Dream interpretation

Spider, entrenched in the web - it is a good dream or not


Many people are seriously afraid of these creatures, especially large individuals. And, when they see a poisonous "mechnopod" in the zoo, some even wake up in the middle of the night, as the creature that has disturbed them visits their sleep. But what does the dream book say if the spider is in your dream just like that - why does this little “weaver” dream?

General interpretation of your sleep

  • What dreams of a spider and a web? If a truly huge tarantula was sitting on it, as in the films, a dream means: you will seriously disagree with your leader.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Slammed a small spider with a newspaper, slipper, or even a hand? Sleep promises you to quarrel with his beloved (loved one).

  • They killed a big "beast": soon you will deal with your foe as well.

  • "Climbed" into the web with your face, and you had to peel it off your face, and also remove the spider? Oddly enough, the interpretation of this dream - will soon be added to your family.

  • There is one more decoding: through carelessness you are in an unpleasant situation, but soon it will be resolved in the most favorable way for you.

  • The web was very beautiful, just lacy. Perhaps you even removed it not from your face, but from the wall or from the branches of a tree? Soon you will have to take off your rose-colored glasses.

  • You did not touch this work of art, but only admired it? Yes, and pearls of dew glittered on white thread? Someone has prepared you an unexpected, but very nice gift.

What did this spider do?

  • Descending from a tree, on branches or on the web, and it was just huge: you will meet with a person who causes you the most positive emotions.

  • He did not attack you with the best of intentions, and he was big (not even a tarantula, but a tarantula): in the real world, a dangerous person would also attack you.

  • He peacefully dined with his prey, although he looked eerily awesome: this is your boss, he is as dangerous as a tarantula.

  • The big spider was sitting on the ceiling in your room: do not go against the boss, he will "eat" you.

  • After sitting on the ceiling, he still descended to the floor: with the support of colleagues, you can “wake up” with the chef. You have a lot of chances to win.

  • To see the spider and the web, which he diligently weaves: let your life be difficult, you can turn to your friends - they will not refuse to help.

  • The spider works in an open area: friends do not hide their opinions about you. He was spinning a web in some closed corner: you still haven’t figured out what your relatives think about you.

  • In your dream, there were a lot of spiders weaving their webs? Sleep says: whatever you plan to do, seek the support of colleagues or friends. One of you this "mountain" does not move.

  • The "multi-paucher" dream has another interpretation: you will soon be invited to a noisy and crowded walk. Or maybe it is you who will send invitations to friends?

  • Many-footed villain sitting on your head? Unexpected guests will soon be coming to your house. Of course, you will have to work hard, preparing a treat for a half-forgotten friend or very distant relatives, but you have a nice time having fun together.

  • Another interpretation of this dream: a half-forgotten relative left you a legacy.

  • The spider not only settled on your head, but also began to weave a web there: a dream promises to strengthen family ties. So if you now have a cold war with one of your relatives, get ready for a happy reconciliation.

Baby's sleep

It makes sense to decipher only if the baby was not afraid of the spider just yesterday, seeing him in a movie.

  • A spider and a web in a child’s dream can mean an event that will impress him greatly. This may be a transfer to another school (kindergarten), the emergence of a new best friend, participation in a creative contest.

  • If the baby has seen a spider sitting on the web, the dream warns you: friends will involve the child in unexpected events. Is this company good? Yes, if in a dream the baby stroked the spider, without fear he would plant it on his hand or put it in his pocket. And it will be bad if the dream was scary - for example, in a dream the spider bit the child.

Decoding from well-known analysts

At the end, we suggest you compare the popular interpretation with the opinion of the compiler of the noble dream book, as well as the modern psychoanalyst. Do their interpretations converge?

Dream Grishin

  1. According to this dream book, the spider and the web - to update, especially if the spider descends on you from this web.

  2. A huge "krestov" sat on the web: despair seized your soul.

  3. You were in the room among the hordes of spiders: among your loved ones you feel like a stranger.

  4. Crush spiders: to trouble.

  5. To eat a spider: to not the most pleasant meeting.

  6. Kissing the spider (and even bright, red or yellow): you are a hidden sadist.

  7. What does the color of this creature mean? Red, yellow: to the disease associated with blood; green - to the disease of the gastrointestinal tract; black to melancholy (possibly gossip).

  8. In a dream, a woman should see on herself enormous spiders that did not move: the dream speaks of a miscarriage, and sometimes artificial.

Dream Miller

  1. Spider warns: if you want to succeed in your business, you need to be active and attentive.

  2. The spider that wound the web: you'll be happy with what you are doing at the moment.

  3. Slam that creature: a quarrel with a loved one.

  4. Spider bit: the enemies will harm your work, besides, you will have to feel the taste of betrayal.

  5. Spiders hanging on their threads literally surrounded you: this is the most auspicious dream, it promises health, happiness and success.

  6. A huge spider in its "lace": your quick life "rise" will be associated with a dangerous person.

  7. Spiders who are different in their “caliber” are chasing you: to luck in business ... Unless, of course, they have bitten you. If you go big, it is a failure because of the tricks of your enemies; if small, all your enemies can do is gossip about you.

  8. You were running away from a large spider: your luck will end, and the circumstances will be very offensive. You killed him: you will return success in your life. They killed him, but he was resurrected, and again he was chasing you: towards disease.

  9. Golden spiders in a girl's dream: she will have new friends.