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Stone flint - what is the use for man

We all know flint since childhood: you can knock sparks out of it. A third of the earth’s surface is covered with flint, our ancient ancestors made tips for spears and arrows. However, stone flint has healing properties, as well as it is used for magical purposes. Consider in detail what are its features.

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Flint pebbles can be easily found around the globe, they are covered with the seabed, they are part of the sand. They are referred to as a variety of chalcedony, it was with the help of it that primitive man learned how to kindle a fire. Flint flint for several centuries was an integral part of firearms, and only in the 19th century did mankind replace flint ignition with an alternative method of making fire.

To this day, the bottom of the wells fall asleep flint rubble - it has antibacterial properties and improves the taste and quality of drinking water. If you mix concrete with flint water, it will be five times stronger than normal.

The color range of flint is monotonous - gray and brown. Sometimes there are white and black versions. However, the modest appearance of pebbles does not match the benefits they bring to people. Flint has “relatives” - brightly colored jasper, chalcedony, opal and quartz. However, these minerals are attributed to semi-precious, in contrast to the type of flint non-charged by its appearance.

Use in medicine

The value of flint for humanity is invaluable. Modern medicine still uses the property of stone to destroy putrefactive bacteria. In folk medicine, it is used as a cleanser for water - it activates and structures it. Tub with flint for a long time retains the natural properties of water - it does not bloom and does not go out.

To make the fracture grow together more quickly, the patient is given to drink water infused with flint. This water is used to heal many diseases, it cleans the skin better than soap. It promotes rapid healing of wounds and cuts - scars are not formed on the skin. Flint ornaments are able to balance an over-excited nervous system, therefore they are used in psychotherapy.

In Mongolia, flint was laid on the solar plexus, believing that it copes well with some ailments of the digestive system. It was also given to drink flint water, which cleanses the body of toxins and infections. Among other things, this water not only helps cleanse the internal organs, but also strengthens the immune system. With the help of flint water the body rejuvenates: it supports the structure of hair, teeth and nails.

To make flint vodichka, you need to put stones on the bottom of the dish and pour ordinary tap water. After two days you can use it (do not drink the bottom layer). Such water is considered "live".

Magical properties

Any mineral, regardless of its appearance, has magical properties. The stone, due to its property to create fire, is well suited to all fire signs. The strength and solid structure of the mineral has a beneficial effect on the strengthening of the will and endurance. The stone is able to charge with energy, so it is used in rituals for the recruitment of strength and energy.

In magical rituals used knives with flint blades, decorated with the tips of wands and staffs. Pyramids and mineral spheres have the same properties - strengthening the will, asserting their power. The stone helps to temper the spirit, to defend their point of view, to cope with depression and despondency.

Flint helps in love affairs - it gives a person courage, eliminates shyness, helps to overcome the timidity in front of the object of love. Wearing a talisman is necessary near the heart.

Flint Mascot

If you decide to make a talisman of flint, do not frame it with iron: they do not fit. It can be tied with leather. This talisman will fill you with energy, and after a while chronic diseases will begin to disappear. A pebble will take you to a new energy level, and in older people it will cause an unprecedented surge of strength.

Thanks to a talisman of flint, a person will become a healthy, cheerful optimist, stress-resistant and able to influence circumstances at his discretion.

Home protection

Flint can be used to protect your home and garden. A stone figurine or just a raw piece should be placed in the hallway or kitchen. The stone forms a protective aura and will not miss the negative energy. He will be able to protect from the evil eye and even damage.

Soon you will notice that unpleasant envious people will stop visiting your house - they will become uncomfortable. Also, you will notice that households become less sick and make trouble. Flint destroys viruses and bacteria in the house, and therefore the disease will disappear. For a pebble to help, you need to recite any protective spell on it.