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Stone of love and harmony sodalite - who will suit it


The name of the mineral sodalite is formed by the English word "soda" - sodium. Also, the gem can be found under the name hackmanite and alomite. Sodalite has long attracted the attention of mystics due to its strong magical abilities, as well as the ability to heal from various diseases. It is also found in natural conditions quite rarely, which affects its popularity.

Historical background of the mineral

Even in ancient times, people knew places and methods of mining sodalite, the stone was of high value. So the ancient Incas, he was used as a finishing material for facing rooms. And when Central America was conquered by the conquistadors, the stone went unnoticed by Europeans, thanks to which deposits of this mineral remained in Europe to this day.

Sodalites were also famous among the inhabitants of ancient Egypt - they used them to make ritual objects and decorations.

In Europeans, sodalites began to gain their popularity only in the 17-18 centuries, but at that time they were considered to be one of the varieties of lapis lazuli. And only at the beginning of the 19th century the mineologists became interested in the stone and they entered it into the register of minerals. The first to write a description of the gem was the Scottish chemist Thomas Thompson. It was he who, after conducting a series of experiments, presented the stone with a modern version of the name.

Notice that it was precisely by the 19th century that mineralogy as a whole flourished as a science, which had the most beneficial effect on the classification of stones and gems.

What types of sodalite are found in nature

All sodalite minerals can be divided into 2 groups. The first is formed by the Alomites, and the second by the Hacmanites. Let's talk about them in more detail:

  1. Alomites - have deep blue and a unique texture: all stones have a different pattern, which is never duplicated. And the visual appeal of Canadian sodalite, manifested in the variety of colors and beauty of the interlayers, the mineral vein, looks very advantageous in interior items. Due to this, the name of the gem turned into a trade brand.
  2. Gakmantity - stones of red shade, which are able to change their shade to black in the air. Here you can talk about the effect of photochromism - a reversible change in the color of a substance when it is exposed to light or ultraviolet light.

Minerals with the effect of photochromism can be found in the northern parts of our planet, in Greenland, in the equatorial area, and in Myanmar. At the same time, the northern minerals have an amazing deep purple glow.

And the gems found in Burma vary in their color spectrum from bright purple to pink-red. Pink stones get a black tint, and if heated, they become steadily blue, while blue ones turn pink. But such ability of sodalite can be observed only in the daytime, because in the night the stones seem to “fall asleep”.

Key sites for sodalite mining

Mostly gems are found in those areas where there is a "sleeping" volcanic activity. Of these regions can be called Southern Italy, the Andes, the Himalayas, the Kola Peninsula region, Norway, Brazil, Canada, the United States and Greenland.

Ornamental stones are supplied by India and Mnäma. Each of these areas supplies completely different minerals.

The main color of sodalite is blue and blue, but also in nature there are stones of such shades:

  • yellow;
  • wheat;
  • greenish;
  • marsh;
  • greyish blue;
  • crimson;
  • burgundy;
  • red or pink.

Healing properties of sodalite

  • The mineral is able to save its owner from the pathologies that are provoked by increased radiation.
  • Residents of many states are convinced that sodalites of blue hue reduce blood pressure, and also normalize the work of the heart, eliminate increased appetite and are able to heal liver pathologies.
  • Also known is the theory that by wearing bracelets and beads with a blue stone, you can normalize the state of the nervous system, eliminate insomnia and get rid of nightmares.
  • You can use the stone as a prophylactic agent in the presence of ocular pathologies.
  • Sodalites improve the functioning of the lymphatic and endocrine systems, a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body. The gem will have a special effect on the state of the thyroid gland - it will heal from many of its pathologies (goiter, inflammations, and goiter).
  • The stone fights against the negative effects of radioactive and solar radiation.
  • If you attach a piece of sodalite to the sore spot, it will gradually stretch the tension. It is believed that the stone even allows to dissolve the tumors.
  • Beneficial effects of the gem on the kidneys and bladder, pancreas. Fights infectious pathologies.

The stone affects the state of the throat chakra.

The magical properties of the gem

Sodalite except healing is also known for its mystical abilities. Basically, it is designed to help a person develop intuition and super-vision, so that he is very fond of using magicians and psychics in various rituals and meditations.

The representatives of the fair sex, if they regularly wear jewelry with a gem, can become more perfect both externally and internally.

As for the strong half of humanity, here sodalite will help a man to gain wisdom and always make the right decision in difficult situations.

Both men and women stones will help get rid of increased anxiety and achieve a state of inner harmony. To do this, wear rings and rings with sodalites.

And unmarried girls should go to the store to buy pendants with minerals.

Also, the mineral can help in family life, in this case it should be used in statuettes and other interior items. It will be an excellent indicator of the atmosphere in the home - as soon as any threat hangs over the home, sodalite immediately changes its color.

In addition, it is believed that if a husband and wife regularly look at the stone, they will stop quarrels and conflicts, because the gem has a very positive effect on the psychological and mental state.

For whom will become a talisman

Sodalites patronize people of business, science, as well as lovers of extrasensory perception. As a talisman, you can use the decoration with this gem or just a small piece of raw mineral.

Owners of products with sodalite will be able to live in harmony with the surrounding reality, as well as become more successful in different areas of their lives.

Amulets in the form of pendants with sodalite will relieve their master from any fear, develop excellent intuitive abilities and open their eyes to the real world.

Sodalite and astrology

Gem in the most favorable way affects the water signs of the zodiac - especially Scorpio. Virgin and Taurus should also use items with a gem.

It should be noted that the mineral will provide its magical and healing assistance to absolutely all zodiac constellations. Astrologers have concluded that sodalite is a non-aggressive mineral. But it will not be superfluous, of course, to listen to the voice of your intuition, choosing for yourself this gem as a talisman or talisman.

The patroness of sodalite is Venus, responsible for earthly love, beauty and fertility. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that the mineral gains its most powerful force on the day of Venus (Friday).

Sodalite is a neutral mineral that can be worn with other gems. It will not have a negative impact and does not interfere with the magical effect of other stones.

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