Dream interpretation

Many mice dreamed: how to interpret according to dream books


Let's see why many mice dream about. This animal is homely and extremely economic. Everywhere rodents do not start. In an empty house, without stocks, they should not be expected. If you have a tendency to hoarding, thrift, in some cases, you can consider many mice as allies.

If you are wealthy, but you do not see in the storage of good and the values ​​of the true meaning of life - many mice in a dream will bring you ruin. It is necessary to resist the plunderers and strengthen security measures. A lot of mice are not necessarily external enemies and vile plunderers.

In the role of small predators can act your own thoughts, poor organization, the desire to save on trifles, the lack of the right structure. In this case, the rodents in their sleep are chaos, destroying any of your undertakings, no matter how beautiful it was originally.

Total sleep

  • One or a pair of eared rodents, especially if they evoke affection - your friends and helpers. This is a sign of your individuality, originality. You associate yourself with a hard-working mouse, which tirelessly builds a nest, fills the storeroom, is inventive, smart and careful. Mice are wonderful caring parents. All that these rodents do - they make for the happiness of their numerous and gluttonous descendants. In addition to homeliness, they are distinguished by excellent fecundity.
  • The mouse kingdom has a social structure, they know how to take care of each other, to help, and they can attack and wage wars. Definitely consider the value of sleep impossible. Some scientists believe that mice will survive an atomic apocalypse and may be able to create a new civilization. Rodents belong to human civilization coolly. A lot of mice are always a danger that should not be underestimated.
  • If the mice nibbled their clothes in their sleep, this is a sign of a serious illness or even an imminent death.
  • Bats - Desolation
  • If a lot of bats hover above you - this is fun. And not even to simple joy, but to the very real gloating. You will have to exult at the sight of the misfortunes of competitors and carefully hide your joy. In addition to dubious joy, bats are recovering from various ailments. Attacking bats - beware, you are confronted by a strong opponent.

What does a lot of mice mean by dream book

  • In accordance with the dream book of Lofa, the gray mouse is a sign of a quick wedding. Many small gray rodents - scandal. The more of them - the wider the scandal, or the greater the projection of your fear and fear of exposure. Calm the nerves, keep yourself in hand. In fact, you are able to keep the situation under control.
  • White mice have a different meaning. One white mouse is a sign of fuss and stupid affairs. A lot of white laboratory rodents - a holiday, a crowd of fun friends, good news. In modern humans, a lot of white mice can mean fear of contracting a dangerous disease.
  • According to ancient Indian dream books, dead mice mean slander, hatred, someone's strong death wish to the dreamer. Be careful, hatred, unlike simple hostility, cannot be cured by friendly talk and gifts. Someone is very jealous of you, your success and will not rest until he sees you in the most insignificant form. Try not to bring such joy to the spiteful critics.
  • Dream interpretation of Nostradamus says that many mice dream of hunger, natural disaster, the beginning of the war.
  • Practical English dream book considers many mice in a dream, as an unhappy marriage, the possibility of poverty. Wait for the wedding. Postpone a happy event for at least a year to get to know each other better.
  • Kill mice - get into a difficult situation with an insoluble moral dilemma. In any case, there will be tangible losses, the correct solution may not exist in principle.
  • Caught mice, trapped - they will try to force you to undesirable actions. Resist, you are not a caught rodent.
  • Dream Miller promises a difficult situation, a quarrel. Young people and girls should be especially wary of the machinations of competitors in love, envious. If a lot of mice climb on the dress - you have a great scandal with you in the most leading role. Get ready, stock up on sedation. The calm and indifference of the protagonists can often prevent scandal.
  • Dream Vanga claims that many mice - to the rise in price of products. She explains this by the fact that rodents are pests and can spoil the grain. So, products will inevitably become more expensive. Wanga is known for direct interpretations, because she was blind and the seer at the same time, for her there was no difference between simply seeing and seeing the prediction. Hence the literal interpretation. What he sees means it is. For ordinary people, this does not always work.
  • Gray hordes on the street, in the garden, in your bed mean that your own thoughts are dubious, but the execution of plans will bring you some trouble.


To see a lot of mice in a dream is a complex sign that can have several directly opposite values. Choose the right, based on your feelings, but do not forget that with all the tenderness, it was the mouse that became the causes of disasters, plague, famine.

Small animals are extremely hardy, tenacious and able to endure several hundred different diseases, are used in laboratory studies, in particular, in social models. Thousands of mice are quite capable of eating an elephant and not wincing. Even if you think that the value of sleep is favorable, do not lose sight of the negative value. Caution will not be superfluous.