Dream interpretation

What is the dream of a child - a little girl

To understand what the child dreams of a girl, read the interpretation of the dream books, which I prepared for you in this article. And then you will be warned about future events in order to have time to react to them in time and correctly.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Seeing yourself surrounded by a huge number of little girls is a good sign. This dream suggests that soon you will receive an invitation to some very important event with a large number of guests. You will have a pleasant and exciting time, as well as get useful contacts.

More interpretations:

  1. If a child is dressed in white clothes, then very soon your life will change for the better. There will be some kind of event that will turn everything upside down and force you to change the outlook, which will be the cause of a happy future.
  2. Seeing yourself as a little girl - get ready to be surprised, because in the near future fate will present you with some kind of surprise. That's true, it will not be pleasant, and you will experience a feeling of great annoyance.
  3. To see an unfamiliar little girl - in life will not come the most favorable period. With you will now and then happen trouble, small, but insanely annoying. Be patient and try to stay calm, then it will quickly pass.
  4. And if in a dream you’ve watched a little girl run into the door of your house, then in real life you can expect unplanned guests who will fall down on you like snow on your head. You will have to portray joy and show hospitality, although you do not really want to do it.
  5. Talking with a child in a dream is a very good sign that promises success, glory, wealth and prosperity in all spheres of his life. It remains to wait quite a bit, and all these benefits will certainly appear.

Great Dream

If the mother dreams of her own daughter in poor condition - sick, dirty, exhausted, then in reality the child will differ in extremely good health. Therefore, worry and upset is definitely not worth it.

More interpretations:

  1. If a young woman dreams of a child, then in the near future she has very high chances to conceive a baby. If the pregnancy is not included in her plans, it is better to abstain from sex at all, because contraception may fail.
  2. Seeing a little girl in the water - something new will appear in your life. It can be both relationships and more promising work, hobbies, hobbies or friends. Think about what area of ​​your life is particularly lacking development - it is in it and the benefits will come.
  3. To see in a dream a very sad child with tear-stained eyes - your offense will cause frustration with your environment. You will seriously ruin your own reputation and will have to work hard to regain lost confidence.
  4. Seeing a newborn, very tiny baby in a dream - you need privacy and are tired of people, even if you are not aware of it. Unconscious practically shouts that you need to be alone, relax and rest.
  5. To see a baby with a doll one, very beautiful and unusual appearance - real miracles will begin to happen in your life. Get ready to be surprised, because it seems that this is some kind of magic.
  6. Teenage girl dreams to material well-being. You will get the chance to show your talents and earn several times more than usual. This is the period when you will be able to realize your potential to the maximum, so proceed to action.
  7. To treat a child in a dream sweet - a joyful event will occur that seems to you to be truly magical. A series of events will eventually lead to a result that you never dreamed about. But this is not magic, but only a set of favorable circumstances for you.

Dreams in alphabetical order

If you saw your own little daughter - rejoice. A happy period of well-being and happiness will soon come to your life. It remains only to rejoice and accept all kinds of gifts of fate.

More interpretations:

  1. Seeing a dirty, sick, exhausted baby - in real life you give birth to a strong and healthy child. If the children are already there, they will also be in excellent health, and you will only visit doctors for routine check-ups.
  2. An infant is dreaming of unfulfilled promises. You will hope for some person, but he will let you down and bring trouble on your head. So try to rely only on yourself if you want to avoid big problems.
  3. Play with a girl in a dream - commit an ill-advised act, the consequences of which later for a very long time will begin to regret. Try to make decisions carefully, if you do not want to make a big mistake in your life.
  4. Carry a child in your arms - after an unsuccessful period in life, a period of absolute happiness and harmony will come. You can enjoy the present, forget about past experiences and thoughts about the future.
  5. See how the girl falls and gets hurt - to some obstacles in your affairs. You will not get the result as fast as we would like, because a fair amount of time will be spent on solving problems and dealing with adverse circumstances.
  6. To see a dead child in a dream - feel anxiety and frustration. These emotions will take your time completely, and it will be difficult to do your usual activities. Some time you will live in a state of stress.
  7. Punishing a child is usually a dream for people who are not confident enough. This dream warns: you need to fight with complexes, until they finally ruin your life.