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Woman dreamed of a black cat: what can it mean


Most of the weaker sex are superstitious, although they do not notice this. They believe in everything supernatural and mysterious. This also applies to prophetic dreams. Thanks to them, we can know our future and protect ourselves from impending danger.

In many well-known dream books, the description of a dream with a black cat is often found. If such a night vision was visited by a woman, then the interpretation will have its own characteristics.

Why dream of a black cat woman?

  • The image of a black cat is a precursor of impending danger. Having seen such a dream from Monday to Tuesday, you should not take hasty and thoughtless steps.

If the dream with the pussy fell on the night from Friday to Saturday, then there is no reason for alarm at all, since fate is preparing a gift for you. You will probably receive a profitable offer, which will soon bring you greater profit.

  • In the night vision, a homeless black kitten crosses your path - this is an unfavorable symbol. This dream means for you the collapsed dreams and hopes, as well as the inability to realize your plans.

In such a situation, you need to take control of your actions: you should not take rash steps, you should also avoid making radical decisions related to your future.

If the animal has a bow or collar, then such a dream foreshadows you a huge success. Now you can safely begin to implement their plans without fear that you will overtake failure.

  • In a dream, a black predator basks in the sun - a symbol of spiritual harmony. Now is the time to “stretch your legs” and have a good rest. You can not be afraid of your competitors, because in the near future they will not cause you any trouble.
  • To see an evil cat means that you have an opponent who does not hide his intentions regarding you.
  • If you dream of catching pussy - this is an auspicious symbol. Now you can uncover and punish gossipers for all their slander.
  • In the night vision, pet the animal - this suggests that inside you are overwhelmed with doubts and spiritual experiences that so much you.
  • In the dream you are playing with a black kitten - a dream warns of imminent betrayal. However, he does not specify whose infidelity it will be.

  • If a predator bit you, then it portends a serious illness or loss. But you should not "dwell on" this dream, as your negative attitude can only attract trouble.
  • In dreams, the animal has scratched you - you need to reconsider your social circle. A hypocrite who was flattering to the face and spreading bad rumors behind his back was brought up among people who were close to him.
  • If a lot of kittens dreamed, it means that soon you will have to endure the betrayal of close friends or relatives.
  • To see a black cat with kittens - the interpretation of this dream depends on the sensations that you experienced at this moment:

Gentle feeling - this means that in a short time all your business will "go up the hill" and life will improve.

Discomfort - it means that you expect trouble, which you will have to solve on your own. But do not worry about this, as these are just minor concerns.

  • In dreams, the image of a pregnant pussy appeared - it means that you should expect guests. If you are lonely, then wait for a representative of the strongly sex; if married, child; full family - distant relatives.
  • If you watch the birth of an animal - a bad sign, which promises you failure. And the more kittens were born, the more significant the problems.
  • In the night vision, you see a dead predator - this is a precursor of a serious conflict or even a break in relations. If your animal is yours, then you shouldn’t trust your young man much, he probably has love affairs on the side. If the kitty is a relative or close friend, then you will soon have a major quarrel with these people.

What will the Ukrainian dream book say?

Seeing the black predator in dreams means that among the people closest to you there is your enemy who, by deception and bright speeches, pretends to be his comrade. Also, the woman is such a night vision indicates the presence of a wedlock.

Dream catcher "black cat woman" from G. Miller

  • According to this dream book, any dream in which the cat is present personifies failure both for the man and for the woman. Although there are some exceptions. We learn how G. Miller interprets this dream in detail:
  • If in the night vision the animal has scratched you - it speaks of monetary losses. The reason will be unsuccessful investment or problems with work.
  • A predator in a dream is sitting in her arms, which means you need to be alert, as someone will try to get you involved in illegal money-related matters.
  • Hearing a cat's meow - this speaks of the imminent betrayal of a close friend.
  • If a dirty and sick animal runs over you in dreams, it foreshadows bad news. Perhaps a serious illness of a close friend or relative.

Black cat woman in a dream - as interprets a dream, Sigmund Freud