Dream interpretation

Flood - in the predictions of famous dream books, accurate decoding


In the mythological ideas of the creation of the world, the global flood played a decisive role in completing the previous cycle and creating a new life. What dreams of the flood, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

Spontaneous streams of water always personified global changes in the life of the dreamer, characterizing his external flexibility, tendency to changeability, while preserving the inner spiritual content. Water is present everywhere, marking the source of all life.

In Christianity, water was a symbol of restoration, renewal, cleansing element at baptism and deliverance from sins. From a psychological point of view, the turbulent flow of water means the deeper layers of the consciousness of the individual, some of which are impossible to understand, much less manage them.

Most dream books believe that a flood in a dream is an unfavorable symbol that predicts a series of unpleasant events and difficult life situations. Being in streams of dirty, muddy water mixed with garbage is a sign of a serious illness.

Health problems can be a complete surprise to you, arising from an injury, an accident or an accident at work. In any case, the restoration will take a lot of time, effort and money.

With a strong flood, water seeped into your house - get ready for a tense situation in the family. The more dirty water turned out to be on the floor of the apartment, the more serious the tests will have to go through. Quarrels and scandals may arise due to your financial insolvency due to a job loss, bankruptcy of the enterprise or general disability.

We fell into a whirlpool, but managed to get ashore - you will be able to stand up to all the tests. You are accustomed to take a punch, which means that further you can safely go forward, fate blesses your most audacious and unrealizable goals.

But if it was speculated that big water takes away human lives - in reality, take care of loved ones and relatives of the heart of people. Do not encourage their undue risk, the desire to be first, playing with fate. Trust your own intuition, be near and tell you what to do in an unexpected situation. This may concern both physical assistance and moral support.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Everything that is connected with a large amount of water means the intrauterine development of the baby, the volume of fluid in which it is located during the pregnancy of the woman. For the young person, the river overflowing banks personifies its interesting position. Looking at the flood from the shore for a long time and closely - reflects your desire to have healthy offspring.

A man has a dream where he is blown away by a stream of water and he cannot control the situation and predicts his future fatherhood. Even if this event was not planned in the life of the dreamer, it will radically change his way of life, inclining consistency, stability and love of the family hearth. He will be overwhelmed with emotions and a wave of experiences will overwhelm, since the happiness of the baby will be very important.

Gustov Miller

Predicts a positive interpretation, if in a dream a large area of ​​space was flooded with clear, transparent water. This suggests that your efforts in the struggle for the best were not in vain. Even if, until the last moment, you think that the chances of winning are not yours, try to do everything in your power towards the cherished goal. Only after that your life will become calm, stable and secure.

Float among the wreckage after a terrible storm and floods - in reality, it is likely in one instant to lose what you have spent years of hard work, invaluable health and all your money. The project, which for you was a platform for self-realization, has now become part of someone’s property, inheritance, sued by the court, or real estate obtained from you fraudulently. It is worth considering how much you trust your inner circle, whether they are trying to ruin you.

I dreamed how a whole village was buried in a stream of a turbulent flooded river - in reality a catastrophe, a natural disaster, was coming to the locality that had been haunting. If you do not know the terrain, then cataclysms can fall upon your area of ​​residence. It is better to pre-make small stocks of food and collect a disturbing briefcase.

A tsunami in a dream that covered with a huge wave foreshadows a happy outcome if it was possible to swim out and be on the surface. A good time for business people, you will fall into the flow of events that will significantly raise your material wealth and help you earn initial capital. The case will be quite risky and difficult, but you can handle it with some effort.


The interpretation of such a plot speaks of bleak, alarming and difficult times. The darker the flow of uncontrolled water, the less likely to cope alone with the series of problems that will be in your way. Do not show excessive autonomy and independence these days, accept the help and support of those to whom you are not indifferent.

To be in the ark of the biblical history of the Flood is to receive God's blessing and the salvation of the soul. At some point, it will seem that you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown from adversity and fuss of this mortal world. But then grace will descend on you, and you will find peace, tranquility and experience the happiness of being.

Sea waves, frightening drowning - in reality should not disturb the dreamer. This is a precursor to the flow of joy, energy and vitality. They will become your rebirth and restoration, after the events that will burden your memory for a long time, bringing sadness and sorrow to you. But all the troubles will remain in the past, and, therefore, you need to think about a happy future.

Yuri Longo

Being in the midst of the horror of a flood and a flood does not promise anything good. If the elements succumbed to the environment, surrounding themselves with panic and despair - in reality they found themselves at the mercy of their instincts, turning off consciousness, common sense and intuition.

In this state, you can easily lose everything that you earned with honest and hard work. Try not to sign all sorts of obligations, contracts or testaments during this period. Your financial situation is very unstable and vulnerable now, one wrong step will be the end of your ruin.

To contemplate this natural cataclysm from the outside means to trust in the changes in your life. You are ready for quick changes, you do not need flexibility and adaptability. What will soon turn your life upside down, you will calmly perceive as reality.