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Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation Osho: how to throw out the negative and fill with energy


Osho Meditation is different from the classical techniques, which assume a quiet entry into a trance with calm music. It is rather an energetic spiritual practice, working through negative blocks in the human mind.

Osho Meditation Techniques

The Great Teacher, who became famous throughout the world for his special views, practiced many types of meditations, each of which had a specific goal.

Let us analyze a few popular techniques that you can do at home without much preparation, and also talk about those that are best done in a group.

Kundalini meditation

This meditation consists of four stages, each of which takes fifteen minutes. Be sure to sound: pick the right music. She must be calm and peaceful so that you can relax.

How to meditate:

  1. First stage (15 minutes). To the sound of music, you should literally “vibrate with your body” or just shake. Movement begins with the tips of the fingers and toes, and then you need to shift them to the center of the body. It is better to keep your eyes closed, a suitable position - lying down. At first, you will have to concentrate carefully, but by the end of the first stage of the movement you can become quite arbitrary, and the tension from the body will drop
  2. The second stage (15 minutes). At this time, the awakening of your inner kundalini energy is taking place, and you should feel it. It is expressed in dance. Feel how energy causes your body to make rhythmic movements to music, surrender to the power of internal sensations
  3. The third stage is complete immobility. Try to completely dissolve in the music, just lie down and resonate with the sounds of the melody, do not move at all. Relax and calm down
  4. The fourth stage is complete silence. Music at this stage stops, and you watch the breath and as if freeze with your body, soul. Not a single thought should penetrate your consciousness.

What is important: in the first two stages of meditation, it is not necessary to close the eyes, but in the last two - it is necessary.

This practice helps to achieve a balance of body and mind, to awaken the internal reserves of the body and enter into a state of complete harmony.

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Dynamic meditation is one of the most popular ones practiced by Osho followers. As a rule, this spiritual practice takes place in a group with several people at once.

It is believed that the energies of each person are combined, and then powerfully fill all the participants in the action.

How is dynamic meditation:

  1. Part one. Breath. Within ten minutes, you must breathe strictly through your nose, concentrating all your attention on exhalations. Exhale the air with force, powerfully and rhythmically with the maximum possible rate. At this stage, all the negative energy is released. You can accompany breathing movements, if the soul asks
  2. Part two. Catharsis. At this stage, you should have a kind of explosion - all the negative accumulated over the years will begin to burst out. Do not interfere with it - get rid of everything that interferes. You can shout loudly, sing, dance, stomp your feet, laugh, cry. Each person has his own way. The main thing is not to hinder this and allow emotions to spill out into the world around.
  3. Part Three Hu. Lasts ten minutes. At this time, you must jump as high as you can, up, shouting the short mantra "Hu!". Do this as strongly and clearly as possible. Keep your hands up. Mentally imagine how filled with positive energy, it penetrates into the very center of your body.
  4. Part Four Stop. Lasts fifteen minutes. At the beginning of the fourth stage, you need to stop and stand still in the position in which you find yourself. Do not change the position of the body, so as not to interfere with the flow of energy quietly flow. Try not to yawn, sneeze or cough, you should not make a single sound. Abstracted from thoughts, just look inside yourself and watch the sensations
  5. Part Five Dance. Dance like you're doing this for the last time in your life. Imagine during the movements how your body is filled with powerful streams of joy, happiness, harmony, gratitude and positive energy.

This ends the meditation. It is not suitable for every day, unlike the previous one, according to the Kundalini method. Use it when you feel that you have too much negativity, tension, after a series of stresses. Awareness: "It's time!" Sooner or later, it will come to you itself, you will feel the need for liberation and you will want to be filled with energy.

Watch a video with another Osho meditation that you can practice daily:

States in dynamic meditation

It is worth telling about the state on which you need to concentrate yourself in the process of dynamic practice of Osho. Depending on the stages, it will differ:

  • At the first you need to imagine that an invisible hammer breaks the thick shell of the negative that surrounded your thin body. This hammer does not destroy, but awakens consciousness, using all its hidden reserves.
  • On the second, imagine yourself in the center of a huge energy vortex, a powerful bunch of negative energy that comes out of your body. Release this whirlwind into the wild, let it go off in an unknown direction.
  • On the third you seem to leave your physical body and become an observer.
  • In the fourth, you do not feel the physical body at all. You feel like a bare heart, your subconscious, which is no longer constrained by anyone or anyone.

Of course, ideal if you will be engaged in dynamic meditation in a group. But if there is no such possibility, you can practice it yourself. The main thing is to find a remote place where no one will see you, and where you don’t disturb anyone with strange dances and loud cries. Ideal - in nature: in the forest or on the river bank.