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Slavic horoscope by date of birth: features, characterization of signs


Our Slavic culture, customs and traditions were diluted with many imported, overseas things. Over time, they have grown so closely into our lives that now we no longer separate them, perceiving them as something completely familiar to us.

For example, we all know the signs of the Eastern (Chinese) horoscope, but not everyone knows that the Slavic horoscope originally existed - the original zodiacal calendar of our Slavic culture. I want to talk about it in more detail in this article.

Slavic horoscope by date of birth: what happens?

The Slavs had two versions of the Slavic animal horoscope:

  • the first is based on the year of birth;
  • the second is based on the date and month of birth.

The first option - the Slavic horoscope by year of birth is devoted to a separate article on the site. And now we will focus on the second version.

Slavic signs of the zodiac

Our ancestors are Slavs, just like the Chinese, created and used their own horoscope of living beings. The time of his appearance is the same distant antiquity.

By analogy with the Eastern calendar, 12 animals also took place in the Old Slavic horoscope. They influenced the characteristics of the character and behavior of a person, could partially predetermine his fate.

And we know all these animals well (unlike the Chinese tigers and dragons), they live on the same territory with us. In the ancient Slavic horoscope according to the date of birth, the division occurs according to the same principle as in the eastern lunar calendar - each year of the lunar cycle protects its living creature.

And now we begin to study the horoscope itself.

Bear (December 10 - January 9)

The bear is a strong, harsh sign that knows no fear, but does not show arrogance. Although he inherited the role of the owner of the forest, he could not become the king of the animal kingdom. Why? All because of his immense laziness.

Similar character traits: laziness and sluggishness, are endowed with all those born during the specified period. They do not like to rush, they are distinguished by calmness, a balanced psyche, and also - by kindness and patience.

True, we do not recommend testing them for strength: not everyone knows, but the cumbersome Bear can, if desired, develop speed faster than a race horse. And he will easily strangle an elk and carry it with its front paws, hears the smell of a mouse mink from under a hard layer of earth and will remove a mouse faster than the most agile cat will say "meow."

However, Bear deserved the title of the owner of the forest not because of his strength and dexterity. Although he has incredible power - at the same time he is very simple, carefree, he is indulgent towards those who are weaker than him and do not take offense at trifles. And he himself, for complete happiness, needs not so much: delicious honey, cozy thickets of raspberries and a warm den for the winter.

Wolverine (January 10 - February 9)

Wolverine causes hostility in other animals, hunters do not want to get involved with it. She is an ardent defender of her territory, jealously controlling every stranger who visits her, not allowing him to settle on her land.

Persons who appear in the indicated numbers, more than others, establish the public interest above their own. They are crazy about their family: family parties, are engaged in maintaining their traditions and customs.

Wolverine does not like public life, open spaces. She shows a critical attitude towards herself, always perceives herself adequately, is not inclined to selfishness or egocentrism. And also very carefully monitors its mink, appearance.

This animal, although it does not deserve universal love, but it forces one to respect oneself, to bow before one’s mind and daring even to one’s detractors. Yes, and you can not find in the forest of those who would have felt hatred for her: after all, she always acts according to the code of honor, does not behave meanly.

Raven (February 10 - March 9)

The raven is a wise bird that knows and understands a lot. Those who relate to this sign of the Old Slavic horoscope by date of birth, are able to correctly solve any vital problem. Whereas other people spend a lot more time and effort on a decision. Crow has more developed intuition than logic: he understands everything that is happening, but he cannot explain it to others logically.

In very rare situations, Crow manages to become a ruler. This is due to the fact that the representative of this sign receives a very distant vision of what is happening, and is able to foresee the appearance of various problems with which he is able to cope. But the decision is already a degree of responsibility not only for one’s person, but also for one’s environment. And Crow likes to solve for himself more, plus he often faces a general lack of understanding.

When, very rarely, the bird manages to be at the top, it is only because it prefers to keep silent about its visions, so as not to be mistaken for a madman.

In the main part, the Crow is distinguished by slowness, inner peace, does not like to fuss. He so foresees everything that will happen, that when he wants to feast on an apple, he will not be in a hurry to roll on the road, but will immediately fly up to where it stops.

