for children and adolescents

Interpreters recommend more often seek help from their elders and ask them for advice. Independent decision-making can have a very negative effect on the future dreamer.

Treatment of the image for lovers

Lovers of this image will bring very negative consequences on the future of their life together. There will be constant quarrels and conflicts on any soil. Various interpreters recommend some time to rest from each other so that the hurricane does not take away all the happiness of lovers. And this small separation will only benefit both.

See disaster victims

Remember whether you helped them or not. If there was no help from your side, then in real life support will come in handy for friends and family. If it was the other way around, then you will need help.

Dream interpretation by famous dream-book

Dream Miller - why dream tornado

  • If the hurricane is headed in your direction, then in real life you will find a series of disappointments. You will not be able to realize your plans, but this will happen not because of external factors, but because of the dreamer himself;
  • See a very strong and big tornado - you are waiting for the collapse. No matter how hard you try to prevent it, it is destined to come true. Perhaps you should change the action plan or set more mundane goals;
  • To dream of a tornado destroying your home. This symbol says that now is the time to start life from scratch, if you have long wanted. If you have long dreamed of changing the scope of activities or moving to another city, then you shouldn’t delay it;
  • See destruction and other consequences - troubles and troubles will bypass you.

The interpretation of the image of the dream of Freud

  • Being affected by this natural disaster. This image marks a disappointment in sex life with a new partner. You will have to look for some alternatives or break up, because such a union will bring only negative emotions;
  • Tornado is gradually approaching you. You subconsciously worry about the life and health of people close to you. Sigmund Freud believes that these disturbances are in vain.

Why a tornado dreamed - decoding by Vanga

  • Become a witness or suffer from a tornado - to unexpected turns of the plot of your life. Fate can teach you, both the negative consequences of these changes and the positive ones. It all depends on the dreamer himself;
  • See victims as a result of this tornado - you will have to answer for your sins and misdeeds.