Dream interpretation

Dream of a rainstorm: what it can mean, we interpret according to dream books


Such natural phenomena as rainfall, have their own, special beauty, and are able to excite human emotions. Their appearance in dreams carries its symbolic meaning. To understand why a shower is dreaming, it is worth remembering where the elements were raging, who was getting wet under it, where the dreamer was, then open the dream book and check these and other details with it.

General interpretation

If the dream rain "Lil as in a bucket" - this dream symbolizes the anxiety experienced by the dreamer. Water element personifies the human emotional background. Another interpretation of such a dream foreshadows unpleasant emotions for the person who saw him: sadness, sadness, disappointment.

The rainfall pouring by the wall personifies the existing obstacle preventing the dreamer from achieving the desired. Also, this barrier prevents to establish good relations with the outside world. Because of her, a person feels lonely, alienated.

Himself to fall under the countless drops and soak to the skin - to an empty chatter. Such behavior may be caused by different circumstances of life. Instead of meaningless conversations that will not give anyone anything, it is better to concentrate on solving more significant problems.

Night vision, in which the dreamer had the opportunity to joyfully walk in the pouring rain, is a good omen that promises the dreamer to move upward in office or to increase his monthly income.

Chilly and cold downpour, with wind blowing through to the bones, promises sadness. If a sleeping person had a chance not only to see a downpour, but also to observe thunder and lightning accompanying him, such a night vision symbolizes clarification, illumination, and understanding of a seemingly confusing situation.

If a heavy, prolonged rainfall dreams of a traveler - this is not the most pleasant omen, indicating difficulties in the road ahead.

Other interpretation details

There are other nuances that affect the interpretation of sleep dreamed during the night:

  • If after a pouring rain comes inner peace, peace, - such a dream personifies a surplus of feelings.
  • If heavy drops hit the dreamer in the face, - in reality he is in for a conflict situation in which it is best to maintain emotional balance. Another interpretation of this dream promises disappointment.
  • A dream, the main part of which was a shower, can foreshadow sexual intercourse if the girl saw it. If a person was happy about the rain - intimate intimacy will bring pleasure, also a dream foreshadows good relations. Cold drops promise cooled feelings, dissatisfaction of the partner.
  • Warm water droplets, which shower a sleeping person, foreshadow his improved material situation.
  • According to a different interpretation of a dream, a shower in a dream can embody the blessing of higher powers, revelation.

Interpretation of the dreamer's actions

The correct interpretation of a dream can also depend on what exactly the person who observed it did. Depending on the actions of a person, the symbolic meaning of sleep can change fundamentally:

  • Serenely standing, walking or dancing under the water pouring from the sky is a symbol
  • If the dreamer takes shelter from heavy rain under an umbrella, this means that in real life he has all the necessary means to protect himself from the effects of unpleasant situations. His life and emotions are under control.
  • If a sleeping person is watching the elements through the window - this is an omen promising life changes in the near future. Changes will affect the main or additional areas of activity. Perhaps the emergence of a new hobby, interest, hobby. There may be a change in opinion about the people around them. When the change in life is complete, the dreamer will look back into the past and not understand how he could behave in this way.
  • The dreamer, walking in the pouring rain and feeling at the same time calm, in reality also wants to cool the tension, calm the raging emotions.

Dream Aesop

In the interpretation given by this dream book, rain symbolizes hope, bright and pure thoughts, the desire to get rid of slander and rumors, routine and dirty being. A person who is mired in routine worries, if he cannot get out of an endless circle of problems and troubles, can expect the beginning of a new, brighter life stage, after seeing such a dream.

To be in the pouring rain, but not to get wet - to the fulfillment of dreams, the realization of conceived plans. It is a long time to go under a prolonged downpour - to be a stubborn and resilient person.

Hiding from the weather in an unfamiliar place - a warning calling for attention to people around you. Perhaps they seek to frustrate the dreamer.

To bathe in the rain in the river - to a significant improvement in the material situation.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

Rainfall - a symbol of sexual energy: the dreamer seeks to get a lot from intimacy - you should not limit yourself. A young girl, in a dream, bathed in a reservoir over which rain falls, in real life will be surrounded by countless suitor.

The sun breaking through due to heavy clouds symbolizes the end of a difficult period, the onset of a bright life line. Rainfall, going in warm weather, talks about spiritual cleansing, the rebirth of romantic relationships.

Esoteric dream book

To fall under the rain in the company of your friend - in reality you can become a victim of his evil intentions. If a dreamer, in night vision, fell under a downpour, while he sees himself as a child, such a dream suggests that the roots of the current problems are to be found in early childhood.