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Amulet Velez - the use of magical and healing properties


The ancient Slavic amulets found their revival in the modern world. Many people turn to the faith of their ancestors in search of truth and purpose. Amulet Velez is an ancient symbol, especially revered in Slavic culture. Externally, the Veles sign is like an inverted letter A or an arrowhead. What value does this symbol have, in what can help modern man? Consider everything in detail.

God velez

According to legend, Veles was the brother of the god Svarog and entered the pantheon of Slavic deities. The scope of Veles was patronage of cattle breeding and agriculture. The ancient Slavs sought protection and support from Veles in their daily lives, full of work and cares. Another area of ​​activity of the deity was the care of the deceased soul: Velez accompanied the deceased on his afterlife journey.

Another mission of the supreme deity was the protection of sorcerers and magi. Vedic deity helped sorcerers to learn the secrets of the past and the future, protected from misfortunes and misfortunes. And modern sorcerers are also looking for the support of the main deity of the Slavs, they embroider the symbol of Veles on their clothes.

Externally, Velez was somewhat like a bear and had a somewhat awesome look, but he treated people with care and sympathy. Sometimes the deity was depicted with an ox head and horns. One of the symbols of Velez was the bear's paw print, and the other - the number six. Veles shield is a six-pointed star.

Amulet Velez

What does Velez charm symbolize? A symbol in the form of an inverted A letter can drastically change the life and fate of a person if the latter decides to do it himself. In this case, the essence of the guardian will fully merge with the essence of the person, and they will form a single whole. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the guardian with the human body constantly.

Veles sign can be compared with the arrowhead pointing down. This symbolizes the orientation of the cosmic forces at one point. The man who chose the amulet Velez, is distinguished by purposefulness, perseverance in achieving the intended, and composure.

The changes that will occur in a person’s life are as follows:

  • success in work and business;
  • activation of the money channel;
  • protection from ruin and bankruptcy;
  • protection from the actions of enemies and competitors;
  • discovery of paranormal abilities.

Who can use the guardian Veles? It is suitable for businessmen and psychics, as well as those who want to gain spiritual self-knowledge and understand the mysteries of life. Charm protects people whose profession is at risk of attack or deception.

Also Veles amulet protects those engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The sign protects cattle from the evil eye, provides a large offspring and milk yield.

If you hang the amulet over the front door, it will protect the house from uninvited guests and intruders. The owners of the amulet will bring wealth to the house, because the second value of the symbol is the bowl.

If you put the charm in the portfolio to the student, he will save him from trouble during his studies. The child will not be offended by comrades and teachers, and knowledge will be assimilated without much difficulty.

Since the symbol of Veles brings harmony and order to the outside world, he does not patronize the doers of evil. A malicious person will not be able to harm anyone - Veles will wrap everything up for good.

Making a charm

Veles symbol can be bought in the esoteric shop, and you can make it yourself. The best material will be wood:

  • ash;
  • maple;
  • Birch tree;
  • oak.

First a circle is cut out of the wood, and then a symbol is applied on it. The size of the amulet can be determined independently. However, there is one condition when using a manufactured amulet - it cannot be made for oneself. It is believed that the charm reveals its properties as a gift.

Charm can be made for your relative or loved one. A woman can embroider a symbol on clothes or a towel, knit a pattern on a winter scarf or knitted hat. You can link the bracelet to the hand with the symbol of Veles, to make jewelry. If you want to knit or sew a symbol, use only natural yarn and thread. An important rule of embroidered amulets is the absence of knots in the pattern - they break the flow of energies.

When the amulet Veles is ready, you need to sanctify and charge it. To do this, you need spring water and a wax candle. Put the amulet on a clean linen tablecloth, light a candle and tune in to the rite. You can read the glory of Veles to enter the stream of deity.

Then sprinkle the amulet with spring water, saying:

You can say your words and ask Veles about specific assistance in the affairs. Do it three times. After charging, the charm is presented to a loved one and they say that he should not take it off for a day. During this time, the charm vibrations adapt to the human vibrations. It is advisable not to part with the amulet ever.

Baptized into the Christian religion should be careful about Slavic symbols and amulets, so that there is no confrontation between the two religions.