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How to master extrasensory abilities in real life


Are you a fan of the show "The Battle of Psychics" and want to win the laurels of its participants? I'll tell you right away, it's not so easy. A psychic will not be in 10 minutes, and even in a year will not be. At one time I had a burning desire to learn something "that way", but, alas, I did not have enough patience. But I can share with you information from hundreds of books that I read in the hope of mastering extrasensory abilities.

And who knows, you can succeed!

How to find out if you have "witch" abilities?

First, answer the following test questions. After all, you need to understand what abilities in you are already laid by nature.

1. Do you feel an inexplicable craving for some subjects?

  • No - 0 points.
  • Yes - 1 point.

2. Was it worth your while to think about someone, does he immediately appear or ring?

  • Often - 1 point.
  • Comes (ringing) the other person - 0 points.

3. Do you see prophetic dreams?

  • Yes - 1 point.
  • No - 0 points.

4. Do you have "places of power", that is, such places where you feel just fine?

  • Yes - 1 point.
  • No, I do not feel such places - 0 points.

5. Were there sorcerers or magicians in your family?

  • Yes - 1 point.
  • No - 0 points.

6. If you were in the company of telepaths, would you be comfortable with them?

  • Yes - 2 points.
  • No - 0 points.

7. Do you sometimes think that some things emit negative energy?

  • Yes - 1 point.
  • No - 0 points.

8. Do you often have deja vu?

  • Very often - 2 points.
  • It happens rarely - 1 point.
  • Never was - 0 points.

9. Can you connect with a person who is far away from you?

  • No - 0 points.
  • Adjust if it is a close person - 1 point.
  • I make contact with anyone I think about - 2 points.

10. When immersed in sleep, do you feel vibrations in your body?

  • No - 0 points.
  • Often I feel - 2 points.
  • Rarely - 1 point.

Test results: you scored less than 5 points - your skills are very small; you have from 6 to 10 points - you have quite good abilities to start, but if difficulties do not scare you, you will be able to succeed; 11 points or more - you have all the makings to become a famous psychic! Regular classes will make you a real magician and sorcerer.

Exercises for vision

Extrasensory abilities assume mastering by not ordinary skills which they will not teach at the university. Among them, "witchcraft" vision. With it, you can see what most people do not see.

To do this, you will need to go to the apartment or house at night. The curtains should be closed and the lights off absolutely everywhere. When you look at any physical object, you should see it, at least in general terms.

Imagine what color this object is, what is its shape and other properties. You should not think about this subject, but consider its energy field.

Once you have learned to recognize objects by their energy field in your home, you can try to do this in apartments, houses of friends or relatives. After this stage, you can try to wander around the city at night, but in the realities of our country it is unlikely to be safe.

"Witchcraft" rumor

How to develop extrasensory hearing?

Meditations and earplugs are useless. You must feel every sound you hear. Before you go to bed you should listen to all possible frequencies.

It is very important to be able to control sounds, extract information from them. For example, you heard the voice of a stranger in a room or on the street. Listen to and tune in to its energy.

Try not to look at this person, but feel it. His image in your mind should not be invented, logical, but created only from the information that entered your brain through hearing.

Sense of smell psychic

Here it is important to smell not the physical body, but the energy one. First, you can practice your friends and acquaintances (it’s better not to talk about it), then you can see two familiar people and understand their relationship with each other. So, gradually you will learn to identify and see the energy flows of every living being.

I do not argue, this stage is rather complicated and not everyone masters it. But if you constantly practice, the smell of energy will give no less information than hearing and sight.

Touch of the medium

The next or parallel stage will be the development of touch. His practice, by the way, is the easiest. To do this, tie your eyes with a bandage, close your ears tightly and lightly touch any object. After that, you should try to "count" the energy of the subject. As soon as you start to get things, try to feel the energy field of a person.

When and with this you will not have problems, try to understand which part of the body or organ is causing him anxiety. So you learn to heal people.

Exercise should be every day, gradually increasing the load. At some point, the mysterious world of energies will open up before you and you will get access to very important and valuable information.

Brief conclusions

I believe that all people from birth have extrasensory abilities in one way or another. Someone is interested, but someone is not. Many discover such skills at the age of 30, 40, and become successful healers, shamans, witches, etc.

  • Realize your potential, answer the test questions and be honest with yourself.
  • Train your inner vision. This will help you master all the skills of extrasensory feelings.
  • Practice your hearing by choosing the distant sounds of nature or the voices of man.
  • Acute hearing is something without which a magician cannot exist.
  • Intuition is an important skill, it can also be trained.

Methods of mastering the skills of a healer, a psychic great variety. I described only some of them. And although I did not become a star of the transfer of magicians, in my life my new skills benefited and my life became deeper and more successful.