Dream interpretation

Dreamed of flowers: nuances of interpretation by dream books


Flowers - one of the most pleasant and beautiful representatives of the plant world. Appearing in dreams, they are perceived as a positive symbol, a good sign. In most cases, such associations are correct, but in order to reliably know why flowers dream, you should analyze the full picture of night vision and delve into the dream book.

General interpretation

If a young girl dreams of a magnificent blooming garden, this dream speaks of a date waiting in the near future. The fan with whom the girl will spend the evening, may later become a husband. The same dream, if he dreamed of a married woman, foreshadows her shopping trip, which will end in pleasant new clothes, perhaps a cheerful and emotional feast.

Bouquets seen in a dream have my own symbolic meaning:

  • Several and more bouquets - to sadness, despondency
  • One bunch of multi-colored buds - there will be no release from the most different admirers

Fading, dry and withered flowers, promise disappointment in heart affairs, failures in trying to start a new romantic relationship. For those who are already in a relationship, a dream foreshadows the possibility of their soon breaking.

This interpretation applies to both women and men, with the exception that in the second case, sleep can mean a deterioration of potency.

To see flowers in huge quantities - so much that it is impossible to cover everything with a look - night vision heralds circumstances that will lead to a rupture of relations with a loved one.

Interpretation by type of flowers

One of the methods of interpreting such dreams is the interpretation according to the types of flowers, their design and purpose. A flower bed, artificial plants, a flower in a vase or bouquet - everything has its own meaning.

  1. Wildflowers in a dream is not a good sign. Such a dream warns of frustration, sadness, disappointment.
  2. Artificial flowers in night vision do not bode well either. After such a night vision, the dreamer overtakes melancholy, sadness and sadness.
  3. White flowers - auspicious omen, predicts joy, happiness, positive emotions to the dreamer.
  4. Red buds symbolize passion, happiness, pleasure. If the dreamer was watching blooming tulips, poppies and roses - this dream promises him pleasant emotions.
  5. Unopened buds promise unexpected happiness - it will come from where it was least expected.
  6. Faded flowers are a symbol that warns against disease and calls for a more attentive attitude towards the health and condition of the body.
  7. One flower, located in a vase, says that in reality all the dreams of a dreamer are dedicated to one person.
  8. Not a good symbol - potted pot plants. They symbolize isolation, loneliness. A person who has seen such a dream should be more open, trust others more, this will allow making new pleasant acquaintances and improving the quality of life.
  9. Those who dreamed of a neat and well-groomed flower bed, in reality are too concentrated on the outside world and rarely look into themselves.

Actions with flowers

Night visions, in which the dreamer had the opportunity not only to observe the beautiful plants, but also to perform with them any actions, also have their own interpretation. Enjoying the smell of flowers in night vision is a loss. If the plants had to be cut, and then collected, we should expect a bright joyful event.

If the dreamer happened to plant the plants in the ground - matters in a romantic relationship, in the near future, the time will go wrong. To transplant them from one place to another - to the temptation to deceive a loved one, to change a loved one.

If the flowers in a dream had to be watered - in reality a person who saw a dream does everything he can to achieve his goal. The value of night vision, in which a bouquet was presented to a person, is quite obvious - in reality you should expect the appearance of a new fan, dates and courtship.

Buying a bouquet in a dream is a symbol of not the most honest attitude to close people on the part of the dreamer. He hides something from friends, relatives, partner, is not honest enough with them.

Dream loft

According to the interpretation that this dream book provides, flowers are a universal symbol of beauty. The treatment here depends a lot on the color of the plant, especially in the case of their unnatural color. If in the night vision a friend of the dreamer gives him green roses, the wow of dreams will meet his passion.

Interpretations by color:

  • Lilac - disease, death, poison
  • The Rose. Black - to death, yellow - to friendship. White - to clean, red - to love
  • Narcissus - self-love, the personification of his own "I"
  • Daisy - shyness, constraint in the manifestation of feelings. The one who gave a daisy - the object of sympathy
  • Lily - everything connected with spring, freshness, renewal, revival
  • Orchid - sensuality, sexuality

Dream Vanga

Planting flowers in their own plot of land is a symbol of the fact that in reality the dreamer acted wisely and nobly. If in a night vision a dreamer is showered with flowers by various admirers - in reality loneliness can be dragged out for a long time, and the reason for this is the exaggerated requirements for partners, for which no one will approach.

Weave a wreath of wild flowers - to meet true love, to build a strong and friendly family. To receive as a gift a flower in an apartment pot - to the sad news of the demise of a person.

English dream book

Tearing fragrant flowers and full breasts, with pleasure, inhaling their smell, is a good sign that promises a quick onset of well-being, a bright streak, good luck. Composing a bouquet with his own hands foreshadows a happy and long-desired, profitable marriage.

The scattered flowers, which cannot be gathered in a bouquet, say that the plans outlined at the moment cannot be realized. Fading flowers indicate a weakening of the health or death of a loved one.