Ermine (March 10 - April 9)

Ermine is a small animal with great inner strength. He has so much of her that she just starts to splash out. Overwhelm his diverse ideas, solutions, novelty. He considers profit from a long distance, but he badly needs moral support from his environment.

Ermines do not sit in one place, constantly in a state of motion. And even if you suddenly find him immovable - this is a sign that the beast is engaged in thinking through new ideas and plans, although it may seem that he is simply relaxing.

Such people are distinguished by an unshakable belief in themselves, in their own right: they are not disturbed by the norms and rules of the surrounding world. They believe that they benefit the world by helping others, which in general is true. In addition, representatives of the sign Ermine, inherent pronounced gift to convince. They manage to inspire hundreds of people the magnificence of their ideas.

They get used to being admired (their dexterity, agility, as well as honest and noble deeds). And in reality, as a rule, Ermine people are by nature deprived of greed, very responsive, if need be - will render their help.

Toad (April 10 - May 9)

The frog is probably the most amazing creature in the entire Slavic horoscope of animals by date of birth: it lives, both in the water element and on earth. And even more - it is able to inhabit the forest, in the trees.

Thanks to such amazing adaptability, those who saw the world during the rule of Toad can choose simple work for themselves, and occupy a high state post, to be in the position of leader. They are also given the conquest of the arts, literature and science.

The frog is a born optimist - nothing upsets her, she will never fall into a state of despondency. But there is also a reverse side of the coin: Toads feel comfortable everywhere, so they occasionally strive for the best. Deep down, they may realize that they are able to achieve great success, but they consciously make a decision that "they are already doing well." Therefore, remain in one place.

Surrounding people love these people for their beautiful soul, hidden under the nondescript exterior skin. But the Frog itself is not very willing to agree with new people, because they do not trust them. She used to work a lot, constantly experiencing emotions, bright, sincere, does not harbor resentment towards others, has a "sharp tongue."

Grasshopper (May 10 - June 9)

Grasshoppers, more than all other representatives of the Slavic horoscope, do not like to show their weakness, defeat, problems. On the contrary, he will constantly sing, straighten his wings and preen under the rays of the sun.

Grasshopper causes positive emotions in others, it is incredibly easy to lift. And even if he himself is torn apart by inner horror from each new jump, he will still jump, straighten his wings and fly to new and new places.

Of course, he is well aware that everything new is fraught with great dangers: terrible beasts, for example, predatory spiders, but there can also be a glade on which grows juicy grass, sweet berries. Representatives of the Grasshopper sign like to take risks and learn all the unknown.

And about the fact that he is very scared, he will not tell anyone, except the closest environment, most often - his mother. These men are often called "mama's sons." But they do not demonstrate their experiences explicitly, almost no one even suspects about them.

People perceive Grasshoppers as careless, funny creatures who get everything in life easily, without making special efforts, easily make new connections, have many friends, gossip.

In addition, people of this sign are distinguished by restlessness, low diligence, they are accustomed to grasping at different occupations that they do not complete. On the other hand, the restless Grasshopper manages more of his more organized comrades, since many abandoned cases subsequently complete successfully in the shortest possible time.

Khomyak (June 10 - July 9)

The hamster is a small, but very funny animal: it spends almost 9 months of the year in a dream, and the rest of the time - it shows supernatural activity.

People belonging to the sign of a hamster are by nature workaholics who can work day and night without knowing sleep or rest. True, this does not always happen, namely in the period of activity.

And then they lose their strength, fall, sticking their tongues out and recover for a very long time. They try to do everything quickly, hastily, if they see the goal - they want to come to it as soon as possible. For them, it is important to get quick results in any activities.

People are sympathetic to others because of their good nature, tranquility and good nature. When the period of "recession" comes - the hamster goes on a well-deserved rest, comes to his senses He is a reliable friend, the soul of the company, an excellent family man, but not a very good employee: he likes to postpone everything until the last moment, and then run like crazy.

Ravlik (or Snail) (July 10 - August 9)

It is distinguished by a special sensitivity and ability to empathy. Ravlik feels other people with their experiences, the internal state of energy.

