Dream interpretation

I dreamed of the chest: the features of interpretation for different dream books


The chest that is in a dream is a symbol of maternal feelings, empathy, understanding, support and protection, as well as determination, bold action and inner strength. One of the interpretations of sleep - a man who saw a naked torso, will soon meet his love. To determine why the chest dreams, you need to recall in detail the dream, the emotions experienced by the dreamer, and then open the dream book.

General interpretation

To see a naked female breast is an omen, which suggests that the sleep watcher will have to resist the temptation, show willpower. To decide on an individual interpretation that can help you understand yourself and make the right choice, you need to consider the following details of sleep:

  • Woman or man dream
  • Emotions experienced by the dreamer
  • Dream plot
  • Breast Actions

General interpretation

A woman who, in a dream, breastfeeds a baby, in reality, is tempted to have a family with the prospect of conceiving a child.

A mother who has recently given birth to a baby, in real life, experiences a subconscious fear of rubbing milk. Because of this, many women are anxious and worried, it is necessary to calm down and let go of undue fear.

An unmarried girl who is breastfeeding a small child in a dream will soon experience sudden mood swings in reality. Sadness and happiness will replace each other for no reason, and dissatisfaction and irritability can replace serenity and tranquility.

If the baby had to be nursed in a night vision, the man had to, in reality, he should prepare for marriage or the beginning of a long-lasting romantic relationship that could end in marriage. Also, this picture symbolizes the desire to acquire a family in which comfort, spiritual warmth and mutual understanding will be maintained.

The sex of the child who was fed in the dream affects the interpretation of the dream:

  • If a baby who is breastfed in a dream is a girl, changes in the life of the dreamer are expected, as well as an increase in status and position in society. Also, a dream symbolizes a girl who sees him, to the manifestation of femininity, the desire to get a family.
  • If the baby is a boy, the dream speaks of the strong will, strong character and high communication skills of the person watching him. These personal qualities will help him succeed in business. A woman who feeds her own son in the night vision seeks to organize her own business, in which she can express herself and achieve social approval.

Other interpretations

If the dreamer in the night vision had the opportunity to suck the breast himself, this means that in real life he feels the need for the support of loved ones. Suddenly, a person will give a helping hand to someone who saw in a dream how a baby sucks another's breast.

A man watching in night vision of a baby sucking a breast, in reality he will soon meet his love, a girl who will awaken real feelings in him. Also, he will feel the desire in all of her to patronize, support and protect her.

If the seen chest in a dream belongs to a man, while it is strong, wide, and the dreamer is watching her from the side - the dreamer should prepare for hard work, work and difficulties. The courage shown, strength of will and spirit, will help to overcome obstacles and continue to move forward.

A sleeping man, observing in a picture painted by Morpheus, a naked hairy torso, receives a good omen. The sign given in a dream is a good one, even if the hairy chest caused unpleasant emotions. He who sees such a dream will have family happiness in a future marriage. If such a dream is observed by a person already connected with someone else's marriage, there will be nothing in the family but harmony, happiness and warmth.

If the dreamer observes a female breast in a bra, this dream predicts groundless anxiety and fear. It is not necessary to focus on excessive excitement - it is better to try to reason objectively and soberly.

Big breasts, seen in a dream, is a good sign, foreshadowing an excellent business proposal, a good bargain. After such a night vision, the person who observed it can rise high in a social position.

Dream Miller

As the well-known dream book says, the breasts observed in a dream promise a girl of rivals in heart matters and serious disappointments in a romantic relationship, if this chest was soiled or dried out.

A woman whose chest was injured in a dream is in danger. A healthy, white and lush bust foreshadows pleasant events and positive emotions.

The girl will give way to an energetic suitor, if in the night vision she noticed how he carefully looks at her bust.

French dream book

The mammary glands of a nursing mother dream of getting married soon. A married woman who sees her own naked breast in a dream will give birth easily and without complications.

Unexpected wealth will fall on the one who saw in the night vision an elderly lady feeding a baby. If the breast is bloody, the girl who dreams of such a dream risks losing the child or becoming infertile.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

If a dream happened to see a man’s chest, this is a manifestation of his strong but uncertain sexual needs. Diseases of the urogenital system and problems with potency are predicted by an old sagging bust.

Breast, dreamed of a woman, reflects her desire to find pure mutual love. Her hopes will not be justified if the mammary glands seen are old and sluggish.