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Dreamed of childbirth - the nuances of decoding on popular dream books


The birth of a child is an important, responsible step that completely changes the lifestyle of any family. What dreams of childbirth, we learn in the verified dream books.

When you have a little life

In real life, the period of childbirth for a woman is a variety of experiences, anxieties and changes, both physiological and emotional. There is a tremendous load on the body, which is accompanied by irritability, anger, pain and fear. It is difficult to describe female behavior in these moments, it is extremely unstable and unpredictable, it can confuse or introduce into a stupor any man.

Therefore, for the dreamer, such a plot can mean a turning point in life, when there is no turning back, and the future is completely unknown. Only hope and faith in the best gives strength and confidence in the future.

Business people are a sign of good change for the better. He personifies the idea that you have been working on for a long time, preparing, investing a lot of energy and financial resources and are responsible for its success in the market. Your work in the near future will certainly pay off with a generous and long-awaited profit.

Those who are actually in an interesting position, this dream promises to dispel their own experiences and excitement. Delivery will go smoothly, with minimal risks to your health. You will quickly recover, be active and happy.

I am pregnant - it is temporary

For an elderly woman, a dream where she sees her childbirth does not portend good events. Most likely, this is a sign of impending severe illness and excruciating pains with complications. Beware of hypothermia, contact your doctor at the first symptoms of the disease.

The business, energetic lady dreamed of a big rounded belly - to new grand plans and accomplishments. Your victory over the next case will not make you wait long. You will receive a worthy reward for the painstaking and hard work.

A young lady to feel contractions in a dream and to safely give birth means to get out of a series of troubles and take the path of benevolent prospects. Ahead of a successful marriage and happiness of motherhood.

A married lady to see her own childbirth means to rethink her purpose. Having experienced an emotional and physical crisis, you had a chance to regain yourself, only in a different way. Without looking back, you need to clearly go to the intended new goal, where joy and peace await.

If a boy is born, it is a good sign, predicting the strengthening of family ties and fresh ideas for new things.

Male view on the birth of children

A man, dreamed how he was born - to appear before society in a new capacity. Your new look will amaze and surprise many who have not paid attention to your existence for a long time. A good chance to express yourself as a person with a capital letter. There will be a thirst for knowledge, gaining new experience. Chances are great to try yourself in a new profession or to start your own business. The period when everything new and creative will only benefit.

If someone is born with you, a new and interesting person will appear in your real life, able to take you to a new level of consciousness of being. You will begin to look at ordinary things in a new way; you will need something that you have not been attracted to at all. In this regard, there will be new hobbies, hobbies and activities.

To give birth in a dream yourself is to work hard to earn initial capital. Difficult period for those who seek to get rich, your expectations will exceed the strength and capabilities.

I dreamed how a woman gives birth and a healthy baby comes into the world - large cash receipts, property acquisitions and various pleasant efforts that are associated with financial means await you.

Children are the flowers of life, author dream books

Sigmund Freud

A man to give birth in a dream - it means to experience the effects of extramarital relations on the side. Soon, you may be asked to claim paternity. If for you such an outcome is unacceptable, give up intimacy with those with whom you do not plan a family and the birth of children.

For those men who seek a serious relationship, such a plot means a fateful meeting with a girl. At first glance, she does not seem that fatal beauty, who usually drive you crazy. But having communicated closer, you will understand that you have dreamed about her for a long time. Intimacy with her will cause not just pleasure in a young and innocent way, you will want to engender in her the life of your future heir.


Childbirths are personified with vicissitudes of life, important decisions, liberation from something. We will have to go through difficulties that will lead to a good result. This is a chance to start a new life, where everything will seem different. The ability to change habits, get rid of bad addictions, to gain a goal and new values.

If childbirth was quick and painless, after which they sighed with relief, it would be possible to shift part of the burden of responsibility and other people's shoulders with reality. From this you will experience joy and a surge of strength.

Take birth - to participate in events that will take a serious turn for you, affecting the fate in general.


For a woman to see a childbirth in a dream is a harbinger of her own pregnancy. Such a dream to an innocent girl promises a quick intimacy and a step into adulthood. To see many newly born babies is a message of peace and good to earth, salvation from diseases, epidemics and famine.

A man dreams of how his son is born - to experience many difficulties and obstacles, but to come where joy and happiness await him.

Gustov Miller

A good sign for decisive, purposeful and optimistic people. A woman to see her own childbirth - to find a second youth, to experience success from fans, compliments from family and friends. A good period to start a personal life first, believing in your own strength and energy.

Men to participate in the process of birth of the baby - to experience uncertainty, doubt, self-doubt. But after some events, your life will change for the better. Problems, disputes, resentment and friction will leave you, giving way to the right decisions, rationality and complete calmness and confidence for the future of your family.

Yuri Longo

Contemplating a woman in a position in which the contractions began, and to be ready to take birth - in reality means taking on a difficult and unknown matter. On the way to the goal, you will encounter confusion, criticism and various obstacles. But when you achieve the result, you will understand how these difficulties were insignificant compared to the result of your work.