Dream interpretation

I dreamed that I was getting married - what could it mean


You could be visited by twofold emotions about this dream. On the one hand, wedding efforts, even in a dream, leave a good impression on the dreamer. Everything again depends on the details. Going after an unwanted husband, for example, a malicious ex-girlfriend can be a terrible nightmare, not a sweet dream. So why dream of getting married?

Marriage varies from dream book to dream book. A vision can mark as a favorable sign, a promotion or a real marriage, as well as a disease, dismissal or divorce.

Interpretation of a dream on separate plots - to marry the husband, the stranger, the former

We offer the reader to tune in and remember all the details of sleep. In most cases, the success of the interpretation of sleep depends on the reader, namely, his ability to find a creative approach and recall the details of sleep for further analysis. Not all details are important, but the personality of the husband, the place and circumstances of the wedding is worth remembering. So, try to find the interpretation of your dream below:

  • You make an offer in a dream. In real life, people's respect for you will increase, you will make a serious decision, the outcome of which will be favorable for you;
  • See how a girlfriend gets married. To be at the wedding of a friend and sincerely rejoice for her that auspicious sign for the majority of dream books. It symbolizes strong friendship, recovery from ailments, promotion and improvement of material well-being;
  • You go out in a dream to marry the former. You are not yet ready for new relationships, stick to conservative views and the usual for you is the best. You yearn for the former, and the wedding is suffering, because in real life this will not happen;
  • An unfamiliar girl becomes married in your dream. You are completely unfamiliar with this girl in the veil, but you are somehow involved in the event taking place - such a dream predicts a cloudless future for you;
  • In the dream, you had to get married in whatever it was. Such a vision symbolizes for the dreamer internal complexes, loneliness and bad mood. We recommend finding the cause of such thoughts and dealing with them before you get depressed;
  • In the dream, you become the wife of your beloved in real life. The dream is positive, the event is good, but dream-books never associate this fictional event with reality, so going to the registry office immediately after such a dream is a rash idea how not to twist;
  • Get married not you, but your own daughter. Most dream books consider such dreams to be harbingers of well-being for both you and your daughter;
  • Become the husband's wife the second time. To marry a husband a second time, but in a dream is a bad sign. Dream Interpretation warns that you could become a victim of an energetic vampire, you need to reconsider your priorities, company and scope of activities;
  • If you have long considered yourself in the mirror before marriage. You have to be lonely, you often strive for self-satisfaction and do not particularly want a serious relationship;
  • To marry a native (Cousin). In real life you have to tame your obstinacy, stop prejudice to people and finally settle down;
  • To see in a dream how your own mother is getting married. Such a dream foreshadows the dreamer conflicts, the solution of which will need quite a lot of time. Not everyone will be able to recover after him, and your relationships with distant relatives and friends will be hopelessly ruined;
  • The dreamer did not want to get married. If you were literally forced to get married, forced by blackmail or simply pressed hard, such dreams foretell you troubles that are not always associated with something bad;
  • If in a dream you had to get married urgently, you literally ran to the altar, for you it was something of a salvation. Nayawa you will have an interesting job, you will be able to raise the family's well-being to a new level and provide for yourself;
  • The bride's hairstyle was unnaturally lush, more like a “nest”. In the near future, you will have the opportunity to earn a huge amount of money, make a bargain or sign up for a mutually beneficial project;
  • You were very shy during this process, you constantly had to calm yourself. In real life, you have a very nondescript image, you are afraid to draw attention to yourself, as a girl, because of this, you have problems on your personal front. Our website sincerely recommend to overcome these stupid fears and show themselves in all their glory;
  • Cry at the wedding ceremony. Events that will occur in the near future after a dream with a similar plot are not always unambiguous, so some time after sleep you do not need to trust new friends, get involved in adventures and subscribe to unfamiliar and strange projects;
  • You had absolutely no attachment to the man you were married to. Such a dream has an extremely interesting interpretation - if you start to become emotionally attached to your colleagues, help and support them at every step, then in the end they will betray you, hoping to take your warm place. Such is human psychology, it is worth trusting dream books;
  • If you experience extremely positive feelings during marriage, then it is worth treating such a dream as a precursor of joyful changes. You will achieve your goal, to which so much effort was applied. You will be able to change the way of your own life activity beyond recognition.

Interpretation of sleep by famous personalities - Wang, Miller and Sigmund Freud

  1. Interpretation of a dream by Miller. Being the main character in a dream-series about marriage, in real life you really have a lot of problems with men. However, you do not feel deprived, but by all means you are trying to change your attitude, but you are moving, perhaps not in the right direction;
  2. Sigmund Freud. Freud, as always, sees the root, but he also agrees with the rest of the somnologists and dream-makers - in real life you lack romantic and sexual relationships. It is not easy for you to forget betrayal and betrayal, you very quickly become attached to people and you lack emotional support from men;
  3. Bulgarian seer Vanga. The psychic agrees with the others, but nevertheless in her teachings you can find that a dream about a wedding can mean the same wedding in the real life of a dreamer. So, according to Vanga, a wedding is not just a symbol of uncertainty in relationships and psychological deprivation, it is a great chance for any woman to start her life from a clean slate, correcting her attitude.