Dream interpretation

Why dream of a knife in the dream book


To determine why the knife dreams, remember the plot of your dream in the smallest details, and then look through the interpretations in this article. I collected forecasts of popular dream books, in which you will find all the answers.

Psychological dream book

The idea of ​​this dream book: through the dreams, the unconscious transmits images to a person, deciphering which, you can guess the upcoming events. And the better the intuition is developed, the more accurate the forecast will be.

Here is the interpretation of what a knife might dream about:

  1. Get a set of knives as a gift - an unfavorable sign. In the near future, you will become a victim of insidious deception by a person whom you trust the most. Try not to take the word of anyone, so as not to suffer.
  2. Attacking another person with a knife - to a series of misfortunes that will overtake the dreamer in real life. He will begin to reap the fruits of his bad deeds committed in the past, for which he had previously failed to bear responsibility.
  3. Attack with a sharp blade on you - in my personal life there will be dramatic changes. And it will happen completely for you unexpectedly. These changes will be positive or negative - it depends only on your behavior.
  4. If in a dream someone stabbed you in the back, then in real life you should beware of the cunning actions of your enemies. They conceived you serious harm, so you need to be very vigilant to avoid major trouble.
  5. If the blade falls out of your hands, then in reality you will soon become acquainted with a man who may in the future become your loving and beloved husband. Although at first you absolutely will not like it, over time you will see your soul mate in it.
  6. Cutting yourself with a knife while cooking - your relatives and friends stopped arranging your character, they will try to influence you, “re-educate”. This will not lead to anything good, but only provoke serious quarrels.
  7. A decorative small knife - in real life, the dreamer seeks to keep everything under control, which is why he often cannot relax, let go of the situation and just enjoy the moment. He needs to trust the Universe, people and his own intuition more.
  8. To lose a knife - such a dream is a dream because of a lack of energy. Most likely, you have been working too hard for a long time and are tired. The subconscious mind asks you for at least a little rest.
  9. A dull knife that couldn’t cut anything is a sign of the dreamer's insecurity in himself. He has too many complexes that prevent him from living and enjoying life. It is worth working on your fears with a psychologist.
  10. A beautiful antique dagger or saber dreams of receiving an expensive gift in the near future. And the gift will be presented by the person from whom you least expected it.
  11. Seeing someone with a knife in the hands of someone you know - you have become too unbearable to behave, because of what close people will avoid you over time. Think that in your behavior offends and touches others, if you do not want to lose all friends and like-minded people.
  12. Very sharp, polished small knife - to anxiety and the growing feeling of constant anxiety. You torment yourself with fears and doubts, because of which you can fail in an important business.

Dream Miller

Universal dream book, the predictions of which are suitable for almost everyone and very often come true.

Here are these predictions:

  1. You are not making enough effort to achieve your goals. Because of this, you may eventually be left with nothing, and competitors will win. Try to work more actively, so as not to be out of work.
  2. Attacking another person with a knife - you often offend those around you because you are afraid of them. You can behave low and ugly, and that is why you have so few friends.
  3. The sharper the knife in a dream, the more anxiety and anxiety the dreamer will feel in real life. He needs time to recover a little and continue to live in a more calm and peaceful state.
  4. The rusty knife speaks of the dreamer's sexual dissatisfaction. He is not satisfied with the current partner, he is angry and is thinking of treason. Also, such a dream may lead to separation from her spouse or lover in the near future.

Dream Vanga

The blind divination also interpreted dreams. Her predictions are very ambiguous.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. Get knives as a gift - to become a victim of deception because of their own gullibility.
  2. To kill a man with a knife - because of your aggressiveness close people will suffer. You will bring great misfortune upon your family. It is necessary to think again. before it's too late.
  3. A beautiful knife with an unusual handle (for example, decorated with intricate patterns) - you will get a gift with a trick. Most likely, the giver will rely on some kind of service on your part in return.
  4. Cutting meat with a knife - at this stage of your life, you risk too often. Because of this, you can ruin the reputation and lose everything that you can. You should stop getting involved in dubious business so as not to ruin your life.
  5. Rusty knives, stacked in a heap, dream to dissatisfaction with the results of their efforts. It will seem to you that your work is valued too cheaply. In fact, everything is completely wrong. Admit it honestly, how often did you neglect your duties and perform them very badly?

In general, the knife - a symbol of betrayal, lies, deceit. Therefore, any such dream, according to Vanga, is fraught with unfavorable signs. But remember that you are able to create your own reality and change the future at your own discretion.