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Prophecies of the Second Coming of Christ and their decoding


The prophecies of the Second Coming of Christ are set forth in the New Testament and are considered one of the dogmatic propositions of the Church. This event is associated with some of the prophecies set forth in the Old Testament.

Deciphering the prophecies

Since there is no exact description of the second coming in any of the sources, we need only to rely on the prophecies given in the New Testament and on the opinions of the soothsayers. The researchers were able to decipher some of the predictions.

In the New Testament

The theme of the second coming is especially well revealed in the New Testament. This is the general conviction of the Church, which is included in almost all ancient creeds.

In the biblical texts on behalf of the apostles and Jesus Christ himself, nothing is directly indicated about the coming. This fact is explained by the fact that it is impossible for a person to know such things.

But researchers point to some signs that the coming might happen. According to their opinion, the prerequisites for the emergence of Christ on Earth will be as follows:

  • Reduction of faith and love in the souls of people, the decline of spirituality and the destruction of morality
  • Natural disasters that will continually occur on Earth
  • A sign of appearance is also considered to be "summer when the trees bloom." What exactly this omen means is impossible to find out.
  • To precede the grand event will be extraordinary natural disasters. These can be earthquakes, celestial eclipses, massive stars falling from the horizon.

According to the texts of the New Testament, the coming of Jesus Christ will be visible to the population of the planet. Every person will see him at the moment when humanity will fall into absolute despondency from the misfortunes that have befallen him.

The Prophecies of Edgar Cayce

The American mystic in his prophecies did not disregard the second coming. There are many interpretations of his predictions, and researchers identify two scenarios.

Option One:

  • In 2013, a "unearthly baby" will be born. He will surprise everyone with extraordinary miracles. Able to heal people from incurable diseases
  • In the end, he will be called the new Jesus. And he will fulfill a special mission: establish contact between humanity and alien civilizations.
  • Miracles continue. They will occur in the church environment

According to the second variant of deciphering the prediction, the new Jesus will appear at the beginning of the 21st century, literally come down from heaven. The harbinger of this momentous event will be the discovery of the oldest library in Egypt.

The prophecy of Vanga

The most mysterious soothsayer also promised to mankind the second coming. She did not name the exact date of this event, but said that it was very close.

Wang believed that Jesus would appear to people in white attire. And this will happen as a result of the uttermost lawlessness and evil that will happen everywhere on the planet. After rampant pornography, promotion of sexual emancipation, the spread of drug addiction.

The appearance of Jesus will be a necessary measure. The goal is to stop licentiousness, restore spiritual values ​​and moral foundations, give humanity hope for healing from all sinful and evil.

Prophecy of the Old Testament

The Prophet Daniel, known for his supernatural powers, also predicted the second coming of Christ to Earth. He believed that the prophet will appear in the period from 2036-2038 year.

This prediction came to him in dreams.

Goals of the coming of Christ

According to researchers, the great prophet will appear on Earth to fulfill a specific mission. His goals:

  1. To do God's will for evil in all its incarnations. It will take literally "to rein in Satan and his accomplices," who have too much unbelted and do evil on earth almost openly.
  2. Collect the elect in Armageddonna to direct humanity along the path of spiritual development
  3. Eliminate the consequences of human sins and eliminate the rebellion of the forces of evil

From the foregoing it is clear that Jesus will appear on earth in the worst period for humanity. It will be the time of the fall of spiritual values, the superiority of all material, the triumph of evil over good.

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Description of the coming

The appearance of Jesus in the second coming will be different from the one that was formed in the minds of the people. It will be no longer the Bethlehem baby and not affectionate husband. The image of Christ, on the contrary, will take the form of a formidable, but just judge and warrior.

It is believed that it will appear from the clouds, and every inhabitant of the planet will see it. Christ, along with his followers, will travel all over the earth, spreading good around him and destroying evil.

Some sources indicate that he "will sweep in front of the sun, so that every person can see it." In other descriptions, the image is described as "a person jumping to earth from heaven"

Opinions of researchers agree on one thing: the second coming of Christ will not be like anything that people have ever felt or seen. The prophet will be dressed in a white robe, stained with blood. And will be called the King or Lord.

As a result, Jesus will lead the army of saints who previously lived with him in heaven. Together they will become the personification of goodness and righteousness. The task of this army is to send into the purgatory all unworthy sinners, and put at the head of the world those who restore good on Earth.

This time Jesus will come to earth with a punishing sword, he will not be unarmed. This sword is a symbol of judgment that will be ruled. It is also the personification of the Word of God, the unshakable law. With this sword all evil will be destroyed, and good will triumph.