Dream interpretation

Dreamed a guy who likes - what surprises are preparing fate


Often, our subconscious mind presents unexpected surprises, projecting in dreams those images that will be very pleasant to the dreamer. But is everything so smooth? It is necessary to understand: why dream of a guy who likes, according to famous dream books.

Dream Interpretation: the guy who likes

To understand what the appearance of this young man in a dream means, one needs to recall the maximum amount of details, assemble them into one single image and find out the meaning of the dream in the snoot.

  • If in night dreams, quarrel with this man, then everything will be completely accurate and vice versa. You have a real opportunity to get closer to each other, which may later on turn into a long and strong love affair;
  • In your nightly fantasies, you saw a competitor. In real life, she does not claim this young man at all. Or she is not in his taste;
  • To see a guy who likes in a dream, but he is upset about something and looks upset. Nayavu is interested in you a completely different man. He will soon let you know about his intentions. Interpreters recommend not to reject it immediately, but at least to think. Perhaps this person is much more suitable for you than the boyfriend of the Kingdom of Morpheus;
  • A passionate kiss with a boyfriend who likes in the Kingdom of Morpheus. No matter how beautiful this image may be, this is a very negative message for the dreamer, which marks continuous trouble in reality. Interpreters recommend avoiding all sorts of conflicts and being more understanding. For some time, even the smallest disagreement with a loved one can cost you dearly;
  • Located alone in a romantic setting. This image warns of gossip behind your back. Enemies will try to knock you out of the rut, but you will hold fast in your life path;
  • If a guy who likes embraces you in a dream, then in real life this person to you also experiences sympathy and affection. Dream books advise "forging iron hot," and begin to act. Then you can miss the opportunity and go into a long depression;
  • If in a dream the object of your adoration suddenly turned into someone else, then in reality it unconsciously scares you. Your dream directly indicates that you want to correct and change something in it. But do not do this, as it never led to anything good. It is also a symbol of how feelings can cool off soon;
  • The guy in the dream appears before you in the form of a prince on a white horse (or something similar to this) - in real life you idealize him too much. This image also indicates a low self-esteem of the dreamer. Nintendors recommend removing rose-colored glasses and stop picking.

The treatment of the image of the famous dream books

Miller's Hypsolver

Miller recommends paying attention to the emotions accompanied in the dream:

  • If in a dream you have pleasant emotions, then in reality you should think a few times before trusting him. This person may be one of those who are just playing with feelings. With such a person, you should not count on a long-term relationship, and will bring only pain, disappointment and heavy burden on your soul into your life;
  • But if a guy who likes, causes you unpleasant emotions in a dream, behaves defiantly and stupidly, then with such a person there is an opportunity to establish a good romantic relationship;
  • Miller also interprets the image of a man who makes you sympathetic, as successes in financial affairs. In the near future, you can get a well-deserved promotion, which is not limited to only one step of the career ladder.

The guy who likes - the interpreter of dreams Vanga

  • Bulgarian clairvoyant believes that if this man appeared in front of you in the form of a drunken and slovenly person, then this indicates your low self-esteem and excessive complexion. Also, you should open up to the world so that the world opens up before you;
  • The image of a "prince on a white horse" - you strongly idealize this person. One day this may play a cruel joke with you;
  • To see the beaten guy is to the great disappointments in love that this person will bring to your life. To love such a man should be very careful not to get burned;
  • A quarrel in a dream marks a scandal with this guy in reality. After this, the feelings abruptly and quietly cool. What consequences it will bring, depends only on you;
  • Indifference in night dreams - to the sympathy of reality. If a guy who likes, in a dream does not show any signs of attention, in real life, he is strongly attached to you.

The interpretation of the image by the interpreter of dreams Tsvetkova

The dream book of Tsvetkova does not recommend attaching great importance to these dreams, if before you go to bed you think about this person for a long time.

  • A kiss with a guy to whom you have feelings, in reality brings small troubles and troubles associated with career and household chores. However, you can quickly deal with them, and they will not cause much damage. Also, this symbol foreshadows frustration in friends;
  • Enjoy your time alone with the guy you like. This image also does not carry any positive interpretations. Hypoluster Evgenia Tsvetkova warns about possible diseases that will get to your family. It is necessary to undergo a routine examination by a doctor to avoid this.