Dream interpretation

2011 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope


Read the article to find out in what year of the animal a man born in 2011 was born. You will learn all about his character and behavior, work, career and personal life, talents and abilities.

general characteristics

2011 was the year of the white metal Rabbit. And if a person was born during this period, then the sign of the eastern horoscope imposed on him certain qualities and character traits.

Features of his temperament and behavior:

  1. The rabbit makes its owner brave and honest, purposeful and witty, but at the same time somewhat mysterious. Set clear goals, but does not tell anyone about them until he gets what he wants.
  2. There are usually no problems in the work. Good luck accompanies him in affairs, therefore any undertaking, as a rule, comes to the end with success. He always acts at the limit of his strength and abilities, he likes to test himself and his character for strength.
  3. She loves praise and compliments, so she tries to earn them with all her might. They strive for universal admiration and respect, try to gain authority and be in the center of attention in any company.
  4. They will never do work as a horrible thing, for a tick and to “shoot back”. On the contrary, they try to finish their duties with a result that will exceed the achievements of each of their colleagues.
  5. Quite secretive, does not like to talk about himself, his personal life, and especially about his plans and goals. Because of this, it may seem somewhat closed, but this is not true. Just Rabbit is not talkative and knows how to listen.
  6. With all the love of attention Rabbit does not matter to have a lot of friends. He needs a couple of close people next to him. But these will be the people whom he can trust for one hundred percent.
  7. He has a strong talent, so he can realize himself in any creative field. And thanks to a sharp mind and a beautiful intellect, they will be able to sell their creations profitably. The fate of the unrecognized genius is definitely not for him.
  8. With all this metal Rabbit is cunning, dodgy and can masterfully adapt to changing life circumstances. Solves all problems due to his enterprise easily and effortlessly.
  9. More than anything, he worries about the welfare of loved ones. This is even more important to him than his own interests. For those whom he loves, he is ready for anything.

Metal Elements

The metal element imposes on the character of the Rabbit a certain imprint, therefore it differs from its fellow horoscope, which is patronized by other elements.

What is characteristic of men - metal Rabbits:

  1. He knows how to restrain and control his emotions, like no other. It is difficult to guess what feelings are hidden behind an impenetrable mask of indifference on his face. Because of this, he seems mysterious and unpredictable.
  2. Strong, self-confident, is able to influence not only himself, but also everything that happens around him. It seems that nothing can bring him out of himself, so he is calm and balanced most of the time.
  3. Even the closest people will never see him upset or confused. This does not mean that he is a robot, not capable of experiencing negative emotions. He just prefers to do it alone, not showing anyone.
  4. He is quite sociable, easily finds friends and acquires useful contacts. But communication with other people is not a necessity for him, he may well be happy in complete solitude.
  5. It is straightforward and always will tell the interlocutor what he thinks about him, without worrying about how appropriate and correct this is. Surprisingly, they do not take offense at it, on the contrary, they listen to his opinion.
  6. People trust him because he always keeps his word. The promises given to them are fulfilled immaculately. He will never fail, betray and deceive if he promised it. But if you did not promise, then everything is possible.
  7. He certainly can find some talent that God has bestowed upon him. But he prefers to use his creative abilities in everyday life, using a non-standard approach in work and solving usual problems. Therefore, it gets better results than others.
  8. His imagination works great. Because of this, he is unusual, romantic and very beautiful will take care of the woman you like, seeking her location. Takes a relationship seriously, easy affair - not for him.

What is characteristic of a woman - metal Rabbit:

  1. Career for her in priority. First of all, she tries to be realized in the material world, and only then she thinks about family and spiritual development. Man of action, not reasoning. Does what she planned, without thinking twice.
  2. At the same time, it is important for her to do business that brings not only good money, but also great pleasure. Only then will she begin to work at the limit of her abilities, feeling real pleasure from the process of work.
  3. She is well suited for creative professions, because she is not deprived of talents, and her sense of taste is excellent. At the same time work should involve communication with people. Freelance and retreat deprive her of life forces.
  4. She is sure of herself, never shy and not shy, so she takes everything she wants from life, rightly believing that she deserved the good by right. Often she is lucky, she fulfills her own desires so easily that she can be suspected of magical manipulations.
  5. In love behaves somewhat frivolously. She relies on emotions, but forgets to think with her head, therefore she can often be mistaken in men. She likes romance novels full of passion and bright feelings.
  6. His man will admire, literally idolize him. Well, if the chosen one appreciates it, and does not put on the crown and does not begin to mock her. That is why you need to learn how to turn on the head, choosing a life partner.