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What year was in 1938 according to the eastern horoscope


Want to know more about the character of people born in 1938? Then read this article and you will find out what year this animal is, what element protects it, what to expect from such a person, what kind of person.

general characteristics

The earthen Tiger, born in 1938, is endowed with its own special qualities and character traits.

What can you say about him:

  1. This is a man and whose luck never ends. Everything that he would not undertake brings success, fame and wealth. But, as a rule, he devotes himself to only one business, not wanting to be scattered on endless attempts to find himself.
  2. It makes friends easily and builds relationships with partners, customers ... He is loved for the fact that he always willingly comes to the rescue, his heart is open to everyone who turns to him.
  3. He behaves mostly seriously, sedately, does not tolerate frivolity and does not commit rash acts, because most of all he is afraid of spoiling his reputation.
  4. Problems in his life may arise from the fact that he rarely considers the opinions of others, because of what he occasionally makes mistakes in his decisions. This does not prevent him from living happily and well, but still slows down a bit in the process of achieving goals.
  5. In the company behaves quietly, prefers not to protrude. But at the same time is the hidden leader, a sort of gray cardinal. He is respected and even feared, despite the fact that he rarely gives an opinion in principle.
  6. In work, he behaves responsibly, seeks to perfectly fulfill his duties so as not to let anyone down. Powerful, serious, quickly gaining the favor of the authorities. Thanks to these qualities, it is easy to move up the career ladder if you are employed.
  7. In business, he is a rational, practical person, lives in reality and has long been rid of illusions. Craves achievements and sets global goals. Acts when required, without hesitation for a long time.
  8. It is difficult to ruffle him, because he is very calm and balanced almost always. But if someone manages to provoke the Tiger, then it is worth fleeing immediately, because his reaction will be lightning fast.

The man

Men born in 1938 are serious and responsible personalities. They have the potential of a manager or entrepreneur, therefore, if they wish, they can become very successful people.

Set clear goals and go to them, sweeping away all the obstacles in its path. And no one will force him to change his mind, give up his dream or choose another one. Do not calm down until you get yours.

But in order for it to take action, the goal must really inspire, ignite and inspire it. Only in such a state is he able to create something truly grand. And the very fate in this will help, sending favorable circumstances, useful people and the necessary resources.

Very gallantly behaves with women. He is courteous, polite, knows how to care, therefore, often more easily seeking the location of the chosen one. In relationships, the beloved will indulge, give luxurious gifts and willingly satisfy any requests. It will create a comfortable environment for a family.


Her life is usually very calm and even. Troubles happen to her extremely rarely, because she used to control every thought, action and deed.

Very responsible at work, a real careerist. Often succeeds through hard work and impeccable performance of work duties. The head becomes strict and does not forgive the subordinate errors.


Tigers born in 1938 are protected by the elements of the Earth. This leaves a certain imprint on the temperament and character of a person. It is slightly different from its fire, water, or air counterparts.

What is characteristic of the Tiger born in the year of the Earth:

  1. Earth's energy is the desire to nest, multiply, create comfort and take root. Therefore, a person will not travel, endlessly change housing and place of work. He often doesn’t get out of the city where he was born.
  2. The main value of such a person is the family. And the need is to take care of loved ones, give them your warmth, take care of and protect. In this care, it can become intrusive, literally choke with your attention, so this quality must be controlled.
  3. There is no thin and asthenic, "earthen" Tiger, as a rule, has impressive forms, if it is a woman. And he is strong, stocky, "fleshy", if it is a man. In appearance also can be noted puffy sensual lips and the presence of fry, a second chin at an early age.
  4. Very stable in their attitudes, relationships, habits. Conservative, gets used to circumstances, things and people, not wanting to change them. Therefore, it is difficult for him to change jobs, part with people or move.
  5. Never seeks to brighten, to be in the center of attention. Emotions mean little to him, in decision-making is guided by logic.
  6. The best pastime for such a person is a cozy friendly gathering at home, with a table set with homemade dishes. He likes to cook and then treat.
  7. This is a person in whose pockets or bag there is always a treat for the hungry, a warm scarf for the frozen person and a bottle of water for the thirsty. He seeks to be helpful, to help people, to take care of them in advance, before help is needed.