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Features of sexual compatibility by date of birth: doing the calculation


The harmony of sexual relations is largely determined by the time of birth of a person. As he grows older, a person acquires social experience that postpones his imprint on his sexual behavior. However, what was laid at the moment of birth remains dominant. Consider how to calculate sexual compatibility by date of birth. It should be emphasized that the calculation by date of birth will not be able to determine the measure of human licentiousness - this is the quality he acquires in the process of becoming a worldview.

Do the calculation

Human physiological data may be disclosed, and may be suppressed. This is due to education, the environment, social standards, religious doctrine. That is, life in society forms and corrects behavioral factors, sometimes radically changing (or completely drowning) the natural potential.

Sometimes a modest-looking girl can cause persistent interest in the opposite sex, and a cheeky girl - rejection. This is not connected with the style of behavior, but with the energy content of the individual - the level of sexuality.

Knowing the sexual potential of a partner, you can build a harmonious relationship and avoid misunderstanding. After all, the mismatch of sexual priorities is a hidden cause of a break in relations, and the rival has nothing to do with it.

How to determine compatibility in sex and sexual potential by number of birth? To do this, you need to make a simple arithmetic calculation: add up all the numbers of the date of birth and output the total arithmetic. For example, for the date 2002. 12. 08. The calculation is as follows:

  • 2 +0 + 0 + 2 +1 +2 + 0 + 8 = 15;
  • 15 = 1 + 5.

As a result, we get the number 6. This number will determine the sexual temperament of the partner, or rather, its potential by nature.

Meaning numbers

Now consider the compatibility in sex by the value of the total number obtained in the calculation.


This number expresses the dominant principle in man. He likes to be the center of attention, is not interested in the opinions of others and always acts in its own way. He chooses partners himself, does not tolerate advice from outside, as well as “hints on sex”.

If your partner is “one,” be prepared to stay in the shadows and obey the whims of a loved one. Otherwise, your union will not last long - the partner does not tolerate any influence on himself from the outside. In sex, it is he who sets the “rules of the game,” you just have to accept or reject them.


These people need conventions to unleash their potential - a comfortable psychological or home environment. Deuces are sensitive to the needs of the partner and always make concessions, even to the detriment of their own interests. For these people, an important factor is the unity of souls, common goals and aspirations.

In sex, they love tactile sensations - touch, long caress. Two can be different, depending on the circumstances - completely cold or hot. To unlock the potential of twos, you need to create conditions of comfort - psychological or material.


These people are inclined to experiment in bed, appreciate a variety of delights and exotic. They can be illegible in connections, as they do not suffer from spiritual attachment to partners. Their goal is not the identity of the partner, but new impressions. Therefore, threes are considered to be windy and frivolous people. It is extremely difficult to please them, so be prepared for trips to the left and the banal betrayals "for the sake of interest." Nature has endowed them with great sexual potential, which seeks realization everywhere and everywhere.


This is a type of conservative, whose preference is commitment to traditional values. Sexologists define them as "primitive people" who, in sex, see only a way to continue the race. In their youth, the foursomes can start “all serious”, but the disappointment in partners inevitably leads them to conservatism laid by nature. Hermit cannot be called, but in love the fours are inept. If they meet a kindred spirit, they will create a strong alliance based on traditional values.


These are tireless romantics in search of love sensations, sexual adventurers and smoothies. The pursuit of everything new and unknown pushes the fives to "feats". They are restless and curious, can not sit still. Thirst for new discoveries and changes leads them through life, pushing them into the arms of the "first comer." Representatives of the fives do not disdain one-offs in order to obtain a new sexual experience. Among their partners may be representatives of other races and religions.


These are harmonious people giving their whole soul to a partner. They are loyal and faithful, they know how to charm with soft charm. The sixes never change their loved ones, because they regard the relationship as a long-term serious project. They disdain strangers, so do not allow contacts on the side. However, the sixes have one feature - sexual blackmail. That is, these people can establish in the relationship a system of "rewards and punishments" of a sexual nature. If the partner is guilty, he will have a cold reception in bed. If the partner pleases the six, can count on a stormy night of love.


These people are not endowed with vivid sexuality, they are attracted in their relations by intellectualism and mental delights. The erogenous zone of representatives of the seven is the brain. They perceive the partner only through the prism of mental reasoning. In relationships, demonstrate loyalty and devotion. They are indifferent to interests on the side: if they show attention, it is purely from "research" considerations. The negative trait of the character is the surveillance of a partner - they are not inclined to trust.


These people in the first place put the material component. Eights like prosperity and comfort. Their partner should have a social status, a solid bank account and other material assets. G8 women will certainly choose a wealthy partner, while G8 men will show an interest in women with business acumen. In love, they are extravagant and demonstrate sophistication, but it’s not easy to deserve their love.


These are romantics and charismatic personalities who put mutual understanding and common interest first in their relations. They attach great importance to the external situation: they certainly need to surround the meeting place with scents of flowers and other romantic elements. Nines are endowed with a fine mental organization, very sensitive and vulnerable. They get used to a partner for a long time, and only then can they reach their full potential. If they feel reciprocity and return from a partner, they will please him in everything.


Harmony in sexual relationships does not always depend on the state of love: the first charm can turn into a bitter experience of separation. In order to predict the development of relationships and try to avoid fatal mistakes, astrologers are advised to make a simple calculation of compatibility. If you are passionately in love with a person and do not want to part with him, learn about his sexual potential - and do not go against his preferences. Harmony is always possible, given the interests of another person.