The truth is that there is another side to this over-sensitivity: the person of the sign first gives everything to others, and then realizes that he is left with nothing and begins to save offenses to the whole world. He does not understand that giving everything was only his desire, while other people think differently and behave differently.

Because of its innate altruism, it hurts itself first and foremost. Often she suffers from various complexes, tries to “hide in her shell” only by peeking out from there, but without performing any more active actions.

Very often, snail people prefer to live in an illusory world in which they feel much more comfortable than in the harsh reality. But to communicate with them is a real pleasure! After all, increased susceptibility allows them to quickly read the status of their protégés, plus they avoid being rude, always ready to help in difficult situations.

In addition, Ravlik is smart, though, he almost never earns on his intellect. No one else can also come up with a good idea of ​​imaginary reality, fantasize, although this also often becomes the main problem of such individuals.

Ant (August 10 - September 9)

Performs, perhaps, the only creature that is not afraid of recycling. It is extremely rare that the Ant is in a state of inaction. People born at a specified time, all the time they make plans for the future, show enviable persistence, always carry out everything that they have in mind.

Eternally, the Ant works, works, even in the case when its efforts are perceived from the side as aimless wandering. He never allows himself to feel tired, strives to do more and more of the former. Thanks to these qualities, he achieves appreciation of others, respect, but on the other hand, he is often overwhelmed with duties that he should not perform.

Such a person gets used to pull everything on himself and almost do not complain. Of course, the impressive natural diligence can not be overlooked, so often Muravyov notices leadership and promotes them in office, which allows them to make a good career.

Khrushch (or May Beetle) (September 10 - October 9)

Not a single living being faces so many metamorphoses of life, like Khrushch. At first, he is born like a worm, digs the earth, feeds on roots. Then he becomes a pupa, and eventually - when his cocoon has burst, a young Khrushch is born, who proudly spreads his wings and flies towards the warm sun.

The May Bug people most of all, because no one wants to listen to their life tips, does not believe them. Because of what the majority of people around and live all their lives in the form of fat blind worms ...

Khrushch himself makes a good career, but only if he does not go looking for the truth, comprehend philosophy, is not interested in religion and does not begin to look for moral and ethical gates to faithful life.

In the family, such a person is not realized as much as in a society: he is given heavy responsibilities in everyday life, communication with children.

Beaver (October 10 - November 9)

Beavers are strong and pragmatic, and also wise and fundamental in life. The animal sought to achieve order and peace, so it learned to create a dam, raising the water level in streams and rivers. And while the rest of the creatures adapt to the weather conditions, the Beaver adapts the weather for themselves, according to the peculiarities of his character and the daily routine of life.

The representatives of this sign of the Slavic-Aryan horoscope according to the date of birth are all carried out slowly, with calm and confidence. They often face envy from others, but not everyone can live the same life as they do. After all, Beaver knows and can do a lot.

While the whole animal kingdom in fear is saved from thunderstorms or forest fires, Beaver just jumps into his underwater abode, where in calmness he waits for what presents to others a real catastrophe.

People of the sign have one amazing ability - they arrange their life in such a way that everyone around them feels safe, even if an apocalypse occurs. True, with the same ease evades the animal from family troubles.

Dog (November 10 - December 9)

Dogs are loyal and fearless. In the modern world, in which words often lose their meaning, only Dog - the only one who still observes the old canons of honor, shows loyalty to the word, will never attack a recumbent. And let him laugh and criticize him for his old-fashionedness as much as he likes, he still will not back down from his own principles.

For friends - shows blind loyalty, and never - neither under the influence of adultery, nor betrayals, will not stop believing in people and protect them. People-Dogs are interesting interlocutors, good advisers. You can trust anything you want: finance, secrets, even your life!

Protecting his family and friends from harm, the Dog is not afraid of a knife or power, and is even ready to sacrifice himself, if only everything was fine with them. It is much more important for dogs to act according to conscience than to adhere to the laws - some today and completely different tomorrows.

Such a person does not try to make a career, although it is often realized as a businessman, politician, manager - after all, even enemies treat him confidentially.

Thus, living beings are characterized by a horoscope using the date of birth. Have you noticed similarities with yourself, your temper, behavior? Be sure to read also the article about the Slavic horoscope by year on the site.

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