Dream interpretation

When cabbage dreams of good, and when not: the nuances of interpretation


Are you looking for a dream book to understand why cabbage is dreaming? But this dream has many interpretations. It all depends on the specific details of your dream: the type of vegetable, the size, your actions with it. When to see cabbage for good, and when - no?

General interpretation of sleep

In popular speech, “cabbage” refers to money, both foreign and our own. This expression even penetrated into the dream books, and often he saw cabbage at night being enriched the very next day. But not everything is so simple, because only one detail can change everything!

What was cabbage?

  1. Whitey. Good sleep, especially if in a dream you ate a salad from this vegetable. If you planted seedlings of just such cabbage, soon you will get a profit.
  2. Color - not bad either. This is the sign of the beginning of the white line in your life. Are you overwhelmed with problems? So it's time to end!
  3. Young cabbage - review your attitude towards people.
  4. A fresh vegetable can mean: be careful in personal relationships! You may face betrayal of your half.
  5. Rotten heads - oddly enough, good luck. A dream comforts you: you will soon understand the reason for your current failures, and you will be able to resolve them.
  6. Immature, tiny forks - you too often tell a lie. It is necessary to do something with this, because relatives are moving away from you.
  7. Salty is another good dream. You will soon be lucky, and in any situation in life. Perhaps get a bonus.
  8. Stewed - to family quarrels. Look for compromises so that they do not develop into a long crisis in a relationship.
  9. Sour - you come across jealousy. If you dream sour cabbage in a dream, it will be jealous of you. Do not give a reason!

Your actions?

  1. You cut the forks - your child will have problems that will grieve you. But they will grieve him no less. Try to solve the problems together, not hiding anything from each other.
  2. You bought cabbage: soon you will see how there will be a joyful event in the life of a loved one. And you will enjoy no less than a friend (relative). Maybe you will be invited to the wedding, christening?
  3. Did you chop a vegetable? As the dream book says, cabbage in this dream denotes future quarrels with its second half. Try to "smooth corners", and even before the divorce is not far.
  4. Did you pickle cabbage? Your love relationship will be seriously tested. There are tears ahead, quarrels ... But everything will end well: you will stay together and even be happy.
  5. Did you steal this vegetable? The dream has several interpretations. You stole the plugs and you are not caught? Bad thing: life will fill the small problems that just overcome you with their number. The sooner you start to solve them, the faster "rake the blockage." Theft failed? Take care of your nerves. Soon you will be invited to participate in the adventure. It will be risky, but it will end well.

Opinion of individual dream books

As can be understood from the interpretations above, cabbage in a dream is a good omen. But authoritative authors of famous books do not always agree with popular opinion.

Dream Miller

  • This dreambook of cabbage is considered a bad sign in any case. Dr. Miller warns: soon your life will be filled with atrocities and unrest, and you will naturally be in their very center.
  • Well, and green cabbage is an exact sign of the betrayal, planned or already taken place. Moreover, the perfidy of the second half can manifest itself in different ways, both physically and spiritually - the husband has found a candidate for his mistress, or just a person who will trust his secrets and reveal his soul.
  • Did you harvest cabbage? Again, the business is bad - but this time your business will suffer. How do you spend money? Perhaps you are too littered with them, so it's time to pay for it - in the literal sense of the word.

Mage Yuri Longo believes ...

  • Growing and collecting white cabbage is a beautiful dream. It says: a long-awaited guest will soon come to you. Also, a dream can mean a quick fulfillment of a dream, even a rather unrealizable one.
  • Other varieties (cauliflower, Brussels sprout, kohlrabi cabbage) - next to you there is a person who is in love with you. Look around, it is not very covered.
  • Sea kale - to the recovery of someone from your friends or loved ones. Perhaps the dream says: you will soon be asked for money for treatment or medicine for a friend. Do not refuse, even if the amount is large. These tools will really help to bring a person back to life.
  • Choose and buy forks on the market - a happy surprise will come into your life. Perhaps she will touch someone from your family.
  • If you are a woman who recently visited the registry office, and you dreamed that you were stewing, frying, boiling something from cabbage - buy a pregnancy test, you will soon see two stripes on it.
  • Have you pickled cabbage? Get ready: your old dream will come true. And the wait is not long - maybe even less than a week.
  • Have you eaten a dish with cabbage? This is to the guests, unexpected, but welcome.
  • Cabbage salad in a dream - to an unplanned replenishment of your material state. You may even find money, a fairly decent amount of money.

The healer Fedorovskaya warns ...

  • What dreams of cabbage? Of course, to meet with the future beloved (loved one).
  • In a dream, did you boil a head, or, say, borsch, cabbage soup? This is a love date.
  • Have you seen how another person cooked cabbage? This means: you will be called on a date, and the one to whom you have no love.
  • Did you see yourself in the field where you gathered cabbages? Dreaming means empty, vain efforts in the future.
  • You on the contrary, planted cabbage? Your life will be boring - measured, with the same days.
  • Did you eat cabbage leaves? Wait for a dear gift. Also this dream can mean problems at work.
  • In your dream, the cabbage regaled the other person? Who exactly? In real life, he should wait for a valuable present. Another interpretation: if it is your colleague, it is he who can cause your problems at work.
  • Have you watched cauliflower grow? Your works or life tests passed will not remain without reward. In other cases, sleeping with this kind of cabbage promises problems. Say, if you cooked cauliflower, soon someone will upset you. If one of your relatives was preparing, it is quite possible that bad news should be expected from him.
  • Did you buy cabbage? Watch your decisions. If you do not turn on your head in time, you will not have problems.

Well, if you were collecting, peeling, shredding these vegetables all day long in the country, your hands almost fell off in the evening, and you had a cabbage dream at night, you don’t need to interpret this dream, it’s empty. Just in the brain "lodged" experienced during the day.