Dream interpretation

Why feces dreamed - interpretation of the image by dream books


It is unlikely that someone feces call a pleasant sight. But dream books rarely interpret this image with a negative message. Let's look at the question of what feces dream to be ready for any turn of events on the path of life that fate will prepare for us.

Dream Interpretation: feces - a general interpretation of the image

  • To dream in a dream - to increase profits and move up the career ladder;
  • Feel the unpleasant smell of feces in a dream. This image symbolizes your subconscious dislike for your environment. Often you have to overpower yourself to meet with these people again. Usually these are business meetings or very personal ones. If you look for the source of the smell, then in real life someone will crawl into your personal life and may fall badly on reputation. Dream books advise to step back from communicating with people who are unpleasant to you;
  • To gardeners and farmers, dreams with feces signify a good harvest;
  • Accidentally see the feces - the dreamer is very weak in nature. Such people allow intrusive people to sit on their necks. Interpreters recommend training your character and will;
  • Surely everyone since childhood has heard that stepping on feces or messing their clothes in a dream - to money. All authoritative dream books confirm this. Indeed, such a dream signifies financial well-being in the family and career success;
  • But to pass tests for feces - an unfavorable symbol. He portends financial losses and serious problems at work;
  • Clean up stool - someone has long held a grudge against you, but your inner “I” does not allow you to admit mistakes and correct the situation. If you manage to improve relations with these people, then you will be waited not only by inner satisfaction and tranquility, but also by the enormous benefits that these people will bring to your life;
  • Not a very pleasant dream - to detect feces in your mouth. The value of this image is very twofold. First, the dreamer can easily achieve financial success due to his eloquence. The second one says that a person who saw such an image in his dream cannot close his mouth in time, which in the future will lead to serious problems. If worms or other parasites were found in the feces, then monetary gain will be earned dishonestly or illegally;
  • Fall in stool. This dream warns of a threat that threatens the reputation of the dreamer. For some time you should not subscribe to questionable cases with unfamiliar people. The stigma of the shame can be permanently fixed on the dreamer's personality;
  • Baby stool. This image marks the monetary addition in the family, which will be obtained from light jobs. But the salary of these jobs will be rather big;
  • Dream actions take place in a clean public toilet. This is a very auspicious sign that foreshadows the dreamer that his wallet will always be full. Any penny invested in any project will bring new profits. This image is enhanced if you were in a dream not one, but, for example, in a company with friends or relatives.

The interpretation of the image of various dream books

Miller's Hypsolver

Dream Miller argues that feces in dreams signify great financial success and wealth. You will quickly climb the career ladder, and businessmen will make major lucrative deals.

But it is worth recalling that this is possible only if the dreamer is not lazy and takes his own initiative to achieve his goals.

Interpretation of a dream according to Freud's dream book

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believes that this image in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer has committed some shameful act that he does not dare to tell even to his closest people. Perhaps your silence is even better, because reputation and respect can be at stake.

The interpretation of the image by interpreter Tsvetkova

Such a dream marks a serious financial loss through the fault of the dreamer himself. Even the smallest mistake can lead to big problems, so you should carefully think through every minute of your life. It is especially necessary to be vigilant when signing important documents.

Dream Vanga

Bulgarian clairvoyant interpreted feces seen in night-dreams as a symbol of financial well-being. But it is worth extremely careful to handle their savings, because a lot of money makes a person more and more to spend. If you do not keep an account of your financial savings, then you can quickly lose them and ultimately stay at the “broken trough”.

The interpretation of the image of the dream book Hasse

Like all “colleagues in the shop,” Miss Hasse believes that the feces in dreams only signify financial well-being. But money must be earned only in an honest and legal way, otherwise the punishment will not take long.

Dreaming nostradamus

According to the Nostradamus dream book, the image of feces in dreams foreshadows unexpected gifts and surprises from friends and distant relatives. Sometimes people see such a dream on the eve of some kind of celebration, for example, the dreamer's birthday. This explains the image.

Nostradamus also notes that the dreamer will soon be able to acquire what he had long dreamed of. This purchase will be very expensive, but the emotions from the acquisition and the benefits of the thing itself will justify the means.