Dream interpretation

You had a dream about a place of sorrow - what does such a dream mean?


Many people are afraid of cemeteries, even in real life, and will never go there just to walk around (unless, of course, they are not ready for the union). What dreams of this sad place? What does the dream book say, is such a dream not good?

General interpretation of such gothic sleep

  • The most frequent opinion of interpreters is that such a dream speaks of future changes in your life. Perhaps it will change quite dramatically, divided into "before" and "after."
  • Why do you dream that you walk in a cemetery that does not cause you fear or horror, or even trembling? All changes in your destiny will be happy.
  • In a dream from such a walk you were scared to horror? Your subconscious mind says that immoral thoughts go to your head, and this worries you a lot.

Who is the dreamer?

  • Guy. For him, walking in a cemetery in a dream means that he has many true friends who value friendship with him.
  • Married middle-aged woman (possibly with children). For such a lady, the dream will be auspicious, promising happiness and health to her relatives.
  • Widow. Sleep to a new marriage.
  • Retiree. A dream foreshadows a serious illness and even an early transition to another world.
  • Child. In the case of children, the dream book to go through the cemetery is interpreted as a prediction of future loss or other life test. Perhaps this case will make the dreamer more mature before the deadline.
  • Teenager. The transitional age of such a person will be extremely difficult. It may even end in depression.
  • Lovers. It rarely happens that two people see a similar dream, but it still happens. Seeing you walk through the cemetery with your lover (beloved) is a bad dream for your relationship. It means that you will part and not be together, and if you still marry the fate of evil, then you will both be married.

What did you do there?

  • Just walking. This is not a good dream, it can mean unhappiness or poverty.
  • They walked barefoot: to health and longevity.
  • They were looking for a specific grave and could not find it. Your life will be filled with difficulties.
  • They read inscriptions on tombstones: there will be many comrades and friends in your life.
  • You did not go to the cemetery itself, but past it, and you tried not to look at it, with your head lowered. A dream says: unfinished business from the past inhibits you. Complete them and live in peace.

What was it like?

  • Old, old. To a long, but lonely and unhappy life. The second interpretation, not canceling the first: you can very successfully and quickly make a career.
  • Dark, gothic, mysterious: loss awaits you. Perhaps a person close to you will go to another world.
  • Abandoned and very untidy. You feel your life is wasted.
  • Well maintained. Soon your life will change, and you are ready for it. If you or someone in your family is sick, this dream promises recovery.
  • Clean. Harmony and peace prevail in your family.
  • Springtime (all trees, bushes bloomed). The black bar in your life is finally ending.
  • Festive: all gravestones someone decorated with balloons. To large, but pleasant spending.
  • Autumnal, in fallen leaves. A dream promises a quick inheritance.
  • Winter: the graves were covered with snow. Bad changes in your life will make it difficult, entail a lack of money.
  • Rainy (or the weather was foggy, overcast). Sleep promises problems, possibly along the line of love. To deal with them, you need to clearly understand what you have left in the past, and what you are planning for the future.
  • Underwater. It's time for you to "podmarafetit" your home. Buy something new from furniture, make repairs.
  • Childish. If you have a falling out with someone from your family, reconciliation will soon follow.
  • Rural. Soon your childhood will make you remember yourself. Maybe you will meet an old friend, or maybe you will find a box with mom with your first crafts.
  • With open coffins, and you saw the bones (human). Get ready - in your life will begin a black stripe. It depends on your calm behavior, how quickly it will end.

And what do famous interpreters write?

In contrast to the general interpretation, specific dream books can greatly correct the decoding of certain circumstances of your night vision. Or maybe these interpretations will be more favorable for you?

Dream Miller

  1. Walk through the cemetery and the church yard in the winter time - to poverty. However, if in a dream the snow began to melt a little, your life will begin to improve.
  2. See yourself in the cemetery with your girlfriend (boyfriend) - you can not get married, but you will see how your favorite (beloved) is walking the wedding with another person.
  3. The most common interpretation of such a dream is according to Miller: it is favorable, it promises a long life filled with friendly participation and support from loved ones.

East Dream

  1. The cemetery, on which you walked, was tidy, well-groomed. You will be given back a thing borrowed a long time ago, or maybe you will learn about the recovery of a seriously ill relative.
  2. It was abandoned, with tall grass. You will outlive all your relatives, and in your old age you will be looked after by non-native people.
  3. You saw yourself as a bride walking to the altar among the graves. If your spouse goes on a business trip, try not to let him go - he may not return.
  4. If an adult woman dreams that she carries a bouquet on the grave, sleep is good. It means: diseases will bypass the side of your children.
  5. The cemetery dreams of a widow (especially a young one) by the speedy march of Mendelssohn. If you are sad in a dream, the marriage will be unsuccessful.
  6. If the graves dream of a grandmother or grandfather, the dream says that close people on the “other side” have already been waiting for them.
  7. If you walked around the cemetery and saw how children play there, sleep is not bad. He promises happiness and good changes in your life.