Dream interpretation

The combination of tarot cards with each other during divination


For a reliable interpretation of the alignment, you need to know not only the meaning of each card, but also understand how the combination of tarot cards between them affects the prediction. Its meaning can drastically change if the conceived card falls in a duet with a lasso with the opposite meaning.

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The value of the most important combinations

To understand how the value of a particular arcane changes in combination with other Tarot cards, it is necessary to study it in detail and fully separately. It will take a whole book to interpret absolutely all possible pairs. But there are several common combinations that fall out most often.


For example, a Jester card in combination with other older lasso can predict:

  • Priestess - some woman in adulthood will seriously affect your life in the near future.
  • Mistress - wait for serious financial difficulties. It is advisable to start saving money for a rainy day.
  • The hermit - you live in a dream world, it's time to return to reality.
  • The high priest speaks of the irresponsibility and infantilism of the diviner. It is necessary to develop independence and will.
  • Lovers - self-doubt and own strength, low self-esteem.
  • Death - get ready in the near future to cope with many difficulties. Circumstances of force majeure attack you, you need to gather the will into a fist and begin to act.


The value of combinations with lasso:

  • Jester - you are mired in a routine and everyday problems, you need new impressions and a change of scenery.
  • High Priest - you will find yourself in a difficult situation and get unexpected help from a strong patron.
  • Wheel of Fortune - you expect great changes in all spheres of life. But the nature of these changes (positive or negative) depends only on you and your actions.
  • Moderation - a long-awaited meeting with a person close to you will take place.
  • Tower - a very sad event will happen that will permanently knock you out of the rut.


Popular combinations for divination:

  • Star - you will return the money that you are desperate to get from the debtor.
  • The devil is a difficult life situation that you cannot handle on your own. Need outside help.
  • The moon - doubts and anxiety will overcome you. Try to disengage from this and begin to act, no matter what.
  • The hermit - to the problem of travel. It may be worth refusing at all.
  • Strength - you are too aggressive and rude with others, try to behave more gently and compromise.



  • With the Magician - you are not fulfilling your life purpose, you are engaged in something other than the activity that you should do.
  • With Priestess - distrust spoils your life, learn to be more loyal to your loved ones.
  • With the Boss - you need a competent and experienced leader, acting independently, you risk getting problems and stumble, making the wrong decision
  • With the High Priest - your learning will end badly, you will have to try again
  • With the Chariot, you have set a goal that cannot be achieved under the current circumstances. Try to think really.
  • Justice - indicates that a person lives solely by their own rules, ignoring moral and social norms.
  • With the Hanged Man - allow events to evolve in a natural way, do not interfere.
  • Court - to the funeral or funeral. This may be a random event that is not related to your loved ones.


Combining with each other Arkan the Devil and other cards:

  • Magician - your plans will fail. We'll have to adapt to new circumstances.
  • Mistress - a close person will substitute and disappoint, the collapse of relationships.
  • Lovers - you are in a sick relationship and very dependent on your other half.
  • Strength - try to resist the temptation that arises before you as soon as possible.
  • Justice - the legal way to solve the problem is impossible. You have the choice to accept or act contrary to conscience.
  • The moon - oppressive thoughts, from which there is no power to abstract and get rid of. But try to switch to something more positive.

The mistress

The combination of senior arcana with the Mistress card:

  • The owner - the burden that you take upon yourself is too great. Try to share some of the responsibilities with someone.
  • In love - to strong emotional experiences, passionate sexual adventure.
  • Death - cardinal changes in life are coming, but their character is still unclear.
  • Star - again you will feel long-forgotten strong passionate feelings.

Watch a video about the combination of arcana tarot with each other:

How to interpret combinations of cards?

To memorize the values ​​of all Tarot cards and their combinations with each other is almost impossible. But you can memorize simple rules that will help you make the most accurate and accurate prediction.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Determine which group of cards has the strongest value in your scenario. This is the so-called "ruling group". The easiest way to do this, considering what kind of tarot most fell.
  2. Read about how the Junior Arcana interact with each other to understand the principle of interpretation.
  3. Remember that the strongest cards among the Major Arcana are the Emperor, the Priestess and the Magician. Among the Younger is Kings.
  4. In the scenario, carefully study, surrounded by what arcane fell the most powerful cards. Thus it is necessary to take into account the purpose and features of fortune telling.
  5. Pay attention to the numbering of arcana in the scenario. The very first ones usually talk about the causes of a given situation, the middle ones - about the state of affairs at the moment, and the extreme ones - about the result most likely in the future.

First, carefully study the theory, and then start practicing simple layouts, gradually increasing the level of complexity. Then sooner or later the Tarot cards will reveal all their secrets to you.