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Susanna Semenova and her amazing meditations: the tricks of the human subconscious


Suzanne Semyonovaya is an energy psychologist, a famous trainer practicing TMP - Technique of Meridian Tapping. Suzanne also creates meditations aimed at solving various life problems that fill people with extraordinary ease, peace, and present real peace of mind.

Using them, it becomes possible to increase confidence in yourself, your abilities and capabilities, control your own life and change it for the better. You can learn more detailed information about the meditations of Suzanne Semenova from this article.

The tricks of the human subconscious and meditation

When a person is awake, 98 percent of the work falls on the left hemisphere of the brain. It is in it that the so-called "Govorun" is located, who constantly expresses his doubts about something, is inclined to criticize himself and his surroundings. Also in the left hemisphere there was also a negative system with beliefs and beliefs that limit the possibility of personal self-improvement. That is why it is so important to “turn off” the annoying Talker and give the opportunity to get information from our subconscious to the main plan.

In the right hemisphere of the brain laid positive programs that are designed to give a sense of inner harmony, faith in yourself and calm the mind.

In the process of performing meditative practices, the right hemisphere of the brain is activated, which allows a person to achieve a state of love and tranquility, which means to be healthy and develop normally.

People are naturally inclined to be at rest and interact harmoniously with the outside world, and only as a result of constant stress loads the body is compressed, muscle spasms occur, and at the level of psychology - various emotional problems. It is important to keep your body in a soft and flexible state, and to clean the brain from unnecessary information, thanks to this you will always have enough vital energy and will be able to respond adequately to everything that happens to you.

One more important point can be noted - Susanna Semenova’s meditations can be equally used by representatives of both sexes. Unconscious person is not able to recognize the end of adjectives, and can only respond to affirmative forms of phrases with nouns.

For example, in one of Suzanne’s practices there is such a phrase: “I am a positive and joyful person,” that is, it means that a man can be both a man and a woman. It is for this reason that the author has eliminated the additions of “man” and “woman” from her meditations, since there is no point in writing two different versions of the practice.

You probably already understood that our brain acts without exaggeration as the most perfect computer on the whole globe. It allows you to heal yourself from various physical and psychological pathologies, and to achieve amazing results.

We advise you to plunge into the world of Susanna Semyonova's magic meditations, which are designed taking into account all the features of the human brain and are able to give harmony with yourself and with the surrounding reality!

Meditations from Suzanne Semenova

Next we look at the main meditations of the author with a description of their useful properties.

Meditation to attract what you dream of "Room of Desires"

This meditative practice has a very strong effect and allows you to attract good luck in your life, well-being in the financial sphere, as well as gain faith in a better future.

The meaning of meditation "Room of Desires" is to introduce yourself into a state of deep relaxation and in this state enter a program in your subconscious mind that tunes you to absolute success, makes you self-sufficient, self-confident, and also give a feeling of inner stability, fill a person with love and kindness.

And if you listen to the magic words of meditation before going to bed, you can better renew your body during the night’s rest and present it with a new portion of the strength and energy necessary to complete all of its activities.

Meditation to purify your heart and forgive yourself

A person can just forgive and understand other people as much as he is able to forgive and accept personally himself. It is no secret that many of us often suffer from feelings of guilt and cannot always identify the factors that provoked it. At the same time, on a subconscious level, guilt provokes the need for punishment. And it turns out that a person who is guilty of wine begins to provoke various pathologies in his body, trying to punish himself for something in this way.

That is why it is so important to forgive yourself for everything that makes you negative emotions and continue to move forward, now without the burden of past problems.

Meditation "Without asking for anything, get everything!"

This meditative practice will help open the way to the natural process of breathing. And those people who breathe freely perceive life in a more positive context and more often feel happy.

Meditating has the following types of positive effects on the human body:

  • will help to calm and harmoniously be in a relaxed state and normalize the process of natural deep breathing, which is inherent in us from childhood;
  • thanks to practice, there is an active recuperation after a hard day of work, a new, fresh energy begins to fill a person. The use of clear and clear positive affirmations will easily replace those negative mental images that a person experiences in relation to himself or to the world around him;
  • plus, by doing this practice, self-esteem is markedly enhanced and strengthened, a person begins to perceive everything with a feeling of unconditional love.

Meditation, which allows to remove psychological trauma, stress, to help in the presence of a panic attack

In this case, a person will have to relive the situation that has injured him, but only in a detached, unemotional form. Such an approach will help you find enough strength in yourself to successfully solve a problem, no matter what sphere of life it affects: health, career, personal relationships, or any other.

This meditation contributes to the adoption of its role in what happened without condemnation and anxiety, due to which there is a return of internal forces, the restoration of self-esteem, self-esteem and increased self-love.

The fact that Suzana Semyonova’s meditations and affirmations really work has already been verified by many people on personal experience. We invite you to join them and try the magic of this method personally on yourself.

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