Dream interpretation

Important rules and tips for accurate fortune telling on the tarot cards


Read about the most accurate fortune telling on the Tarot cards - you will learn how to predict events that will happen in the near future. You need only a classic deck and some free time.

Tips and tricks

In order for the cards to tell the truth, you need to take into account several important points:

  1. Remember that no lasso has an unambiguous interpretation. You must learn to feel the value of the map, to understand what it can tell you, depending on the particular situation.
  2. Consider not only the value of a separate arcane, but also the environment in which environment he appeared in the chart. Other cards can not only complement the interpretation, but also radically change its meaning.
  3. Train your intuition with the help of special practices. This will help to better understand the meaning of maps.
  4. Listen to what your subconscious is talking about. It never deceives. Therefore, during divination, try to turn off the mind and turn on feelings
  5. Do not take immediately for complex layouts, they are subject only to experienced tarologs. Beginners should start with simple divinations that do not require in-depth analysis.

Follow these rules and you will easily learn how to guess the tarot correctly.

Alignment for the future

Use this simple layout if you need to know the near future. Maps will tell about the difficulties that await you, and will guide you on the right path in solving any problems.

You will need an incomplete Tarot deck. Get out of it, only 56 Junior Arcana. 22 senior set aside. Carefully shuffle the cards, and then randomly remove 4 cards from it.

Spread the arcana on a cross-shaped table clockwise. And then you can begin to interpret:

  • The junior lasso, which will be in the first place, is the personification of your resources. Strong character traits, financial capabilities, support of any kind. All the circumstances and things that will help to achieve the goal. These are the resources that must be used first.
  • The map in second place - these are possible obstacles that will prevent you from succeeding. They should be considered to get around at the right time and not lose.
  • The third lasso is your doubts, fears, as well as the reasons for which you are able to give up your desires, ideas and ideas in the future. Analyze this map especially carefully. These are your weak points that you need to seriously work on.
  • The fourth lasso is the means by which you can solve any problems in the near and distant future. Tarot will help determine the direction in which you should move to achieve success.

To get a more detailed prediction, you can get two more lasso from the deck and place them in the center. They will be a conclusion, a result of a fortune-telling and will predict what events will occur in the very next few days.

3-card alignment for the near future.

This simple fortune telling will help you find out what awaits you in the very near future.

How to guess:

  • Relax, take the Tarot deck in your hands and imagine what you want to know about your future.
  • Try to evoke the emotions that prevail in you lately most often. It can be excitement, falling in love, preoccupation with financial problems or some kind of confusion.
  • Then mentally refer to the cards with the question: "What awaits me in the near future?". After that, you can randomly get three cards from the deck and arrange them in a row on the table


  1. The first map will indicate which events from your past, which thoughts and actions particularly affect the present and may affect the future.
  2. The second card is your present. How are things at the current time, which should pay special attention. The true state of things that may have been hidden from you
  3. And finally, the third card is your future. What to expect in the near future from the outside world and yourself

Important: Tarot cards indicate only the most likely course of events in the future. But remember that in any case you create your own Fate yourself, therefore there is always a chance to correct a negative prediction on your own.

Do not forget that the more emotions you experience, the more clearly you visualize the image of the problem that concerns you, the more accurate the prediction of the cards will be, and the more likely you will know the truth.

Watch a video on how to find out the future using tarot cards:


Cards are not the most innocuous thing you can use for fortune telling. In the world of tarologov there are special standards for "safety". They must be adhered to in order not to harm yourself:

  1. Guess only if you feel good. With fever, a sore head or other health problems it’s better not to use cards
  2. Make a deal only in a good mood. There should be no negative thoughts and emotions in your mind. If found under the influence of strong anger, resentment or irritation, postpone divination until a more favorable moment.
  3. Watch your breath. It should be smooth and relaxed. Breathe as if you are meditating. Perhaps not the first time, but gradually you will learn to control it.
  4. Do not cross your arms and legs, posture should be open and relaxed. By crossing the limbs, you block the flow of magical information and risk to get an inaccurate prediction
  5. Do not abuse. If you guess too often, there is a risk to stop doing something for change in your life, relying only on the magic power of the cards. Resort to tarot help only in really serious cases.

And do not forget the cleansing session after divination. Take a shower, put on clean clothes, drink a glass of cool water. In this way, you clear the energy of unnecessary information and allow energy to flow freely through your body.