Dream interpretation

Why dreamed of a closed coffin - the nuances of interpretation


We are all in this world for a while, and we are all mortal. Anyway, to see in a dream the closed coffin always causes horror and fear. Why dream of such a plot, find out in the dream.

We live only once

A lot of controversy and reasoning philosophers cause visions associated with the ritual objects of burial and burial of a dead person.

Some believe that it is a sign from above for the living - to stop, think again, look around, how beautiful his life is and in one moment, with one wrong move, he can destroy everything. To someone, such a dream will become a warning that he has turned the wrong way and will soon suffer pain, collapse and despair.

Other interpretations boil down to the fact that the closed coffin, though an attribute of death, carries a not-so-dark grim omen. On the contrary, it represents a kind of protective shell, marks the cradle of a new life, symbolizing hope, faith and love for all living things.

That is, for the dreamer - this may be some kind of rebirth, deliverance from disease, absolution from the previous sins, purification of thoughts and consciousness for a bright and creative beginning.

A funerary cult may take the most bizarre and ridiculous forms of prediction for men and women, some situations are worth considering in more detail.

A beautiful woman lives like a accordion plays

A young lady dreamed a coffin in the church, decorated with flowers - you should not marry the first comer. This marriage will be unsuccessful, and the spouse is a fair rogue.

The funeral procession for a married lady - to the deterioration of relations with her spouse, you move away from each other and become essentially strangers. The probability of separation and divorce is great.

The dream, in which the girl effortlessly puts nails into the lid, says that she has come to her senses in time and tries to do everything in her power to correct her fate without going along the slope.

An elderly woman who has a hearse in her sleep can mean a bereavement, the death of a dear person, or a blow to her own health.

A beautiful woman’s tomb was dreamed of - to a strong and imperious patron who would strive to provide for her a decent and happy life, in exchange for complete obedience and humility. You saw yourself inside the sarcophagus - you will experience complete disappointment from an unwitting, full life. You want freedom, adventure and new love adventures.

For a man, aimless life, that slow death

Seeing yourself in a closed coffin is a clear sign that you need to reconsider your lifestyle. Get rid of bad habits, bad inclinations, streamline sexual contact - the only way to avoid trouble and serious irreversible consequences.

A burial box that floats on water - in reality, it prophesies great wealth for those men who are engaged in business and are seeking to increase their capital. And for the young promises a happy marriage to a wealthy bride.

Getting out of a closed coffin is a great sign. There will be your rebirth, through the renewal of thoughts, consciousness. You will experience confidence, calm and serenity in the happy outcome of your destiny.

Life is given to good deeds, author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

It is considered absolutely normal to see a coffin in a dream. The interpreter pays great attention to its quality, novelty and texture. This attribute represents a protective sarcophagus for the birth of a new life. Therefore, it is important that it is expensive, beautiful and reliable.

For a woman, such a dream speaks of soon bearing healthy and beautiful offspring. Old and ruined - promises sterility or disappointment in its second half in the ability to conceive a child.

A man saw a coffin upholstered in red velor and lined with fresh flowers - in reality he will experience the joy of admiration and admiring women by him. Chances are high to have high self-esteem and excessive vanity of a skilled lover.


Predicts the positive outcome of events from such a dream, if the burial box is tight, hermetically closed and no one tries to look under its cover.

The black color of this item indicates the dark spots of the past. For a sleeper, this is a good reason to leave all negative thoughts, deeds and experiences behind. You are ready to prove in the new bright life that you are talented, intelligent and able to do good.

Stabbing nails in the lid - someone to whom you are not indifferent, will help to achieve success in life, always giving a helping hand and giving protection in everything. It will help to part with past troubles and health problems.

We saw our name on the top of the coffin - a reason to rethink values, lifestyle and feel the distinction between life and death. Perhaps excessive love of risk, lightheadedness and carelessness leads you too into dead ends, from which only by luck you manage to get out.

I dreamed of how the black ritual box itself falls into the grave - you are promised a wonderful and clever salvation from the danger that lies in wait.

Gustov Miller

Represents only a negative interpretation of the dream, where the funeral objects dream. This is a sign that you are waiting for ruin, illness, separation from loved ones. But this is all due to the dreamer's inaction.

That is, being a warning sign, sleep prompts you not to get involved in large financial adventures promising great profits and easy enrichment. For lovers a period when you should not make plans for the future and get married. And feeling the illness, immediately consult a doctor in order not to start the disease and stop the irreversibility of the processes.

I had a dream about my own funeral - you will experience a moral and spiritual crisis, a fall in values, difficulties with self-determination, a collapse of life guidelines. Moral degradation can be avoided near the family and home. Those close to you will help you to rethink everything and show the light and further development.


Predicts negative events, warning of deteriorating health and loss. Being a message about forthcoming disasters, the coffin in the grave is identified with impoverished old age, loss of property and total failure in everything.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

He associates such a dream with good events, especially in the lives of young people, who have just gotten up to their feet, trying to live and work independently. Newlyweds - it promises a strong and long marriage, full of joyful moments and events for lovers.

Those who are trying to develop their own business independently are a good reason to safely invest in a promising project. Profit does not take long to become your initial capital for major financial achievements.