Dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation: what does it mean to eat fish in a dream


Read the article to find out what dreams of eating fish in a dream. I always appeal to dream books when I want to find out what fate has prepared for me in the future. It helps to prevent troubles in time and to avoid big problems. Be prepared and you.

Family Dream

A fish seen in a dream symbolizes indifference, composure, or some kind of psychosomatic illness.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. There is a fish in a dream and see a gnawed skeleton - an unfavorable sign. The thing that you have planned to implement in the near future, will end in complete failure. Circumstances develop in such a way that you will overtake frustration. You will lose hope for a better outcome.
  2. Catching and then eating fish in the dream book is a warning to your unconscious that you do not value your work at all. You work hard and hard, but you do not get the rewards you deserve for your efforts. You should either change jobs or demand a high appraisal of your merits and the addition of wages.
  3. There is a fish caught by another person, for a woman - to a long-awaited pregnancy. In the near future, she can quickly and easily conceive a child. The baby will be born healthy and happy, moreover, in the future he will become a great person.
  4. To catch a fish, but not to see how you will eat it in a dream - to fulfill a cherished desire, which you have been dreaming about for a long time. Even if it now seems impracticable, circumstances will soon begin to favor you, and you will be able to get what you want.
  5. Watching other people eat up fish with appetite - it's time to make plans for the future. If you do not have a list of goals, then you need to make. And be sure to include in it some kind of global dream to declare your intentions to the Universe. Then luck will be on your side.
  6. To see a table filled with dishes from the most diverse fish - in the near future, you will increase, and significantly. We'll have to sacrifice personal life and forget about rest for a while. You should solve all problems as soon as possible, and then the long-awaited period of peace and well-being will come.
  7. There is a bright exotic fish of an unusual color - warning your subconscious that you trust a person who does not deserve it at all. Try to confide less even with close people, because the traitor is among them.

Esoteric dream book

See fishermen who have caught fish and are preparing to eat it - you should check your friends for sincerity and dedication, because some of them are deceiving you in order to get benefits.

What else dreams of eating fish:

  1. Fat, expensive "elite" fish - an unfavorable sign. A serious illness has settled in your body that needs to be treated as quickly as possible, before it is too late. Be sure to go to the doctor to keep healthy and live for a long time.
  2. Fishing tackle is a subconscious warning that fate has prepared a cunning trap for you. You must pass a test that will show how you can cope with difficulties. And the whole future life will depend on the result.
  3. There is a rotten fish - to adverse events in his personal life. Probably parting with a partner, after which there will come a period of long hopeless loneliness. Or serious conflicts that you will not be able to resolve peacefully.
  4. If a pregnant girl dreams that she eagerly eats pieces of fried fish - it means that the health of the future baby is not all right. There is a possibility that he will be born sick and weak. Mom will have to make a lot of effort to heal him and save a little life.
  5. Eat fish in your bed - beware of water. It holds danger for you. Especially not recommended to go on sea travel - it is better to cancel a similar trip and try again in a more favorable period.
  6. Feed the aquarium beautiful fish - after a long enmity with the ill-wisher, a period of peace will come. You will be able to find a common language and solve all the differences that forced you to quarrel. It is possible that in the future also make friends.
  7. There is a live fish - get a gift or good news from distant relatives. This information will help you not only improve your mood, but also improve your financial well-being.

Astrological dream book

To catch a fish that has already surfaced belly, and then eat it - forget about your desires. Execute them in the near future will not work. Circumstances are not on your side. It is better to take a break and rest in order to gain strength for the upcoming accomplishments.

More interpretations:

  1. Eating raw fish or sushi is an unfavorable sign. There will be a huge financial crisis in your life. You have never experienced similar problems with money before. But you can handle it all, it just takes time.
  2. There is a red fish - a secret that you carefully hide from others, will become known to a large number of people. Because of this, your reputation may suffer, and it will take a decent amount of time to restore it.
  3. Take the fish in your hands, but do not keep - in your environment there is a very clever and cunning person who seeks to interfere with your plans. And while he succeeds. It is necessary to detect and neutralize him, until he managed to ruin your life fairly.