Dream interpretation

Comb or hold in the hands of a comb in a dream - is it good?


In the ancient years, the scallop was also considered an ornament, now the comb is only an accessory for hair styling. What does this object dream of a woman or a man, how does a dream book look at this beauty thing?

General interpretation of your sleep

  • Since this is most often a ladies' thing, people with a feminine kind can see a comb in a dream.
  • What dreams hairbrush careerist or businessman? To losses, the fault of which will be envious competitors. However, if you do not "get involved" in a knowingly dubious enterprise, these financial losses can be avoided.

What was she like?

  • New. You are waited by the long novel (this interpretation concerns even dreams of married ladies).
  • Beautiful, darling-looking, of an unusual form: something wonderful will soon be presented to you.
  • With wooden teeth. Do you have a goal to which you aspire? Very soon you will reach it. Just interpreted a dream in which the comb was completely wooden (for example, it was an old scallop).
  • Was it exactly a comb? Most often, such a thing in a dream promises the support of a strong person. As soon as such a patron appears in your life, you do not need false modesty, do not refuse his support - with her you will achieve a lot.
  • If a comb in a dream was with a very large number of small teeth, the dream says: you do not care about your reputation, and there is already a lot of talk about you.

Comb in the hands of others

  • Have you seen how your accessory is used by another person - your real enemy, or the person who you didn’t like very much in a dream? Prepare the nervous system: soon you will have a foe who will dissolve bad slander about you.
  • Your comb was in the hands of a man to whom you do not feel hostility, or even a friend? In this case, the dream says about the upcoming meeting, which will change your lifestyle.
  • You took (asked) this accessory from a man. What was he like? If well-groomed handsome, your financial situation will soon improve. If you took a comb from the hands of almost a bum, a dream warns of future difficulties at work.
  • Do you get your comb back? This is a good dream, it promises you love, which can even end with the march of Mendelssohn.

What did you do in your dream?

  • They combed their hair, did their styling: a dream prophesies happiness in personal life, a stable financial situation, success at work.
  • Scratched, and used for this a few combs: several unpleasant people at once are plotting against you.
  • Combing, and then suddenly noticed that your teeth are left on the teeth: you face financial problems (most likely because of your habit of wasting money). A lot of hair, whole strands: a dream warns of a disease that is about to attack your body.
  • They removed their own hair from the teeth: something bad will happen because of you. This event and your life will change (and not in the most bright side), and close to the hook.
  • We bought a new comb - for good events that will soon change your way of life (maybe you will even have an admirer). In the dream, were you going to buy a broken, dirty thing? The events that come into your life will be bad.
  • The hairbrush has scattered or broken during combing: take care of yourself, you may soon get sick. However, this "hospital period" will not last long.

Opinion of famous authors

All decoding dreams, which you saw above, are based on popular beliefs. Now it's time to compare them with the interpretations of people who have been studying human souls for years. Will they agree with the folk interpretations of your dream, or will the researchers surprise you?

Sonic Fedorovskoy

  1. In the dream, you bought a comb: you are waiting for a change.
  2. She broke down: a new person will enter your life with whom you will be friends.
  3. You combed: your life will change soon, and you will be the initiator.
  4. You combed someone else: the life of your relatives or friends will change.
  5. Someone combed or braided your hair: after a while, interesting events will fill your life.
  6. You have seen people, one of whom was combing the other: it is an empty dream. You may not remember his details, nothing will come true.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

If you saw a scallop in your sleep, then you are one of those people who prefer to "love with ears." That is, for you it is more important how a person speaks and behaves with you than what he really thinks. So even if someone really loves you, but does not know how to give compliments and give presents beautifully, you will not be happy with him, including in bed.

Dream Dream Winters, Dmitry and Hope

  1. According to this dream book, the comb is a mess in your head. Your subconscious wants to show you that it would be nice to sit down and bring thoughts in order.
  2. If the comb (combs) had broken teeth, the dream speaks of gnawing doubts, or disputes with other people. Do not fall for these "provocations", they can interfere with the implementation of your plans.

Chinese dream book

  1. Seeing a comb with wooden teeth: an old thing that has lasted a long time in your life is finally over.
  2. In the dream, someone gave you this accessory. For a man, such a dream prophesies a wedding, or a meeting with a future mistress (concubine), and she will be a real beauty.
  3. Brush your teeth with a comb: you can avoid the disease.
  4. In general, the most general interpretation of the scallop in a dream according to the Chinese is that the "great world of this world" will support you.