Dream interpretation

In a dream I am going on the road - how to interpret according to dream books


A dream in which a person is going on the road is usually a good sign. Often it portends changes in life, and speaks of the desire to make changes in current circumstances. To find out why dreaming of going on the road, you should try to remember the details of sleep, for example, the circumstances in which you packed things, and then look into the dream book for interpretation.

General interpretation of the dream

Often, the collection of things dreams before the upcoming trip, which is associated with natural experiences and worries about this. But in other cases, such a dream marks the coming changes, and here's what they will be - details will prompt.

So why dream of going on the road?

  1. If packing things was a necessary measure and actions occur in a hurry - expect trouble in personal or work affairs. In real life, you may have to change jobs or change your daily routine (future changes will be neutral).
  2. Pleasant and easy fees associated with the onset of the long-awaited vacation.
  3. The purpose of the upcoming trip in a dream will tell in which area the changes will occur. For example, a trip to a city or a country where you have never been before speaks of the beginning of a new romantic relationship, a promotion or a change of residence.
  4. Going on the road in a dream, but suddenly notice the loss of luggage, documents or tickets - the emergence of obstacles to the desired.
  5. Careful and methodical packing of things in a travel bag indicates a road ahead, which was planned a long time ago, but for some reason it is difficult to implement.

Note! Careful folding of wardrobe items is also a precursor to resolving difficult and complicated situations.

For proper interpretation, it is important to consider what was taken for the trip (objects). Working clothes or a large amount of food indicate a conflict with the authorities, which may result in dismissal. About troubles in his personal life foreshadows cosmetics, underwear, perfume and other intimate things. If such a dream had a dream for an unmarried girl, then a civil marriage awaits her. For a middle-aged married woman, seeing how to get ready for the road is a bad sign. She is waiting for a series of unpleasant events, because of which she will be in a difficult situation.

What do the dream books say?

In various dream books, putting things in a bag or suitcase for a trip marks the way ahead or future changes. But at the same time in each source there are some details that allow to approach the interpretation of the night picture in more depth. So, according to Miller, going on a trip with friends means creating a strong and friendly family.

What else does Miller's dream book say?

  1. If the bag is collected by a young girl - in her life accompanied by a feeling of loneliness.
  2. You collect the bag, but you feel that things are not enough - in real life you are trying unsuccessfully to attract the attention of an older man.
  3. Collecting things that are scattered in disarray is a positive sign. Among the possible prospects - a good deal, career growth, success in business.

Freud sleep analysis

Folding things in a suitcase according to Freud's dream book foreshadows a quick loss. Collect things for another person - fear for their health. If things in chaos are scattered around the room - this is a harbinger of good news in real life. Collected bags also say that the owner of the dream is ready to go to meet his dream.

In the Vanga dream book, a large number of collected suitcases and bags suggests that soon you will have to take care of loved ones.

Details from Tsvetkov's dream book

According to this dream book, the fees for the journey, not knowing the destination, foreshadow the arrival of an interesting job offer. If the dreamer knows where he plans to go, he will soon achieve his goal.

Do you collect things in a dream before a long journey? In real life, there may be a conflict with loved ones. Also, Tsvetkov’s dream book treats bag collections on a long journey as a harbinger of misunderstanding with colleagues and superiors.

The Unique Book of Thelomen

A dream about how you are going to go - the current case in real life will end with success. But the dreamer may lack information and confidence, pay attention to these aspects. If the owner of the dream knows that the journey is protracted - a new dream and a worthy goal will appear in reality.

Explanation of the Modern Dream Book

Modern dream book to get ready for the road and being late for your transport indicates a delay in business. Send loved ones on a journey - to an important and serious conversation with them.

Other interpretations of the dream book include similar foreshadowing.

  1. You pack your bag, but you don’t have a sense of the road ahead - in real life, you can miss or neglect the practical advice.
  2. You have to fly - the dreamer is afraid to admit to weakness.
  3. The owner of a dream receives permission to a trip - in real life it is possible not to resist the temptation, which will entail problems and losses.
  4. Refuse to travel - to miss a profitable opportunity.
  5. To give someone your ticket is to perform a noble act in real life that you will appreciate.

Remember that when interpreting a dream it is also important to take into account the emotional state that you felt - this will allow you to more accurately predetermine the outcome of future events.