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Truthful predictions of Vanga by day and year of birth in the form of a table


The prediction table from the famous blind seer of the last century, Vanga, by date of birth, is very popular with all those who want to know their future. She is very easy to use, which adds to her success with people.

The table is presented in the form of a rectangle with embedded numerical values ​​from one to forty, each of the numbers has its own specific value. As a result, a kind of assembly of tips and recommendations on how to most effectively act in life to achieve happiness and success came out.

Terms of use table Vanga

The most famous seer from Bulgaria saw people through and through, but she understood that she would not be able to help absolutely everyone. It is for this reason that she decided to create a special table for predicting the future.

Use it will be able to those people who were born in the period from 1940 to 1995 year. It is no longer to establish why Wang did not want to make a prediction of the future for those born outside of this time frame. It is likely that the woman simply did not have enough time for this.

Using the table does not make it difficult for you - you just need to find your birth year with the corresponding number in the table. And then find out the value of this number from the list below.

Values ​​of numbers from one to twenty

  • unit - foreshadows incredibly happy life. A person will go through life on an even road and will be able to achieve everything he wants;
  • Two - to get what you want, you can only under the condition that you will be helped by influential people and with a favorable scenario of events. To become happy, you need to act, not just dream;
  • three - you will constantly face in your life with various obstacles and challenges. The desired will become a reality only under the condition of very hard work;
  • Four - this figure will make a person happy just as much as he is willing to work for it. Nothing in life will go for nothing, but hard work will be rewarded;
  • Five - in this life for you the most important is the comprehension of knowledge, because the degree of happiness will be directly proportional to your experience and knowledge;
  • six - you have all the chances to achieve happiness. You tend to act slowly but surely, patience is a valuable thing for you, which you need to stock up on more and not make hasty decisions;
  • Seven - on the way to happiness, you will have to face various difficulties and trials, but they are important for tempering your character and developing the features you need in it. So do not be afraid of falls, only in this case, the goal will be achieved;
  • eight - it is very important to have an unconditional faith in yourself, because insecurity can lead you astray. Therefore, be resourceful, patient and quick-witted for opening the door to happiness;
  • nine - you do not have enough patience. If you wait more, your life will change for the better. Do not act hastily, it will not benefit you;
  • a dozen - in this life your main support - yourself. And from the help of strangers, you only suffer;
  • eleven - a victory for you will be unexpected, life will give you a reward much earlier than you count on it;
  • Twelve - it is worth being more cautious and reasonable, as your fearlessness can result in problems. Do not overestimate yourself too much;
  • Thirteen - an excessive desire to get what you want will result in only disappointments and nervous shocks. Learn to enjoy even the smallest things in life;
  • fourteen - you are not calm enough, you need to take control of your emotional sphere and anger so that it does not control you;
  • Fifteen - the implementation of ideas will be quite problematic, you may be confronted with incomprehension and loneliness;
  • sixteen - it is important for such individuals to act spontaneously, because they can achieve success precisely thanks to unexpected decisions;
  • seventeen - pay more attention to thinking about your actions. It is important to spend enough time alone with yourself and to communicate with nature enough;
  • eighteen - it would be better to wait out the problems than try to fix them. Enough patience will make you a truly happy person. Wait for favorable moments for action;
  • nineteen - be sure to use the odds provided above. There will be many happy coincidences in your life;
  • twenty - in your life a little harmony. It is important to learn to build peace-loving relationships with people and the world around you. Remember that everything sent by you comes back.

Numbers from twenty one to forty

  • twenty-one is a rather rare implementation of plans and ideas, but getting new unexpected opportunities;
  • twenty-two — it is extremely important for such people to eliminate selfishness in themselves and learn how to work in a team, and also to become more tactful, patient and diplomatic;
  • twenty-three — you are almost constantly surrounded by people, you have few enemies, which is not accidental — reaching your goals benefits your environment;
  • twenty four - your most fantastic ideas can be realized in life, the main thing is to unconditionally believe in them and in yourself;
  • twenty-five - you don’t always go the right way, you need to learn how to make the right choice in order to protect yourself from failures;
  • twenty-six — time spent with loved ones — is priceless. Probably, your destination will be the realization in the family, and not in society;
  • twenty seven - to achieve success, do not stop self-improvement, constantly develop;
  • twenty-eight - you are not optimistic enough, and pessimists are more likely to suffer from failures. Try to change your angle and everything will be fine;
  • twenty nine - success will be achieved only if you can help friends or other people. It is worth making more connections;
  • thirty - learn to interact with others tactfully, even if it concerns your subordinates, it will bring you very profitable cooperation in due time;
  • thirty-one - you should stop pulling time. In general, Wanga was very categorical in matters of time: she advised never to waste it and to find useful lessons for herself for every minute of her life;
  • Thirty-two - only radical changes will help you succeed. If you want some life changes, take active steps, and also eliminate your old fears and uncertainties;
  • thirty-three - in your life you will often encounter stagnation. It is important for you to find the line between gullibility and distrust, it will help you in further growth;
  • Thirty-four - it’s typical for you that you spend more energy on all things than you originally intended. In general, this is not bad, because all the same, in the end, you reach your goal;
  • thirty five - make sure that any contradictions and double overtones leave your life;
  • Thirty-six — people around you often feel jealous of you, which often even gives you satisfaction, because you see others as losers. Other people may bring you trouble;
  • thirty seven - you need to take your financial sector under strict control and not spend more than it should be;
  • thirty-eight — if you want to advance in life, you need to be more proactive and independent; if you sit still, no changes will occur. Increase self-confidence and be more courageous;
  • thirty nine - you often face deception by others. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences, it is important to always verify the information received very thoroughly. Also try not to succumb to someone else's gossip;
  • Forty - to get what you want, you will need a lot of effort and a lot of time. Your success will be directly proportional to the effort spent for it.

Many people who used the table of predictions of Vanga, confirmed that it provides true information and corresponds to the results of other methods of divination. In addition, statistics show that most of the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant were carried out, even those that at first glance seemed rather vague and unexpected.

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