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Birth Date Feature - Decryption Features


What is a character number, and how can it influence a person's fate? For a long time, people noticed a mysterious feature of numbers, and even gave them magical properties. Several numerological systems were created, which differed from each other in meaning and interpretation.

The characteristic according to the date of birth is a logical sequence of psycho codes, which forms certain qualities of a person. The date of birth recorded numerological code, which contains basic information about a person - all natural inclinations, features, commitment to something.

Character number

Numerology is a system for predicting the fate of numbers, which originated in ancient times. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras argued that any thing in this world can be represented as a numerical expression. The numerological horoscope determines the dependence of a person’s character on the number under which he was born. It is believed that it is precisely the hidden character traits that a person carefully conceals that shape his actions and preferences. That is what is important to know in order to understand the intentions of a person.

What can you learn about a person by date of birth? By calculating the number of character, you can determine in advance how a person can achieve success in his career and personal life, which profession to choose and which way to go. You can also learn about their purpose in life. Numerological systems determine the characteristics of a person’s personality in different ways:

  • Zodiac sign;
  • by year of birth;
  • by date of birth and year.

There is also the Pythagorean system, improved to the teachings of the psychomatrix. In the Pythagorean square are digital rows, with which you can weaken or strengthen the character traits of a person. The algorithm of calculations in this system is not simple and requires the study of a large amount of information, however, with the help of the psychomatrix, it is possible to calculate the features of the character in detail and in detail.

To determine the number of character, you need to add all the digits of the date of birth, and the total amount to simplify to a single number. For example, the date of birth is 12. 08. 2000. We fold as follows:

  • 1 + 2 + 0 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 13;
  • 1 + 3 = 4.

So, we got the character number - 4. If, as a result of adding the digits of the final number, we get a two-digit number, we need to add the numbers together again to make a one-digit number. However, this does not apply to the numbers 11 and 22. Now consider the interpretation of numbers.

Character Number Character


The character of the people, whose soul is one, is distinguished by volitional sense of purpose and strength of mind. These are leaders who are able to lead a group of people. Optimism and stubbornness, aggressiveness and arrogance endow units with the will to win. They are ready to move mountains to achieve the goal.

The aggressiveness of the units is due to the reluctance to listen to someone's opinion: they themselves know what they need to do. Therefore, these people will stubbornly defend their opinions and independence. These are authoritarian people who do not want to reckon with the opinions of others.


The personality characteristic of the two is flexibility, adaptation to circumstances, the ability to sit on two chairs and find any compromises. Credo deuces - a bad world is better than a good war. These are people who like to be performers, not leaders. They willingly obey the will of others and do not claim prizes.

A negative manifestation of this nature is the unwillingness to take responsibility: the twos do not want to answer for anything. Natural laziness dictates them the desire to avoid their own opinions on any occasion. However, the twos are prone to depression and depression.


This is the soul of the team, humorists and merrymakers. Troika always lead an active lifestyle, full of energy and enthusiasm. Tendency to adventure in their blood. They are generous, benevolent and merciful. These are lucky in life, possessing diverse interests and knowledge.

Threes love a noisy society, endowed with eloquence and imagination. These are bright charismatic personalities that attract attention. Negative traits include excessive independence, self-conceit and selfishness. The desire not to take life seriously destroys their talent and genius.


These are hardy people with strong character and will. They are very persistent in achieving their goals, ready to do any hard work in order to succeed. They do not differ in imagination and creative inclinations - the fours are rational and practical. These are people devoid of creative impulses and romantic dreams. They believe that only hard work brings happiness in life.

These are managers and business executives who are able to lead the team. However, unlike units, the fours do not burn with enthusiasm, but act according to common sense. The positive quality of the fours is a sense of responsibility and duty. They believe that material security is the basis of being and laboriously increases wealth. Self-sufficiency and stability - the credo of the fours.

The negative features include excessive fussiness, frequent depression and mood decline. Fours can not be called lucky in life, any business is given to them by hard work. But strong will and perseverance help the fours to overcome any problems and hardships.


This fidget and lovers of change. Fives go through life with excitement and restless curiosity. This pushes them to various adventures. They do not like to work, they quit halfway, they like to get vivid impressions. Fives rarely get along in marriage, as the thirst for change constantly draws them into the unknown. Among the men of fives you can meet gambling fans, travelers and scammers. Women five often change jobs, because they can not sit in one place.

Negative traits include falsehood, riotous lifestyle and lightheadedness. These people cannot be trusted, it is impossible to rely on them. These are jokes and merry ones with whom it is possible to spend time without boring - but no more.


These are balanced personalities, striving for harmony in everything. You can rely on the sixes - they are loyal and faithful, they value friendship and always give a helping hand. Romantic nature, conscientious and sensitive, soft and pliable. Always seek to smooth sharp corners, reconcile the warring and bring peace. The sixes can feel comfortable only in a peaceful and benevolent atmosphere.

Sixes are able to share with others not only spiritual warmth, but also material benefits - they are generous and responsive people. Tactful and seasoned, they do not like boors and noisy people - they try to get away from conflicts in advance, without engaging in debates and showdowns.


These people love loneliness and isolation, have a somewhat mystical character. The number 7 has endowed them with the ability to penetrate the veil of secrecy, to feel the mood and thoughts of people. Sevens often seem detached and cold - this is a defensive reaction against invading their inner world. More prone to writing than to communicate: it is easier for the sevens to express their thoughts on paper than to talk beautifully out loud.

To the negative features include frequent mood swings, the inability to live up to suicidal thoughts. These are people “not of this world” who feel the worthlessness and futility of being. Sometimes they fall into sarcasm and become unbearable. However, even a small success in life can give them strength and take them out of dark thoughts.


These people possess practicality and business acumen, bringing them success in life. These are good merchants and businessmen who achieve well-being with their own mind and proper prioritization. They can successfully invest a small amount of money and get a tangible profit - they just know when it needs to be done. Eights will always find the right way, come out dry from the water and successfully get out of the most difficult situation.

Eights never act thoughtlessly, each step is verified and justified by the goal. The negative characteristics include cruelty, ruthlessness and passion for profit. They will go over their heads for the sake of profit, they will not reckon with anyone.


They are dreamers and idealists, prone to utopian ideas. Incorrigible romantics, cut off from the "sinful earth" and soaring in the clouds. They are tender, loving and charming. When you first meet conquer their elegance and charm. Among them, one can find those who strive to serve all of humanity, take care of homeless animals and benefit society. These are born volunteers who work for the sake of an idea.

Among the nines you can meet the ministers of science and art, dedicated to their work. They infect with inspiration, are able to direct other people's impulses, to lead. However, in life, nines are difficult, as they completely forget about themselves, serving others. These are mystics, loners and misunderstood people. Often remain lonely, all abandoned.


These are special people who seem strange. The number 11 forces them to go against fate, to organize coups and improvements. They are constantly dissatisfied with something, they strive to improve and change everything. Among them are the prophets, heralds of revolutionary ideas, modernizers and geniuses. Often they remain lonely, since they do not care at all about their own interests.

Twenty two

Among people born under the number 22 there are leaders and leaders who are able to lead the masses of people towards a brighter future. These are brilliantly gifted people endowed with powerful energy and a strong mind. They are not scattered over trifles, they are not addicted to utopian ideas, but they clearly know their purpose. They are able to focus the energy correctly and direct it in the right direction. These are harmonious and highly developed souls, marked by the seal of higher powers.