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The dog bites in a dream - why dream


What to do if a dog is bitten in a dream? Read the interpretation of dream books in this article, and understand how to act and what to expect from fate.

The newest dream book

The interpretations in this dream book are based on the knowledge of modern mystical and esoteric cultures. Also in the preparation of predictions used religious symbols.

Here are the predictions:

  • If you dreamed that you were bitten by a dog, and the damaged place is bleeding, it means that a close person will strike. He will hurt you very much, and you will not be able to endure the treachery at once.
  • A lot of small bites - just a warning to the body that you have problems with the gums. Soon they will start to bleed and have to go to the dentist. Do not wait for the moment, better do it as quickly as possible.

Dream Dream Council: try to go to bed earlier in the month and after sunset very carefully treat everything related to metal and hot water. There is a risk of injury or burn.

Family Dream

The authors of this dream book believe that to be bitten in a dream by any animal dreams of insult or serious conflict. But there are other interpretations.

Here they are:

  1. To feel a very painful and strong bite - you will lose something very important for you and you will become very worried because of this. It is also possible that in family life there will come a series of scandals and conflicts that will last long enough and deprive you of peace and tranquility.
  2. If in a dream you are bitten by a person with a dog's head, this is an auspicious sign. In the near future, luck will always be on your side. You can count on success in any business for which you will undertake.
  3. If in a dream you are trying to bite the dog in response, then this is an unfavorable sign. He promises you a serious illness, to recover from which quickly will not work. You will be ill for a long time and retire for a long time, so that financial problems are likely in the future.
  4. Seeing teeth marks on your skin - a close person will insult you a lot by saying impartial things. This event will remain in your memory for a long time, you will worry about it and you will not be able to forget the offense.
  5. Seeing blood at the site of the bite - an event will occur that will permanently deprive you of calm. There will be a period of constant stress and anxiety in life. Try to prepare for this and save power.

Astrological dream book

According to the authors of this dream book, the dog symbolizes a man’s friend, is an image of devotion, loyalty and reliability.

Here are their interpretations:

  1. Friendly dog, which suddenly attacked and bitten you - unpleasant news will come from a close friend with whom you have not seen for many years. This information will make you worry and even, perhaps, suffer.
  2. If in a dream you were bitten by a very small dog, wait for a large number of unpleasant troubles. You will suddenly have many responsibilities that you will have to perform, although you don’t have to.
  3. Aggressive black dog - beware of the betrayal of a close friend. He's plotting something against you. And this is the person you trusted the most. Dream Council: arrange a companion check that will reveal his true intentions towards you.
  4. White nibbling dog - also symbolizes a close friend, in a relationship with which will begin troubles. But the culprit will be you, offending the feelings of his friend.
  5. Red dog - wait for deception or betrayal by your beloved. He has long lost his feelings and lives with you more out of habit, so he began to look for entertainment on the side. Perhaps you should look for someone else for a serious relationship.

Interpretations of other popular dream books

Forecasts of the authors of dream books vary, so it is difficult to choose something for yourself. I will give a little advice: listen to your intuition, without trying to think logically. Ask your subconscious what interpretation is right for you.

Here are some of the predictions:

  1. Big dream book - your friendship with a man of the opposite sex will end in a romantic relationship. In a certain situation, feelings will wash over and you will realize that you are not feeling friendly feelings towards each other.
  2. Dream Interpreter Dream Interpreter - expect resentment from a close friend. He will commit an offense, taking care only of their own interests. But in the end, the negative consequences will affect you, so you will have to solve problems together.
  3. Esoteric - be disappointed in someone who is very dear to you. Try to confide less even to close people, because among them is a traitor who is waiting for the right moment to harm you.
  4. Poodles and other decorative dogs - if they bite in a dream, it means that your enemies are trying to hinder the execution of your plans, and ill-wishers gossip. But you should not give this value, because the enemies are not capable of harming you even a little bit.
  5. Hunting dog breeds symbolize cunning and greedy people from your inner circle, who hide behind the masks of well-wishers. They should not be trusted, because any of their actions is dictated only by personal interests, and not concern for your person.
  6. If an aggressive pack of dogs is chasing you, then try to be very careful in the coming months. The enemies have placed treacherous traps. If you please them, you will have to face very big problems.
  7. If the watchdog bites, it means that in real life there is a threat to your safety. You need to behave less frivolously, if you do not dream of making a lot of trouble.